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29 May 2024 09:06:44
Do not know how true this rumour is but it is going around some Celtic sites
Idah may NOT be coming back as Norwich want between £7m to £9m for him
There is no way Celtic will pay that kind of money.

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29 May 2024 09:55:24
I'd pay that fee Tim. If Rodgers really wants him I think he would sanction it. He was allowed to break the transfer record before so he might be allowed to equal it again.

29 May 2024 11:09:15
We've got the money so it's up to the board to back the manager who's done not too shabby on a shoestring budget.

29 May 2024 11:32:33
If Idah wants to move to Celtic and Celtic want Idah he will be here next season.

29 May 2024 12:00:21
If he was our first choice striker pay the money. But I don't think he's quite our first choice so wouldn't be willing to spend that much 4.5-6 million tops. There is better in the market around the £10 million.

29 May 2024 12:26:38
I would rather bring Edouard back.

Crystal Palace might sell because he’s into his last year of his contract.

Edouard is still only 26 and his best years are ahead of him.
He also played brilliantly previously for Brendan.

29 May 2024 12:39:38
So if he stays put, first thing his agent does is ask for wage rise, if Norwich now consider him at that value. Didn’t sevco make that mistake with ‘fatboy’?

29 May 2024 12:45:46
Players settle once their future is sorted and I think we'd be getting g a better plater. he does a job and pulled us out of a few holes he's mobile has a trick and he's physical. or we could sign a foreigner foe 5m and he turns out sh@t as per at least we know what we're getting Adam.

29 May 2024 13:03:26
Guys only point I was making was Norwich were happy to sell him for £4m plus but now they see a way of doubling their asking price, they are chancing their arm
Edouard is a good shout as is Miovski
We have options tell Norwich to take a hike.

29 May 2024 14:19:43
Knight Mair 7 . Of all these posts about Idah, yours is the one I think sums up the situation the best . It was a rule of thumb I used to use many years ago, maybe half a century ago, if both want it to happen a way will be found .
Cost is only. a figure, if we sign him at a high figure and he does very well, he will be seen as a bargain, if we sign him at the lower end off the scale and he doesn’t play well, he will be regarded as a big lump and a waste of money .
There is never a guarantee that a transferred player will do well but Idah has certainly exceeded everyone’s expectation that we had last January.

29 May 2024 14:41:07
Unfortunately for us, they're entitled to ask for as much money as they want. There's a couple of rumours going about that Kyogo could leave so if we got a similar fee to what we'd be paying for Idah, him and another speedy striker would be ideal. We're still left with the issue of Oh, who seems miles out of the picture.

29 May 2024 15:33:58
A lot will come down to idahs preferance. I think 6m would be accepted.
Look at it this way. mikey js situation is very similar. He has been poor for us but done well at his loan club, same with idah. Does mikey have a future at celtic just because he has done well last 6 months, massive no from me. he's had his chances as norwich will see the same with idah.
Theyll be happy for him to move on at a fair price. Which i reckon would be 6m.
Bring in miovski too for 4m and move kyogo on for at least 10m. that's the frontline sorted without losing any money.
Edouard would be a decent shout. Im not 1 for taking players back but he is still young. If he's in his last year i wouldn't pay anymore than 6/ 7m.

29 May 2024 17:19:30
Don't see any way you're getting Miovski for £4m tbh.

29 May 2024 17:47:14
We won't get much more than our money back on kyogo. I don't think he'll go to pub league so Europe or back home for 3m. Miovski I don't think would cut it at Celtic. Just a feeling and it would be over 5m to get him. If it's 7-9m for Idah I'd be all over it. The Moose MkII.

29 May 2024 21:02:01
I would rather sign Idah than Edouard tbh and French Eddys (currently on 90k) wages might be an issue. Miovski would cost a similar amount as Idah and we know that Idah has settled in already so there’s no gamble. £6m with add ins and Idah signs with £20k wages approx. Edouard would cost £10m with £60k wages per season if we would even stretch to that and if I’m honest he’s been bang average in EPL in 3 seasons he’s had about 5 stand out games.
I wouldn’t be quick to sell Kyogo either he’s a different option for us running in behind on shoulder of defence unless we were to receive a huge sum that I can’t see happening.

29 May 2024 21:59:56
I didn’t realise Edouard’s wages were as high.
The search continues.

30 May 2024 06:25:33
Norwich will do what any team would do and that is hold out for best offer, if they decide to sell.

Idah himself will have a say in this and I for one think if he gets an offer from PL he will have a difficult decision to make. His love for this club verses better wages. I know where his agent will tell him to go.

I also think the idea of selling Kyogo is or should be a non starter. He is by far the best finisher we have and yes he at times struggles with the way we play under BR but I put that down to our wide men not getting the ball into the box quick enough.

If we start moving the ball quicker and Hatate gets back to his best, with his eye for a pass, Kyogo can and will score more goals. It is our painfully slow build up that holds him back.

I keep hearing Kyogo looks uninterested nd not involved, however if you watch him, he is still making the same runs, however the service to him is very poor.

30 May 2024 16:52:21
Kyogo is going to be a big player next season simple as that.

01 Jun 2024 21:10:35
Idah will be a bigger player than Kyogo .
Idah is 6’2” and little Kyogo is 5’ 7 “
The only reason Kyogo may want to leave and return to Japan is because some of our big brave SPL defenders take special delight in roughing him up.
I remember in a game before we played Sevco, a defender grabbed his arm that was attached to Kyogo’s shoulder that was causing him trouble, and pulled it strongly .



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