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15 Jun 2024 11:27:11
Why can't the board make an all standing section behind the goals for the ultras?

It would be a massive boost for the atmosphere and buy them some good will from the fans.

For me it is a no brainer.

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15 Jun 2024 11:59:37
What if you'd sat in the same seat for 30 years and then get asked to move. playing devils advocate but it would be amazing.

15 Jun 2024 14:04:36
I'm sure you could incentivise the moves if need be. If the fan is adamant they don't want to move, let them stay and put their seat down for them during the matches.

15 Jun 2024 14:11:25
Would definitely help improve the dreadful atmosphere but would be difficult as fans wouldn't want to move seats etc.

15 Jun 2024 15:07:47
Let them keep their seat, it will just be surrounded by people standing.

15 Jun 2024 16:04:15

the Celtic board, as far as I'm aware, have applied for permission to Glasgow City Council for this, therefore it's not the boards decision to make.

☘️ ? ☘️.

15 Jun 2024 18:01:58
This would never work, I currently sit in the Jock Stein bottom tier just in front of the hospitality seats, it's a great seat, no one in their right mind would move to a lesser seat say in the Lisbon Lions 3 rows from the front. Everyone in the Jock Stein were left flyers in their seat at a game last season and everyone around just laughed when they read the proposal. The hospitality at the back of the Jock Stein would have to go if this was to go ahead.
The only way I can see anything changing is by extending the current section further into the Lisbon Lions stand.

15 Jun 2024 18:05:40
work with a guy who is a season book holder sat there since new stadium was built and says he won't be giving his seat up.

{Ed007's Note - It's not HIS seat though, it's Celtic's seat and if the Club want to move people then they can and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them.
Man Utd have told a number of season ticket holders that they will be moved for next season to accommodate their academy & women players (some reports say players families/friends will be in there too) to make sure they have prime seats to watch the match to help their development and understanding of the game.}

15 Jun 2024 18:10:44
Good reply Stevie. ?.

15 Jun 2024 19:05:21
@pedro cheers for that info. Do you know what section they have applied for standing?

To others that said they won't move, i already pointed out that they should be allowed to keep their seat if they wish. They just need to accept that while they may be seated, everyone around them will be standing.

{Ed007's Note - They're planning in giving the BHOYS group a standing section diagonally across from the GB, in the SW corner of the JS stand.}

15 Jun 2024 19:26:37
I saw that ed but I don't think it will make difference to the atmosphere. It will also be less visually impressive.

{Ed007's Note - It'll give the social media section Celtic support another group to sit and take pics/videos of instead of watching the game or supporting the team.
With the BHOYS down nearer pitch-side it might encourage more people around them to get involved in singing etc, acoustically I think it will help with the atmosphere, if you're in the NC/GB section it's hard to hear what the BHOYS are singing stuck away up in the back of beyond.}

15 Jun 2024 19:41:56
If they can sort all the absent seat holders I'll be happy to fill them. That'd sort the atmosphere some if the bit wasn't 1/ 3 empty on a sell out.

15 Jun 2024 20:09:56
Dc? The dreadful atmosphere? At its worst its still the most bouncing stadium in Britain. Are you wanting a mariachi band and fireworks every game?

15 Jun 2024 21:01:29
Gerry come on the atmosphere is poor 95% of the time. Can hear a pin drop on occasions. A lot of our fans like to claim we are the best in the world but we are far from it in terms Of atmosphere.
There are plenty of stadiums in Britain that are far more bouncing than ours.

15 Jun 2024 21:14:52
Ed hit the nail on the head earlier. As much as there is nostalgia attached to "your" seat etc. The seat belongs to the club and they're under no obligation to offer it to you next season whether you've sat there for 1 year or 40 years.

{Ed007's Note - And let's be honest, if it came to a choice of backing guys that will lose their seats or a massive standing section the majority of the support will go with the latter, the people in those seats would either need to move or give up on a ST altogether.}

15 Jun 2024 21:30:25
I was going to reply earlier to you saying that the atmosphere is poor.
But I need to reply to your 2nd comment.

I put it down to where you’re sitting.

Personally I think the atmosphere at Celtic Park is brilliant with the Green Brigade.

When I go, I sit behind the goals in the LL stand and the atmosphere is second to none.

Maybe your up in the clouds in the Jock Stein Stand.

How can you hear a pin drop when Celtic fans are singing for the FULL 90 minutes plus?

{Ed007's Note - But the majority of the atmosphere is provided by the GB, Buzz - hopefully the new BHOYS section will help get them heard better acoustically - far too many fans are too busy sitting watching/videoing and taking pics of the GB they're not even watching the game and they're definitely not singing/chanting to support the team.
Far too many Celtic fans turn up at Celtic Park expecting the GB to entertain them, as if it's all part of the show. If you're videoing YNWA at CP you aren't giving the team your full support, your sole intention should be belting that out as loud as you can.}

15 Jun 2024 21:50:26
Yes buzz jock stein stand. The looks you get sometimes when you try to start a song etc. Take away the green brigade and there's nothing. Couple hundred fans in a 60 thousand seater stadium ain't a great atmosphere at all. I actually think our away support is much better than the home support. Only managed 3 away games last season but was amazing in comparison.

{Ed007's Note - I totally agree with you on this DC, this and the same empty seats week in week out does my nut in.}

16 Jun 2024 01:08:30
You only have to go back to earlier last season when the GB had been emptied, the atmosphere was non-existent. And I seem to remember almost everyone on here wishing for them to be let back in as it was harming the teams performance and ability to win games.

16 Jun 2024 06:04:13
Obviously the Celtic fans are still capable of producing the best atmosphere in Scotland. However, it is a rare occurrence to see the whole stadium rocking at a domestic home game. How many times do we see it?

Other than both fans group, a lot of fans don't contribute to the atmosphere beyond the walk on.

There are a number of reasons for this.

1. Less bevvied people in the stadium than there used to be.

2. More mums and kids go today ( that is not to say some of them don't sing)

3.because of the expense, a lot of working class people can't afford to go and have been replaced by middle class who are less likely to belt out a tune.

4. It can feel embarrassing joining in with a song when no one around you is joining in.

5. With the stadium being all seated outside the north curve friends and family are often not sitting beside each other, so you don't have as many groups together who would sing more if they were with their own. Same applies to supporters buses. People often travel to the game together, belting out the tunes enroute and have to split upon arrival.

6.The football can dire and therefore people not enjoying it so don't want to sing.

In a perfect world we would be trying to create as large an area as possible were fans sing and anyone who wants to be part of it should be accommodated.

I realise some people will be disappointed by having to move and this may see them stop coming in a small number of cases but it would help improve match days and as has been shown it will help drive the team on.

15 Jun 2024 22:04:24
Cool Dc and Ed.
I hope it gets the thumbs up because it will improve the overall atmosphere going forward ?

I agree Ed because we need as many fans as possible inside our Stadium.

{Ed007's Note - ??

15 Jun 2024 23:38:20
You know what they say about great minds ed007 ?.

{Ed007's Note - ??



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