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07 Jul 2024 17:41:37
I had my very own "WALK" Saturday

Mrs T and the ghirls decided I needed some excercise so I was bundled into one of my ex bear's car and all five of us headed out to Barshaw Park Paisley where he dropped us off.
I walked round the pond area (it's bigger than I thought or maybe I was just too unfit lol)

The ghirls wanted a coffee but I asked them to get me a "poky hat" (ghirls had no idea ha ha)

I will post answer later but can any of the more "mature" posters tell everybody what a "poky hat" is

Don't worry ED007 It is nothing rude lol.

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07 Jul 2024 18:35:57
Preferred a double nougat wafer.

07 Jul 2024 18:51:13
A sponge or an oyster were my faves.

07 Jul 2024 18:56:16
Good to see you where out and about Timalloy ?.

07 Jul 2024 19:17:55
Didnae like a double nuggets - uneatable-too big preferred a single nugget for that reason. Didn’t like sponges either but loved an oyster forgot about them! It was a cone tae me and loved a wafer.

We referred to the ice cream van as ‘Peter the Tally! ’. Did anybody else? I think I’ve heard Ed use that term. All the cafes and chip shops in Airdrie were Italians.

{Ed007's Note - My family were friendly with the Di Mambro's who ran their own vans and supplied all the ice cream vans in Hamilton & the surrounding areas in the 60's & 70's, my dad was one of the first (if not the first) non-Italians to have ice cream vans out on the road in this neck of the woods.
But you're right, JFP, "Tally vans" got their name because it was generally Italians that drove them.}

07 Jul 2024 19:50:05
A Pokey Hat was a plain ice cream cone

I went to school with a boy Alfred Parducci and his father had a fleet of ice cream vans going around Govan, kinning Park etc needless to say he was a popular guy with everyone in Saint Gerards lol
Guys I liked the nuggets but I preferred the Oysters yum yum.

07 Jul 2024 20:31:57
My dad was "old school" and things that he thought were funny were rank. About an oyster - he came away with "What noise annoys an oyster? " "A noisy noise annoys an oyster" was his reply and you couldn't stop him laffin. It was hard for him watching us having deadpan faces. We had the Capocchi Man vans come around our street in East Kilbride and then there was Mr Whippy which sold synthetic tasting stuff. When I moved to Stonehouse it was Ginestri's.

07 Jul 2024 20:59:19
Pokey Hat with raspberry sauce and chocolate sprinkle. Extra pocket money? A 99!
(Pokey Hat with chocolate flake jammed into the ice cream)

07 Jul 2024 21:10:45
Ice cream in a glass of Jaggers Ginger Beer was my weekly vice when I was a boy,2 bob for the lot ?.

07 Jul 2024 21:11:26
Getting sent out to the Tally man for a single or double Black man. ?.

07 Jul 2024 21:44:38
snowball suprise.

07 Jul 2024 22:24:45
A cone Tim.

08 Jul 2024 03:40:35
#steff that was a single or a double nugat. ?

@timalloy did you grow up in the wine alley?

08 Jul 2024 09:08:15
@Weejoe ha ha no but not far away in Kinning Park before family moved to a bigger house in Penilee (7 of us in total 5 kids and mum and dad)
No we steered cleared of the wine alley Joe we got warned about "bad people " there which was not true in all cases.

08 Jul 2024 12:56:21
Stengo, I remember the Capocchi Man, Lytleton in EK. Not so much the ice cream mate, more the bubble gum with cards of OF players of the 60s. Had a great time swapping doublers with my mates ?.

08 Jul 2024 13:51:29
@timalloy - the reason I ask is that most Celtic fans I have met from govan came from the wine alley.



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