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29 May 2024 18:07:36
For me this is a no brainer …… if we could bring in Édouard over Idah it’s simple as that. Massive step up and better chance in Europe.

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29 May 2024 19:09:44
If we can punt kyogo for 3m, Oh for 2m, then go for both. 7m each.

29 May 2024 20:19:59
Why would we punt Kyogo and for less than we paid for him? ?, he’s not had his best season but still got 19 goals, he’s the most natural goalscorer at the club .

29 May 2024 21:41:06
He also signed a new 4 year deal which will take him up to July '27 but yes, let's sell him for a lot less than he is worth!

29 May 2024 21:57:21
If Brendan stays,
I would try and sell Kyogo.

Kyogo was available for all 50 Celtic games this season and in the vast majority of those games he was non existent, due to the role he was playing under Brendan.

I would hate to watch that again next season.

29 May 2024 22:06:22
Punt kyogo for 3 mill - you must be on drugs ??‍♂️.
Heard we're in for Daniel Amartey - ghana / besiktas.

30 May 2024 18:48:18
So exactly how much do you all think he's worth? How much have we raked in from selling our other 29 y/o top players?

30 May 2024 19:38:28
3 mil to low, 15 mil too high. I'd be happy with around 8 mil. It just depends if BR wants to keep him at the club or if he wants to go with a different type of striker next season.

30 May 2024 20:37:40
Yknow that scouts do watch players? Kyogo has been good but he ain't no leigh Griffiths. LG on his day was 10x the finisher. We ain't getting 8m.

{Ed007's Note - I've been saying the same thing for months mate, LG, Hooper, Scott McDonald, JVoH, Dembele & Edouard were all far better strikers than Kyogo is.
In saying that, if Arsene Wegner's changes to the offside rule - where there must be "daylight" between the attacker and defender for an offside offence to occur. If any part of the attacker's body, from which they can score, is in line with the last defender then this is considered onside - Kyogo could be unplayable and Maeda could really flourish as well.
But for me Kyogo doesn't have that striker's instinct to go sniffing out half chances and he misses far too many sitters where it is easier to score than miss.}

30 May 2024 21:32:03
8-10 mill for kyogo.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah in Yen! If it's a move back to Japan as is being muted anything over circa £5m would be the 2nd most expensive transfer in Japanese history since the Brazilian Jo a few years back.
For a guy that doesn't get a sniff at international level? No chance.}

01 Jun 2024 00:03:45
Even taking into account Ed007 rating of Kyogo, I think we would be stupid to let him go, unless he really forced our hands .
Kyogo can be completely outplayed for the complete ist half of game, when out of nothing he can grab a goal . Some. games that striker’s instinct is missing but no matter how bad he is playing, the opponents worry about him and have to pay an awful lot of attention to him as he can find an open space in penalty area even with teams playing with 6 or more defending deep .
If he is allowed to go and Idah can’t be got, I think we would be have a serious difficulty fielding a decent strike force at the start of next season.



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