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13 Jul 2024 09:10:56
bernardo will be announced this week also with Schmeichel.

United ireland

1.) 13 Jul 2024 10:19:55
Now get Idah and a quality LB and CB and keep MOR and Hatate and that will do me.

If I was greedy I would also ask for experienced midfielder to bolster us for Europe but as Yoda would say, breath holding I am not.

2.) 13 Jul 2024 10:31:59
Looks like Oh is away having a medical. Another who came in and looked as if he'd do a job if he just got a chance.

Good luck to him and if we get 4-5 million for him, what a bit of business.

Now use it to get his replacement.

3.) 13 Jul 2024 12:12:47
once oh goes that's maybe when the idah deal will go through. but im certain bernardo will be in this week.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 12:28:03
Just my opinion but Schmeichel it just sums up our board. Lazy appointment no future planning bringing in a GK past his prime on a free one year contract I am not saying he won't do a good job for us this season coming But it will just be a stop gap for a position that the board knew about month's ago then roll on next season we are back at square one. If this is our forward thinking plan then heaven help us with the rest of the players we bring in. And STILL no head of recruitment we'll done The Celtic board.

{Ed007's Note - So the board get stick for signing projects without the manager's input on them and they get pelters, they go out and sign the GK that Rodgers wants and they get pelters for that too?
What if the plan is to bring in a younger GK like Viljami Sinisalo as No.2 to learn from Schmeichel and get bedded in to take over next year?
Why do we need "a head of recruitment", what would he do?}

5.) 13 Jul 2024 12:36:18
Bernardo is a decent player, but not a patch on MOR so I hope our Board don't see him as 'like-for-like as we will still be a man down and weaker than last season in midfield.

6.) 13 Jul 2024 13:21:01

What was your opinion when we signed the project "MOR" for around £250,000 from MK Dons?

It's amazing how quickly some fans write off our potential signings. eg Bernardo even before they get a fair chance in 1st team, not just a few sub appearances etc.


7.) 13 Jul 2024 13:48:14
Oriley was 1.5 million.

8.) 13 Jul 2024 14:48:46

As usual I'm under valuing his worth.

What's a few thousand amongst friends ?


9.) 13 Jul 2024 14:51:05
Ed That was my take as well wouldn't be surprised if a younger keeper comes in to learn and compete with kasper.

{Ed007's Note - I think it's pretty obvious that either Rodgers has decided to get Schmeichel in now rather than letting it drag on and risk losing out on other targets later on in the window leaving us scrambling about for a No.1 or that Schmeichel has been the Rodgers' plan all along, played at Euros then a couple of weeks with his family and on the plane for the US.
Can you imagine the reaction if we had held out for a decision for say a Livakovic type and on August 28th he decided against signing for us and then it came out we could have signed Schmeichel in mid-July?
My point is that this is 100% a Rodgers signing so why are the people not happy about it moaning at the board? Haven't the board went and got who Rodgers wanted?}

10.) 13 Jul 2024 15:23:05
I totally agree ED, I mentioned last week that we would probably see 2 or 3 coming in just before we flew to the States, at the time I honestly thought and hoped we were signing Livakovic but I'm very happy with KS who I think is a better keeper than Hart.
I also see Idah and Bernardo being announced in the next few days.

{Ed007's Note - I think you're right Jon.}

11.) 13 Jul 2024 15:49:49
Brian; Yes, MOR was unknown when he came but very quickly showed what he could do and even improved significantly under BR. Bernardo is not an unknown quantity as he has been here for a season and I stick by my opinion - decent player but not a direct replacement for MOR until he shows a lot more, so we will be weaker in the interim.

12.) 13 Jul 2024 15:56:38
Very true Brian mate hail hail.

13.) 13 Jul 2024 16:37:51
I’m happy with this signing, he obviously brings a wealth of experience which we lost a lot of with Hart retiring . Some fans were happy when we were potentially going to spend 4-6 million on the Sparta keeper who isn’t in the danish squad, to get the danish mo 1 for free . Seems a good signing to me.

14.) 13 Jul 2024 16:02:24
That's my take on it Ed. I think BR has got on the phone to an old pal to bail the recruitment team out a bit. Speaking of so has Mark Cooper started woth the club yet and do you know if he was brough5 in to be our HOR of just in a lesser role?

{Ed007's Note - Mark Cooper started with Celtic at the beginning of May and he's more like a Head Scout for the first team only- it's our Head of Scouting Jay Lefevre that does our Head of Recruitment role.
The PFSA (The Professional Football Scouts Association) describe the Head of Recruitment as such:

Every club’s individual duties may vary, however here are some of the most commonly seen responsibilities occupied by the Head of Recruitment. Depending on their size and desired outcomes, clubs will tailor these tasks to fit their own unique needs.

- Develop a network of scouting contacts regionally, nationally and/or internationally.

- Build positive relationships with professionals within football such as agents and clubs.

- Recruit, organise and manage a team of scouts to support the academy and first team to ensure that they carry out their roles and responsibilities within the parameters of the club and player profiling requirements.

- Liaise with the academy manager/coaching staff and/or first-team manager/coaching staff.

- Talent identification and recruitment of emerging players that meet the club’s strategic vision.

- Produce a database of players from other football clubs or from the ‘grassroots’ level which would meet the club's player profiling requirements and budget.

- Attend regular meetings and report the progress of these identified players to the academy manager/coaching staff and/or first-team manager/coaching staff with set targets.

15.) 13 Jul 2024 19:00:43
I can't see Schmeichel coming unless it's to be Celtic number one dose any one really believe that we can get a younger Quality GK to come to sit on the bench for atleast a year? One that will be ready for next season. Who would do that? I am not convinced that Rodgers thinks that this signing is his first or even his second choice But that is just my opinion.

16.) 14 Jul 2024 15:42:23
I definitely think you are right ed007 when you say BR's plan is to get Kasper in as no1 for this season and maybe next hence the option of another year and also go and get a younger keeper possibly even younger than first thought around 22 year old age to work with Kasper over the period he is no1 to take over when he eventually leaves and if you ask me it is a smart plan, certainly much smarter than all the people out there saying there is no plan when quite clearly the club has been using the same plan for quite a number of years.

{Ed007's Note - I'm more than happy with signing Schmeichel but the next GK we sign will be more telling of the plan. Siegrist will go and surely Bain's time is up, I can't belive a professional at his age doesn't want to play every week.}



13 Jul 2024 09:01:21
there will be another 2 signings in this week with Schmeichel.

United ireland

1.) 13 Jul 2024 09:28:50
If its bernardo and adam that's solid enough. Brings us back to par. Excited then to see it push on. Get some talent but clear some surplus. there's plenty of those.



25 Feb 2024 10:00:03
hearing the 2 lawells had maresca aw lined up done deal to take over and desmond stepped in and brought rodgers back instead.

United ireland

1.) 25 Feb 2024 11:00:05
Where are you hearing that from?

2.) 25 Feb 2024 11:54:37
dont know how much truth is in it mate but my cousin was saying today and he usely got good info on celtic mate.

3.) 25 Feb 2024 11:54:37
dont know how much truth is in it mate but my cousin was saying today and he usely got good info on celtic mate.

4.) 25 Feb 2024 12:04:10
I've heard it myself but never from an official source. Was just curious if you had heard anything official. ?.



12 Jan 2024 17:26:56
adam Montgomery been recalled from his loan at Fleetwood. i think he should be gave a chance every time he played he impressed me and you could see the potential.

he is either recalled as time at fleetwood wasn't doing any good or bernabi is off and he is back up.

United ireland

1.) 12 Jan 2024 18:17:17
Or he’s getting sold? Or being used in another transfer? Did I hear kwon is away to st mirren.

2.) 12 Jan 2024 18:51:54
aye hese signed for them mate.

3.) 12 Jan 2024 19:06:18
Just heard that about Kwon too Big P!

4.) 12 Jan 2024 19:07:20
Yes Kwon to St Mirren confirmed by Celtic on social platforms.

5.) 12 Jan 2024 19:57:55
I have never been impressed at any time that I have seen Montgomery play. A fringe player who is not fit to play for the Celtic first team, Fleetwood is his level.

6.) 12 Jan 2024 22:25:39
Hopefully playing in a Stephen Robinson side can help develop Kwon into the physical, hard tackling CDM we was hoping for when he initially signed.

7.) 13 Jan 2024 08:13:15
Monty did not play much for Fleetwood. Might bbe just a stop back home before going somewhere else.

8.) 13 Jan 2024 11:55:51
I’m all for giving young players a chance, the only fly in the ointment is the academy produces hee haw. If a single one of them had the ability to hold down a first team shirt they would be in. They aren’t. KT, Calum and Forrest in 20 years. A complete waste of time and money. It needs a rocket up its arse. Be cheaper stealing the best academy players from elsewhere.

9.) 13 Jan 2024 18:18:43
He’s 21 he’s no a youth player.

10.) 13 Jan 2024 19:21:31
Any idea how it goes so wrong for many of the academy players? At certain levels for many years now Celtic do well in many prestige tournaments they've entered, then as you all say nothing comes through to first team quality.

Do many of the lads end up playing in lower leagues in Scotland?

I had a course up in paisley couple years ago the instructors son had been released as the youth GK same age group as MJ and Ralston, he said his son quit football after leaving as he'd lost interest due to being at celtic and not wanting to drop down as the standards at lower clubs were amateur.



05 Aug 2023 18:36:39
think its celta vigo starfelt is going to.

United ireland

1.) 05 Aug 2023 19:21:51
Apparently deal worth 9.5 million. Decent fee which we can add to pot and spend on a couple of additions, CB, keeper and left back.

2.) 06 Aug 2023 08:29:18
Jacinta calling.

3.) 06 Aug 2023 11:15:12
I think the majority of us would move abroad if she asked! ?.




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13 Jul 2024 09:09:23
when i herd about Schmeichel i felt that underwhelmed with i let his age get to me. but thinking about it he is a top keeper. with keepers i dnt think age matters as long as they still have got it.

here is my thinking wee seem to be going for older quality keepers on a free were wee will get a couple of seasons out of them.

people will moan but we have to look again after those seasons but it would be the same if wee spent a few million on a keeper and he impressed 2 seasons and hese gone.

i think this is a shrewd business model let's cash be spent on the out field players wile were are getting a proven quality keeper.

in the last decade all the free older keepers we have signed have been great for us wile the young keeper we spent millions on was rubbish.

United ireland

1.) 13 Jul 2024 10:13:30
Definitely United Ireland
BR himself has said the shelf life for players at Celtic is 2 or 3 years so the idea we can get a really good younger keeper to come and stay for any longer is probably not feasable, the minute our players start showing up well the richer teams come along and buy them and the Celtic fans know this. As you say this is a smart signing as he will give definitely 1 good season and maybe 2 and the younger keeper that they wanted to bring who quite clearly wasn't available unless for silly money maybe becomes available for much cheaper, I call that being frugal. In my opinion Celtic need to stop wasting money on people who don't make a contribution and in my opinion for what is worth Kasper will definitely make a positive contribution to the team. What isn't to like about that? ?.

2.) 13 Jul 2024 12:11:53
its a great model royjac and risk free mate. i herd yesterday 3 will be in this week and the other one is bernardo not sure who the 3rd is. it could be idah.



25 May 2024 18:43:42
i wonder if that mob will still keep that big sign up worlds most successful club well we all know they love a lie anyway.

United ireland

1.) 25 May 2024 19:11:14
United Ireland - They claim half a League Title (with Dumbarton) as a full win for them. And, remember the Asterisk 'Wins'. EBT 'wins' whitewashed as OK by Nimmo.
We know who has the clean unblemished victories Bhoys.

2.) 25 May 2024 20:00:48
So between both their clubs they have *117.5 major honours whereas we have 118, so does that make us the most successful club in the world?

3.) 25 May 2024 23:32:21
Bhoy88, no it doesn't unfortunately. The whole thing about them being the most successful club in the world was/ is a complete lie. Who would have guessed.



19 May 2024 10:23:17
well were champions again. with them drawing yesterday and hearts 90 min equaliser. if my math is right if they had beaten us and dundee wee would have win the league on goal difference when hearts scored there 3rd yesterday

would anybody have preferd it this way it would have destroyed them more i think.

United ireland

1.) 19 May 2024 10:54:21
This already destroyed them. They were all buzzing and genuinely thought we had crumbled and they had the league in the bag.

As they began to stumble you could see their confidence slowly drain, to be replaced with total gloom.

It is the crushing of hope that has cost them long lasting psychological damage. I bet you would be hard pushed to find a Sevco fan and who is confident about next week and most of them are just hoping they don't get pumped.

All the people I know that support them, have gone from talking way more about football this season, back to not mentioning it again. ?.

2.) 19 May 2024 14:37:22
UI if they had a chance of winning the league yesterday on goals, Hearts wouldn’t have scored any at all.

3.) 19 May 2024 14:40:29
Can you see us now? . Eh naw
Can you hear us now? . Whit

The balance in the Universe has been restored. Normal service has been resumed. Back under your rocks ?.

4.) 19 May 2024 14:48:19
Why would we want to win the league on goal difference after losing to them? I don't want it on GD. I want to pummel them into submission.

5.) 20 May 2024 12:29:29
Oldkelly, it would have been a completely different game at Tynecastle . Two penalties and two other Sevco first half goals would have had the Rangers2012 fans dancing for joy at ht, instead of fighting among themselves before end.



11 May 2024 15:37:53
glasgow celtic champions.

Phillipe the flipflop clement came in.

United ireland

1.) 11 May 2024 16:40:29
he was on the march to a quadruple the mighty Phillipe.

benfica saw to the quad

we have seen to there treble

he really is a proper manager.



17 Apr 2024 19:49:04
any the lads on here have a tentbox for there car. looking for some info on them if there worth getting.

United ireland

1.) 18 Apr 2024 07:02:24
I don't have one but I have seen them on camp sites. I spoke to a woman who used one for her and her daughter and she said they were good. Sorry, I couldn't be more help.




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13 Jul 2024 12:12:47
once oh goes that's maybe when the idah deal will go through. but im certain bernardo will be in this week.

United ireland



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05 Jun 2024 20:20:08
work with a liverpool fan he says kelleher is a bombscare alsorts a mistakes in him.

United ireland

{Ed007's Note - Fraser Forster was a kid playing for Newcastle reserves, Craig Gordon came here with the knees of 60-year old man, Joe Hart thought the best move he would get was as a benchwarmer for Jose in Italy and one of the top Greek GKs that we scouted extensively turned out to be a dud for us who then went on to become one of the best GK's in Holland - every single one of them made plenty of mistakes
Kelleher has wasted a lot of years being Liverpool's No.2 when he should have been out playing and learning to iron out the mistakes in his game.
People that know more about football than me and you, John say Kelleher will become a top 'keeper, he needs a manager to put faith in him as his No.1 choice.
Does anyone ever hear good things about players we are linked with?}



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25 Feb 2024 11:54:37
dont know how much truth is in it mate but my cousin was saying today and he usely got good info on celtic mate.

United ireland



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25 Feb 2024 11:54:37
dont know how much truth is in it mate but my cousin was saying today and he usely got good info on celtic mate.

United ireland



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12 Jan 2024 18:51:54
aye hese signed for them mate.

United ireland




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14 Jul 2024 10:04:26
idah and bernardo will sign this week with schemicheal that's the 3 that's comeing in.

United ireland



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14 Jul 2024 10:02:33
im from the garngad buzz same with my streets just all celtic massive celtic area.

United ireland



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13 Jul 2024 12:11:53
its a great model royjac and risk free mate. i herd yesterday 3 will be in this week and the other one is bernardo not sure who the 3rd is. it could be idah.

United ireland



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30 Jun 2024 10:19:27
some man brian keep the positivity coming mate. the negativity wears me down mate.

United ireland



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26 Jun 2024 16:55:42
my mates can of irn bru tested positive aswell.

United ireland



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