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17 Oct 2021 13:50:00
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17 Oct 2021 13:34:17
After hearts equalizer and our performance yesterday not a bad weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if we are top at xmas bring on some quality signings in jan and I think we win the league but the signings in jan have to be right
Hail Hail.

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17 Oct 2021 12:13:12
I'm sorry and this will be the last time I will bring up the foul statistics but I can't get my head around the modern game.
Recently it was stated that Celtic had the 3rd best domestic possession rate in Europe, which is a brilliant statistic for Ange and his coaching staff.
Yet Celtic have received 12 fouls less than ANY other club in the Scottish Premiership this season.
Celtic have received 64 fouls less than Aberdeen in only 9 league matches.
I know Celtic get penalised for giving away needless fouls in Scotland due to our high press.
But Celtic also get pressed high when our keeper and defenders play the ball out from the back.
Sevco have the 2nd highest possession rate in the league but not surprisingly they have been penalised the least from all 12 clubs this season.
The fouls Celtic give away is spread across the squad with Ralston and Soro the worst culprits with only 11 fouls each, which isn't too bad considering a Motherwell player has committed 27 fouls this season himself.
Ralston is our most fouled player with only 9 fouls.
Tony is 48th on the list for the most fouled player in the league.
( before the game yesterday, Kyogo was our most fouled player with only 7 fouls and he was 51st on the list )
That means there is 47 players in the league that have been fouled more than ANY Celtic player, including 5 Sevco players.
But yet Celtic have the 3rd best possession rate in Europe.
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm not a fan of the modern game and I would rather watch football from 20,10 or even 5 years ago.

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17 Oct 2021 12:47:04
IMO it boils down to 'blind-eyes' and honest mistakes; because although I do agree we have a degree of clumsy challenges by attack minded players, we are also penalized for non-fouls and we seem to lose out on 50/ 50 challenges quite a lot.
If you look at other teams execution of this style of football, then we are a very peculiar exception to the rule?

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17 Oct 2021 10:23:29
after watching back the boli handball its not a penalty the Motherwell player clearly handballs it to control the ball then kicks it up onto bolis hand if var is in place that is no ta penalty as Motherwell player handballs it to keep the ball in control in his favour. and for the so called Dundee utd stonewall penalty starfelt is fouled for the ball to get to were it is if start felt is not fouled its a pen if that decision goes to var its no penalty its a freekick to Celtic. seems that lot got away with another red card leg breaker yesterday its now been 22 months since they have been shown a red card in this country. operation champions league cash the big house must stay open.

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17 Oct 2021 13:49:23
One of their players also grabbed a hearts player by the throat and the ref booked both of them. I thought that raising your hands to an opponent was an automatic red.

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17 Oct 2021 08:34:57
Got to say boli played well as did the team some saying he was rotten not sure what they were watching, abada again for me giving little his final ball is awful and he needs to improve forrest jersey for the taking imo.

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17 Oct 2021 09:53:39
At present, Abada is an automatic pick but with JF (and even MJ) back in training, he will soon have competition and probably a wee rest?

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17 Oct 2021 11:23:15
He's been getting away with what mikey johnstone and taylor who isn't even a winger get slaughtered for.

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17 Oct 2021 12:27:54
Abada like forrest is quite inconstant but his goal involvements (like forrrest when fit) is good 16 games and 10 goals or assists which is good return. I hope when forrest returns the competition will improve both players and we see more consistency from both.

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17 Oct 2021 12:31:52
Inconsistent not inconstant that should say.

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17 Oct 2021 13:43:24
Abada looks more comfortable at Celtic Park and gets more involved.
He’s been quiet in a few of our away matches this season.

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17 Oct 2021 07:39:10
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Watford v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

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16 Oct 2021 22:18:12
Ferencvaros are taking our game on Tuesday very seriously because they played a weakened side today and paid the price.
They lost at home 2-1 in a league match.
There was only 3 players in their starting lineup today that also started their last Europa League game against Real Betis and they were all defenders.
There was a few regulars not in the squad altogether including their goalkeeper.

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17 Oct 2021 12:36:53
It's a must win for the boys buzz although the league is all that counts this year.

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16 Oct 2021 20:31:38
That was a proper away performance especially after an international break at a tough ground. Decent tempo, controlled the game, Defence was solid and 2 nice goals to boot. Boli has looked good under Ange when called upon but madness with the handball today. GG looked good in his cameo and probably could've been on the scoresheet if he was a bit more selfish. Results went in our favour too so all in all a happy Saturday 🍀 Now time to get pished 🍺 HH.

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16 Oct 2021 21:20:22
Boli's handball was really dumb by him but other than that he had a decent game surprised wee Gollum didn't see it and give it and we got lucky the sub ref was absolutely blind but as they said in the commentary it leveled things up since Mugabe should have had a red I thought Bitton played well when he came on lots of one-touch passes some nice wee glimpses from GG and Mikey Johnstone too all in all a good day for us.

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16 Oct 2021 22:00:22
Think it happened after Collum was 'substituted', but all the same we got a very surprisingly free-flowing game compared to other recent away games disrupted by dubious and/ or petty free kick decisions.

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16 Oct 2021 19:47:10
when you look at the matches we have dropped points in terms of were we were at with putting basically a whole new squad together.

we lost to a hearts team who have not lost all season we lost to the sevies in a match were there was not much in it they got a chance and took it they have 2 players for every position and going into there 4th year of there project strongest squad in the league we were 2 month into our project.

we lost to Livingston need i explain that we have not win there in years and we dropped points to dundee utd who are in great form and have conceded the least gaols in the league. all our players are coming back from injury and all are starting to get match fit were looking like a team that's gelling now are front 3 look dangerous. we have scored the most in the league and conceded 6 only dundee utd better us on goals conceded let's take this one game at a time.

big shout out to tony ralston that bhoy leaves everything on the pitch he may not be the best ability wise but he has heart and fight and that's what winning squads need i think as each game passes by he will get better and better and more confident

ed007 has says on a few occasions about players with less ability than others at a top level doesn't mean they can't strive to be as fit and train and fight as hard as those players i think this is what Ralston is doing putting everything into it to be the best he can so much respect for him now he truly is fighting for the jersey and the crest that sits proudly on our clubs top.

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16 Oct 2021 22:15:02
26 + 6 = 1

Excellent positive post. Thanks very much. ☘️.

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