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23 Jun 2022 10:54:58
Bobby madden sevco must be gutted you have left your favourite team with your black heart to ref in England well bye and to think we never get rid of you can't you take that other Diddy with you Beaton he black hearted to you could make a double act on Blackpool paladuim as some of your decisions were jokes as we know there is justice after all.

17 Jun 2022 09:15:15
Why don't we just cut the chase and rename everything to do with Scottish football. Rangers FA and Rangers PFL should cover it. When are Celtic especially, and the other clubs going to DEMAND that the association stop cowering and pandering to the newest club in Scottish football Scottish football must be the most corrupt on the planet, back by the media and the establishment.
The success that Celtic have achieved over the decades is nothing short of a miracle when you factor in the 'obstacles' we have to negotiate.
We are a bigger club and a far richer club. When are we going to stand up stamp our feet and say enough is enough, no more running football for the benefit of one club (sorry, company) This rubbish needs to end.

16 Jun 2022 09:13:05
The city football group now trying to buy palermo, is this even legal?

15 Jun 2022 08:46:01
Celtic - 52 UNDISPUTED Titles and counting.

Rangers - 54 DISPUTED Titles.
( including EBT Titles )

Sevco Scotland - 1 Behind Closed Doors Title and counting.

Apart from the 1990s, Celtic have won the most league titles in every decade since the 1960s. ( 6 out of the last 7 decades )
It now won't be long until Celtic surpass the 54 Disputed titles achieved by Liquidated Rangers FC to become the most successful club in Glasgow.

07 May 2022 21:08:21
Quite a few empty seats today.
I understand that for various reasons, ST holders might be unable to attend.

Celtic should set up a hotline where non-attending ST holders can inform the club they will NOT be attending a game.

These seats may be posted as available on a one game basis by the club and those wishing to take up the option can apply.

Tickets can be issued on a first come first served basis with the extra cash going to charity.

Simple system to set up in my opinion.

04 May 2022 21:34:06
And they say good keepers don't get beat at there near post, a would say depends how good and hard the shot is.

19 Apr 2022 10:19:31
Maloney sacked already.

17 Apr 2022 16:50:09
We were absolutely brutal.


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