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08 Jul 2024 09:09:14
We are in the process of being mugged once again by the Celtic FC board of directors.
The Bernado and Idah deals should have been easy and very quick, if we can't complete these in 6 weeks we have no chance of completing more complicated deals for quality players.
We are going into the first game of the season with Bain Ralston CCV Scales and Taylor as our back 5.
Remember the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.

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08 Jul 2024 12:39:37
Rodgers is either waiting for the euros to finish to get who is after or the board yet again don't want to spend money and just brag about how much they make. other teams in the league have got players in ASAP. but yet again we haven't got a clue who we want.

08 Jul 2024 12:43:39
There's time to get a few in before the 4th Aug. brendan said himself a keeper is a priority and they're actively in the market. its frustrating but better than signing nobody's from morocco's league.

08 Jul 2024 12:55:33
We have known since February that we needed a keeper- 5 months.

08 Jul 2024 13:29:08
And do we just buy the first keeper that shows interest or do we go for the best possible keeper we can get.
The level of player we will be after is more than likely just coming back from their well deserved holiday or at the euros. There are outside factors that we can not control when it comes to players making decisions on their own future and it isn’t a given in any sense that a player wants to play for Celtic. Get that in your head.

08 Jul 2024 13:41:48
I reckon our Board believe they can do little wrong because of the domestic success in the last 12 years even though we have went steadily backwards in quality of player and European ranking.
They are more focused on profit and dividend and selling our top players than spending cash to improve the team sufficiently to progress and see dominance as the soft option, as Sevco are weak.
Even last season when recruitment was so disappointing and our form was inconsistent during the first few months the players and manager turned it around with The Double - vindicating the Board.
I never expect us to break the bank, as I concede that attracting top players to the SPL and our wage constraints is difficult, but after last season, I would at least pray that lessons were learnt about the standard of players who CAN'T cut it at Celtic and our recruitment should be handled better and more in tandem with BR. Finally, I agree about the goalkeeper position being our priority and hope like the rest of us that wheels are in motion - or heads migh roll if the warning signs have not been heeded.

08 Jul 2024 13:49:33
We have actually known since last summer we needed a keeper. The fact the board have not gotten anyone shows they are not fit for purpose.

08 Jul 2024 13:50:40
. and we have known for even longer we need a striker target man. The US tour needs to have new signings or we will be seriously short. Bain is a no.3 at best and with sick notes in defence and on the wing, we need at least 5 new players.

08 Jul 2024 14:30:14
Paythefacepainter, have u experience buying players from Portuguese clubs or Norwich, I presume u have as u said they should be easy and very quick, personally I am at a haven’t a notion re difficulty and speed .
Of course everyone knows we need a goalkeeper, but apart from winning the summer transfer competition against, the club that died, there is no need to rush in and buy the first goalkeeper that is available . I presume that the Board could have bought a keeper before now, and left a small group of our supporters happy . I would prefer Celtic to have not bought a goalkeeper, than to have wasted money on buying and wages on a goalkeeper not of the standard good enough to replace Hart.

08 Jul 2024 14:22:55
Afternoon All

Some fan's need to calm down regarding no transfers so far this window.

I urge patience.

Direct your frustration at the true blue media lack of reporting on the issue that is currently engulfing over at "Asbestos Towers".

As I posted on most recent podcast. There is a complete cover up happening right in front of everyone's eyes.



08 Jul 2024 15:44:19
I'm going to judge the window once the season kicks off. No point in rushing and bringing in yet more squad players we have a huge amount of them already. If the right players take time then so be it. As for Bernardo, if what we read is true and he's on over 20-25k per week then I wouldn't pay it either.

08 Jul 2024 16:51:09
The fans unrest is a result of the boards recent failure in the transfer market and the poor displays on the pitch last season.

08 Jul 2024 18:30:34
Wee des 1
I have a policy of not arguing with strangers on the internet however on this occasion I’m sticking with that.
Enjoy your night mate.

09 Jul 2024 12:06:57
Wee Joe . Tell me where does the fans unrest manifest itself . Is it amongst season ticket holders . It might be among those on waiting list, as so few don’t renew season books, those on waiting lists are disappointed that they have to wait at least another year .
What about merchandise sales, increasing every year, can’t be among the vast numbers who buy merchandise regularly.
Would u be referring to, when u consider our vast number of supporters who spend a fortune annually to the relatively small numbers who post on Celtic forums, or the people u are talking to in pub .
I know the SMSM are working overtime to create unrest amongst Celtic supporters, but as usual they fail and for the most part Celtic fans are as united now as much as ever .
In the real absolute glory days of late 1960’s some fans were not happy and were not slow to let certain players know it .
Joe there will always be some unrest, certainly no more now than normal.

09 Jul 2024 21:05:34
Pay the face painter . I hope you understand the game of football better than u understand old sayings and idioms .
It is absolutely not that the best indicator of future performance is past performance.
It is exactly the opposite of that, past performance is no indication of future performance or returns.



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