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07 Aug 2020 13:31:02
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07 Aug 2020 11:19:06
Right guys question for you.

Name a player celtic could be signing the you would be very happy to see us sign.

He has got to be within our budget or just a wee stretch outside it. None of your messi or Ronaldo fantasies.

Mine would be Malang Sarr french under 21 played for nice and is a free agent. Wages would be high and teams will be battling for his signature.

{Ed007's Note - As things stand, Kev, Malang Sarr will end up in Germany. He's been in talks with Bayer Leverkusen about a move and Borussia Mönchengladbach have also declared an interest. RB Leipzig have another target who is seen as a Dayot Upamecano replacement but have Sarr in mind as an alternative.}

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07 Aug 2020 11:34:58
I a knew he was well sought after but he is would be a perfect signing for us imo. He tickets ever box for the club except the wages we would have to pay.

What would your shout be ed?

{Ed007's Note - James McClean 😁

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07 Aug 2020 11:37:35
I would sign wanyama.

{Ed007's Note - At least he would be company for Rogic on the treatment table.}

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07 Aug 2020 11:46:58
Wouldn't mind Elabdellaoui as my right back.

This is bugging me - can remember this attacking midfielder who gave us a torrid time - I think he was from an African country and played in the Europa Cup. Can't remember what team he played with nor his name. . He was with a European team obviously but moved to one of the Eastern European teams.

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07 Aug 2020 12:00:14
Ryan Fraser.

I think it could be done if both parties wanted it.

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07 Aug 2020 12:09:15
Any CB.

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07 Aug 2020 12:15:09

I was meaning his brother or cousin.

{Ed007's Note - McDonald Mariga retired a couple of years ago.}

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07 Aug 2020 12:15:24
Wouldn’t be my dream signing but what about Steven Caulker not missed a game in Turkey and seems to be in a good place mentally.

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07 Aug 2020 12:18:51
Was it Anthony Nwakaeme Stengo? Played against us with Be'er Sheva?

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07 Aug 2020 12:29:25
I'd try sign Nemecha and Adarabioyo from Man City, both the mould of player we are looking to bring in, both would add quality to the squad and both would have a sell on value.
Potentially a LB to challenge Taylor, get Boli out on loan to see if he improves before selling.

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07 Aug 2020 12:34:21
There is too many players to choose from, a few id like are
Denys Popov, Antonio Marin and Pavlovian.

All young and have huge futures in front of them, would they all opt for game time?

I’ve seen a lot of players at bigger teams that are ready for the big leagues leave and get first team football across Europe. The tides are turning in a way and it could be our advantage.

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07 Aug 2020 12:50:38
Sofiane Hanni is the fella. Played for Anderlecht against us.

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07 Aug 2020 13:16:05
Ryan fraser would be a good shout. Wages may be an issue but at least we could get him on a free.

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07 Aug 2020 07:52:31
Firstly i don't want Fletcher but why can't we get deals done. Lennon says we are in discussion with his representatives. He's a free agent, supposedly wants to come here. Toney, Aljeti all seems like soap operas. You any insight into the drama of our transfer dealings.

{Ed007's Note - The only dramas are being played out in the media and by fans online.
Clubs will typically informally ask an agent (a) if the player is going to be available, and (b) would the player consider a move to the club. There may be some broad discussion on the sort of deal that would be offered but no more than that. If the answer is yes, it is then necessary for the club to approach the player's club to ask if they would be willing to sell and if they would grant permission to speak to a player's agent formally about a transfer and possibly even the player about actually making a move. This will typically involve either broadly (through an offer) or actually agreeing a fee and responsibility for any significant costs (agents fees etc.). Once this has happened the club will be able to speak to the player's agent and perhaps the player himself to look at the package that will be involved. Many players are looked at and discussed at a high-level with agents and clubs; a subset of those have an offer placed; a subset of those involve discussions with the player's club; a subset of those involve discussions over terms, and; a subset of those go ahead.

Agents will often try and get more specific details of wages and other financials before they should - but most clubs are happy to follow this process. Players will often talk to other players about moves but, whilst wrong, is tolerated as it would be impossible to manage.}

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07 Aug 2020 11:37:57
ED007 these issues are surfacing because of a couple of things, a lot of people on here are looking at Sevco and watching how they seemingly move quickly, agree fees and wages and boom all done and dusted.
Whereas, the perception is, and at times it is right not always, that the bold Pedro plays silly buggers, ala McGinn last year, and will not agree anything until he gets even the smallest discount off a player's asking fee. His ego can be a problem in these deals at times.
You know, and I know Sevco do things at times out of desperation and have a compliant Scottish press core who only print positive spins on their signings, but some of our fans, my Tim pals included, keep asking how they can move so fast, while Celtic do not.

{Ed007's Note - Maybe they should dial back their infatuation with another club and what they do, it must be like supporting two teams for them trying to keep up with what Celtic and TRIFC are doing - but I'd bet they look up the TRIFC news & gossip first. It's now went so beyond embarrassing the amount of time Celtic fans spend talking about TRIFC they've actually became "Old Firm" supporters rather than Celtic supporters.
Every summer we read the same whining and bitching because TRIFC are buying players and we aren't, ask your Tim pals how many of their signings over the last few years have been a success for them and how many would have got near our first team?}

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07 Aug 2020 10:18:20
So from next season Scotland will have 2 teams represented in Champions League as we have risen to 13th overall in country coefficient stats, if Scotland can then rise to 10th place we will get an automatic CL place with no risky qualifiers.
But here is the kicker, this season we need ALL 4 Scottish teams, including Sevco, to earn more coefficient points for this to happen.
So anyone joining me in shouting on Sevco in Europe? lol.

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07 Aug 2020 10:34:46
I have said it before. I want them playing the exact same amount of games as us. So if that means European games for them so be it.

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07 Aug 2020 11:39:24
But do aberdeen or Motherwell have the squad depths to cope.

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07 Aug 2020 10:09:04
Brandon Barkers wig is a better. Reminds me of the old hamlet cigar TV adverts back in the day.

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07 Aug 2020 10:08:31
We are really taking the p. in taking our time in getting signings in and bedded for a long and hopefully profitable season.

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07 Aug 2020 11:41:59
If we want better than what we have for 1st eleven or equal to what we have for weaker less well covered positions ie LB or CB then that is difficult " to get"

Prospects are easier to get
Hasbeens are even easier to get
Injury prone players easier still
Disruptive players even easier

Like everything else, top talent is difficult to procure and it generally takes time.

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06 Aug 2020 22:34:19
Can we just agree ; that we is not us but them. They are they, and they tell us what to pay, when to pay; we pay. If we don't want to lay them, we don't. If they want to buy or sell a player, we don't have a say. We do however have the power to buy, attend and support our great Club. Which we do and if we stop doing that we all lose. HH and for good or for bad, Celtic FC is the best team ever.

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06 Aug 2020 22:21:33
Thats scotland going to have 2 places in the champions league. One less qualifier for the champions.

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07 Aug 2020 08:09:18
Is that the sheep hibs st mirren kev83?

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06 Aug 2020 20:31:40
So would you rather have folowing:

Keep Eddy and add Fletcher or Lyle?
Loose Eddy and sign others?

Reason I ask is the players we are looking at are not going to be 1st pick so hopefully means Eddy is staying.

Im the first option with Fletcher preferably.

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06 Aug 2020 21:05:02
Keep Eddie and sign the tea lady as backup would be preferable to losing him.

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06 Aug 2020 21:57:42
If eddy stays we don't need fletcher or taylor . if eddy goes we need far better than those two.

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07 Aug 2020 01:50:25
All the focus has been on getting a striker in. The Priority position is getting a Left footed CH in. Yes we will bring 1 in but it's like a mad rush. An injury to Julien or Ajer will have us playing Biton or El hamed or young Welsh which isn't good enough for Europe. I hope NL has learned to put the players in their natural positions and gets the right formation this season.

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07 Aug 2020 09:33:23
Jullien and Ajer are not good enough for Europe. I'd rather be playing Bitton at CB beside Jullien than Ajer. Personally I'd love to see a partnership of Bitton and Elhamed as I think it maybe pretty solid and may just be what we are missing defensively.

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07 Aug 2020 09:39:10
If Fletcher and Lyle are the best we are looking at then we are hitting the cheap options again and are we seriously gambling with 10iar. lenny keeps saying quality instead of quantity so bring quality in. HH.

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07 Aug 2020 10:10:27
Charlie Mulgrew? 😂😂.

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07 Aug 2020 10:18:03
Keep Eddy. If I'm honest I'd much rather keep Bayo than have Fletcher or Taylor.

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