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10 Dec 2019 12:10:05
In support for the legend that is BROONY:

Snow is falling,
All around me,
Children playing,
Having fun.

It's the season,
For love and understanding,
Merry christmas.

07 Dec 2019 02:43:21
For supporters who supposedly watch Celtic, don’t you realise Lennon always plays 4-2-3-1
Always Jullien and Ajer at CB
Always belong and calmac at the base of midfield
If he has them the 3 is:
Forrest - Ryan C - Moi
Up top Eddie
Only choice is FB these days if all players available.

06 Dec 2019 23:29:36
Any help appreciated here lads, does anyone know anything about ps4 controllers, the shoot button isn't working in gta but works for every other game. Its not mine its my sons which is why I have no clue.

10 Dec 2019 22:37:05
Ask the Buffalo his shoot button isn't working either.

29 Nov 2019 18:52:27
So I've been thinking about how the club and GB sort this mess out and a few things are needed sorting from both sides.

There needs to be a major sit down where things get thrashed out.
Few ideas from me.

1. GB need to toe the line and work within the rules of the club and ground. But a working group of fan reps (not just gb other reps as well) should be set up to go over and look at all rules.

2) club has to sort out the migration from other areas to the standing area because that can not be blamed on the GB.
More stewards and random ticket checks?
Let all fans no that if your caught in there with wrong ticket you face a suspension or ban from games?

3) GB let a rep of the club inspect all banners and tifos before they are ok'd?

4) publish a list of banned songs and supply it with all season tickets and match day tickets

5) give every fan on the away tickets and cup tickets the same consideration to get away tickets. No more special treatment of any fan group. If you fit the criteria you should have same chance as anyone else.

02 Dec 2019 22:25:17
Fair and reasonable points Kev, just curious about the banned songs list, for my own info, what songs are banned?

03 Dec 2019 07:52:48
I don't really know Leeds and that's one of the problems.
If the club is very clear about it then no one can complain when they are punished for it.

03 Dec 2019 15:35:27
Reasonable list Kev. I never understood how the banners were never checked before they were used. This isn't the first time the GB have been banned and they managed to iron out their differences with the club the last time.
I hope they can come to an agreement again going forward for the good of the club as a whole.

05 Dec 2019 12:19:42
Why don’t they just get Celtic to supply the banners and pay for them and for song playlist they could start it over tannoy and everyone could join in 🙈.

27 Nov 2019 09:45:20
Get over yourself GB
Do you honestly think Celtic FC care if you never renewed your season ticket, these seats would would be sold easily.
Someone says on here we are a joke of a club.
You where given I think about 2000 standing seats and you are waisting it. To say we are a joke is a joke in its own.

27 Nov 2019 04:57:53
Omg here we go again with our board freedom of speech the green brigade have the right to go to any game if they have season tickets how can they do this they having is singing songs for decades it's part of the atmosphere even in the bars and clubs it celtic that's been excepted for years as long as I rember surely they want more support for celtic this is part of the culture not try and drive a wedge they should stand by there loyal supporters what would it be without our green brigade very quite indeed you should want to be on there side as they live and breath celtic should always support all celtic fans as they buy the tickets pay there way and more never ban your own supporters I wonder in Fergus mccann would have or any other legend stand by club and supporters.

13 Nov 2019 00:26:36
Brendan Rodgers has made a bright start in managing Leicester. He also had great starts with Liverpool and Celtic. It's after that first season, the cracks begin to appear.

At Liverpool and Celtic, the injuries both clubs had to endure was horrendous, due to the constant high intensity and over working the players in training.
When Brendan took over Liverpool they had the 6th best injury record in the Epl and then Brendan left them with the 2nd worst injury record in the league. Although Celtic won the treble treble under Brendan, the standards dropped dramatically in his last 16 months in charge and that was down to constant injuries to the squad. Also the players that were fit, were running on empty.

When Lenny took over, he did mention that the players were knackered. That was down to playing every final and game scotland had to offer but I also think going by Brendan's past history, it was down to his training methods.

At the weekend, Leicester started the same team for 4 or 5 games in a row but if Brendan is still there next season, going by his past record, I can see that changing and once the cracks start to appear again, Brendan will once again jump ship.
Brendan could never have a 5 year plan at any club because he wouldn't have enough players to play for him. 😂.

13 Nov 2019 13:47:06
Or maybe he has just sussed out managing football clubs.
Cos let's be honest 2-3 yrs is all they get nowadays if they are lucky at a club.

16 Nov 2019 12:51:09
He could have stayed for the 10? Strange I smell rubbish.

12 Nov 2019 16:15:03
Guys, Ed, International football week (yawn) so just a bit of fyn to keep us going.
IMHO this is the worth of Celtic/ Rangers player.
Trying to be fair and positive here.
Forster - 0
El Hamed - 4m
Jullien - 7m
Ayer- 20m
Boli -3m
Brown -0
Forrest -15m
Eddy -25m
Elyounossi- 0

Bain -2m
Ntcham - 10m
Rogic -6m
Frimpong- 6m
Johstone 6m
Bitton -1m
Hayes -0

Mcgregor -0
Tav -6m
Goldson -4m
Hellander -4m
barisic -6m
Davis - 0
Kamara - 6m
Jack -8m
Kent -7m
Fredo - 20m
Ojo -0
Subs Arfield -0 Katic-6m Barker -2m
Defoe-0 Aribo -6m F0d -1m Flannagan-1m
Total celtic 133m
Total rangers 77m
Now not necessary all my opinion but also what club would be willing to sell for aswell
Wont be too far out but would welcome all opinions.

12 Nov 2019 23:12:11
Thats pretty accurate Rayman.

14 Nov 2019 00:08:23
Accurate 7 million for Jullien? I’d want twenty and 20 million for Ryan christie.


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