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24 Jun 2024 21:57:46
It's time we started bleeding in some of the youth and having some belief in what they can do. Scotland will remain miles behind every other nation unless we start to offer chances in our top first teams.

No wonder they all look elsewhere at this point. It's not just money, it's game time too. Rocco Vata is dynamite, Jack Thomson, Daniel Kelly etc.

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24 Jun 2024 22:19:34
Most Scottish players don't have a clue about the tactical side of the game and can't even do the basics right.

When you don't have the ball you need to make yourself available to receive the ball. Also when you have the ball you need to move it quickly before you get closed down.

Too often we see players holding on to the ball for too long, running in to dead ends and losing possession and players not making themselves available for the pass.

25 Jun 2024 02:19:59
That's down to the tactics and training that the boys are getting, we need a total shakeup from grass roots.
When Germany failed to qualify for a tournament they had a total overhaul, Japan put into motion a 100 year plan to grow a very successful league and win the world cup.
We need something like that in Scotland but the SFA are only interested in keeping everything in house.
We need better youth coaches that nurture natural talent and we need clubs to play young Scottish players instead of bringing in players for 1 or 2 million.

25 Jun 2024 07:35:31
I don’t watch a lot of international football, but from what iv seen of Scotland they were poor. as has been mentioned above, technically we are poor and tactically not the best either, players taking too many touches and not being able to control the ball and pass quickly and i agree it’s a problem stemming from grassroots up.

25 Jun 2024 08:29:46
Hopefully all these kids poached by bigger clubs than our own can develop into even bigger players than they would have playing in Scotland. Liam Morrison, Ben Doak, Josh Adam surely these players (if good enough) should be in Scotlands considerations over the next tournament or two.

25 Jun 2024 10:58:41
I agree with this sentiment DontLookBack but ultimately this has never been something that's really worked out.
They tend to go down south, languish in the unders and then reserves then find their way to English lower leagues.
Fundamentally we have major issues at grass roots level for kids trying to learn the basics and become better technically.
Lack of funding is a major part of it.

25 Jun 2024 12:03:13
Wee Joe - Agree 100%, kids, young want to bees have never had it better. They get professional coaching, best of equipment, and they can watch how the best in the world do it on their phones. Yet when we watch grass roots Scottish football it can be cringeworthy. A huge determined effort by the SFA is required to get our youngsters on the right path.

25 Jun 2024 13:26:17
Just my opinion but I think the Scottish team in Germany was probably tactically and coached by far the worse team in the competition.
The only tactic repeated to give an opportunity to work was using the speed of Tierney and Robertson to get ball up pitch and eventually hope a cross can be successfully met and scored . With Tierney injured, that ended all hope . We should. have had a good midfiel especially against Hungary but they played like strangers and spent most game kicking ball aimlessly up pitch. to try to get a free kick, just to waste time . Clarke maybe able to field a team that can play on a dry artificial pitch, but internationally he hasn’t a clue.

25 Jun 2024 21:29:55
You can play the one touch side to side up and down back and forward, and again side to side, and be like the majority of teams nowadays trying to emulate pep guardiola and his total possession football, which is a great tactic when you have the greatest footballing technicians on the planet, which will end up biting you in the arse which is does with many teams, bore the pants off the supporters, and the commentary team.

What needs to happen is give players a platform to be confident and attack, take the game to the opposition, have the 12th man behind you excited by the efforts you put in.

Scotland are absolutely not the only negative team at this tournament, the fear of failure stops the opportunity for success.

I'm not a fan of chess, allow players to be chess pieces and it simply makes for dull viewing.

We play/ played/ watch/ listen to football to hear the excitement of attacking play, crosses, shots on goal, not passes backward and sidewards.

Grassroots football haven't got it wrong, everyone trying to emulate pep and his tactics have made the game an absolute bore.

25 Jun 2024 21:33:58
I agree Wee Des just back from Germany and it was awful, toothless dinosaur tactics. Not sure what's changed over the last year to 18 months but they don't look like beating anyone. Even struggled against Gibralter in the warm up game.

26 Jun 2024 12:32:54
As far as I know some of our youth whose parents may think they are too good to be held back. Celtic coaches and went to super Germany and maybe Italy. Some of these lads are now in their 20’s and haven’t seen any ist team football, even after been loaned out .
Far away fields are not always green.

26 Jun 2024 15:33:14
Wee Joe, good post. You're seeing it right, the basics for modern football are not there. Initial control of the ball is everything, i. e., first touch, especially with a heavy press. Kids must be taught from an early age (5 to 12 years old) . After that it is too late.
Quick passing breaks any press, but the pass must be accurate to move quickly. In the vacinity of a player is not good enough.
It takes years of practice, practice, and more practice just to make it natural. Maybe you don't have the best players, but they can at least do the basics.

Jonbuoy71, again a great point. A long term plan is, to me, what is not just required, but necessary to move forward. This is what Celtic should invest in.

We have to increase the level of player we produce, not invest in projects. All I hear in this site is that we need a GK, CD, LB, CM, etc. Where are our kids that should be coming through!

I've said it before, we need to invest in coaches, the best we can get. Not for the 1st team, but the young kids. Note also that coaches can progress at the same rate as kids.



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