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08 Jul 2024 06:03:59
Theres been a few good debates on here lately about how much we should/ could spend on players.
Just wanting thoughts on how where we should be targeting in terms of markets to pluck good players from for an affordable price?
The best to start would be the scandanavian leagues for me. They have a great track record of their top players moving on for low prices and becoming top players. The top players in them leagues shouldn't cost much more than £10m. there's some top players playing in norway and denmark especially.
Central europe is another good market, croatia, swiss, austria although their top players go for £30m+
The top players in the championship are now well out of our price range and although there are still gems at low prices they will be very hard to find. Oriley is an exception but we have signed some serious duds from there in recent years.
Especially with our links to ireland im shocked we haven't got scouts watching. If we do they need sacked. There has been some serious talent come through in recent years who are now moving to leagues across europe. Coleman, ferguson, obrien to name a few. there's heaps of young lads leaving the LOI now to move to the likes of serie A and bundesliga. Its criminal that we have neglected this market.
Just to close on my post, there are gems out there for £4m but they are getting harder to find and this model will get riskier.

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08 Jul 2024 09:08:59
In the last 6 seasons,
Celtic have made a PROFIT of at least £30M in the transfer market.

It would be good to spend that amount of cash this summer, to widen the gap in Scotland and hopefully play more attractive football.

That would also help Celtic compete better in Europe.
We only need to look at match day 1 at Feyenoord last season, to notice that Holm and Lagerbielke should not have been anywhere near the CL.

I’m not convinced Celtic will spend a Net figure of £30M in a single transfer window though.
That’s why we will get embarrassed in Europe but I’m confident Celtic will continue to dominate domestic football.

08 Jul 2024 10:29:01
I think we're all in the same boat mate, we just want the best players available within our budget. If that means pushing the spending a bit sometimes then fine, if they're available for a cheaper price, fantastic.

08 Jul 2024 11:48:05
We should be looking at the Scandinavian market, because we ain't getting players coming from other top leagues into our very poor league.

08 Jul 2024 12:16:09
What would normally happen -
Celtic would sell our biggest asset for £25M to £30M
( O’Riley )
And then spend the majority of that money and keep about £5M profit from transfers.

That would continue our average of £5M profit on transfers over several seasons.
But will Celtic ever step up a gear to help compete better and not get embarrassed in Europe.

Our fans are not asking for much.
Spend £20M on transfers PLUS any money we bring in.
Currently that would be £20M plus €2M for Haksabanovic.

08 Jul 2024 12:19:24
Holm and Lagerbielke came from the Scandinavian market. Just saying.

08 Jul 2024 13:06:30
If we get anyone in Scandinavian leagues I'd like us to go for Malmo CM Nanasi. Can play LW too and looks an upgrade on Hatate and on LW too. Not sure what he'd cost but sure Sporting are interested in him so id imagine the fee would be on our limit.

08 Jul 2024 14:23:29
Scandinavian players are the closest we will get to a British type player, only cheaper.

They have a similar work rate and they don’t mind a strong tackle.
Plus most are technically better than a British player.

Celtic currently have a couple of project players mentioned above but we normally do well in that market.

08 Jul 2024 14:47:16
Our fans are not asking for much, just an improvement on 11/ 12 SPL titles and 5 Trebles or more, that really isn’t much .
We are getting more than we keep, as I have read fans saying that our club shouldn’t be holding back careers of players like MO’R and preventing him from playing in a richer league and earning more.
Our fans are not asking much, instead of buying and developing one/ two players for obscene wages from rich leagues, should we be buying and developing three/ four players for these obscene wages in rich leagues .
We don’t have the commercial, sponsorship TV money or league prize money to complete with the rich clubs, so there just has to be a gap between price paid for and wages paid for our players than the top teams in rich leagues . We remember in the 1990’s Rangers took at first tiny steps, which grew and grew until they broke Rangers into liquidation.
Don’t tell me that some Celtic fans would be advising Board if it took little steps increasing amount paid and wages, and continued to do it, that enough was enough and to stop paying more and bigger wages . There wouldn’t be a word uttered from these fans before Liquidation.

08 Jul 2024 15:07:53
Wee des we need to do better in Europe, many teams don't pay our wages but do far better in Europe, every celtic fan must be embarrassed like myself with our European results for some time.

08 Jul 2024 22:10:40
Larsson, ibrahimovic, haaland all moved from scandanavian clubs. If we sign holm and lagerbielke that's on our recruitment policy, nothing to do with the market.
Thats like slating the brazilian market because that's where scheit3 came from.
Pointless response mate.

09 Jul 2024 15:48:14
Pointless enough to respond to DT. You're reiterating my point. It's not about the country. It's about our recruitment team or the people that decide which players we're actually going to sign from those identified. I couldn't care if it's Scandinavia or the Premier League, there are players out there that would improve us but lately we seem to buy more players that don't improve us than those that do. Under the current set-up, looking at Scandinavia makes no difference.

10 Jul 2024 18:41:52
Big Jamie, name the clubs who don’t pay our wages and do far better than us in Europe .
Winning European Cup . European Cup Finalist, UEFA Cup Finalist .

Every Celtic fan isn’t embarrassed, I know one, myself, I don’t go round asking other Celtic fans are they embarrassed, so I don’t know about others .
We are currently in the top 40, I believe which, while we could be better, we also could do worse.



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