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04 Aug 2020 16:38:20
Jack Byrne be worth a chance?

27 Jul 2020 10:27:55
right so according to the sevies el flufalo is the best striker in the league and will go for a scottish transfer record fee yet a lot of them think the club should sell even though we all know it will not be a record fee and no were near even 20 mill. yet celtic fans want the so called second best striker in the league French eddy signed up on a new contract and to stay no matter what clubs offer. why would a club who is trying to stop there rivals from doing 10 in a row want the best striker in the league gone. a lot of sevies want him gone and to take the money. i wonder why if he is the best striker in league i think we all know why hence his name EL FLUFFALO.

25 Jul 2020 11:19:41
Hi to all ( Sevco fans ) 😁
So let see if this is true TODAY -
Moreles and his agent flew out to France Yesterday - info Seen at Airport and heading to France for a transfer meeting with Lille.

24 Jul 2020 21:54:26
C mon Motherwell what are they bouncing about buck average team but when the league starts motherwell will beat them as many other teams as they can't keep it up they get more penalties if var co es in tavanier is out of luck as he gets loads and el coo high wire diver what are they going to do then for points who will help them when it's on play back they make me happy as we know they will lose the plot when we make history again done fair and square no tax Dodgers 10 in row will hurt them burn there souls out c'mon the hoops.

22 Jul 2020 14:47:30
Is the young lad Hepburn on route to Germany?
If so why is this happening? Are the club that skint they can't offer youth players a decent YTS contract to avoid this?
Not sure if Celtic rate the lad enough to have put up a fight to keep him but seems strange.
I know its happening down south with big prospects heading abroad, but I understand those lads who may see an easier path to first team football in the bundesliga rather than EPL, however surely it is easier for youngsters in Scotland to have a pathway to first team football in the SPL rather than the Bundesliga, because if not then this is quite a crisis for domestic football in Scotland.
Not sure if these stats from last season are correct but from the youth players on offer only welsh (1) Robertson (1) and Dembele (2) played any part of the season.
If I was a youth player at the club I would be worried about these numbers also.
If there isn't a pathway to first team football what is the point of having an academy?
Currently in the squad we have Forest mcgregor and mickey that have come through the youth system.
Can't really think of any other players for a while that have established themselves with us via academy apart from KT.
Time again I read reports on celtic academy about their great tournament displays, how strong an academy we have, yet nobody ever seems to establish themselves.
Henderson could be thrown into potential squad player but I'm sure you see my point.
Someone mentioned loan players needed to be a minimum age of 18, I can't see how this rule is correct if a player can play at 16?
Wasn't Ajer only 17 when he went to Kilmarnock in the 2016/ 17 season?
I hope our system can produce more talent, and talent isn't snatched away from us for nominal fees like Morrison last season and Hepburn this season.
Some of the Portuguese giants slap enormous buyout clauses in their youth players, at which it sets a bench mark to the European vultures that these youngsters won't be given away for next to nothing and if you want our academy product you will pay a reasonable figure in order to do business.

22 Jul 2020 22:20:35
I agree with what your saying mate re the EPL kids are getting ridiculous amounts thrown at them and if there main objective is money they would head there but ad have thought they would see a route to our first team far more achievable. Mibi going abroad it’s the standard of coaching that appeals? Who knows but NL isn’t the greatest for bringing through youth players he didn’t think CalMac was up to it first time around.

25 Jul 2020 17:09:35
I wish these young starlets the best of luck trying to make it at the top of German Football. They have a difficult task and I am afraid it may prove too much for them .
Not only have they a language problem, but young teenagers away from home in a foreign Country often find problems .
Difficulties are increased by the virus and possible more locks down and with the future of Brexit still completely unknown . I certainly wouldn’t want a close relation of mine to be in their shoes.

22 Jul 2020 06:02:27
Absolutely over the moon to anounce the birth of my son! Words can't describe how happy I am! 10 in a row here we go.

22 Jul 2020 22:16:14
Congratulations to yourself Phil and your family.
It’s an unbelievable experience and I’m sure you’ll enjoy every moment.
My son was born a couple of hours after Celtic beat Hibs 4-1 years ago.
Another member to the Celtic family. 👍.

22 Jul 2020 22:17:20
Aw congratulations Phil all the best hope mum baby and yourself are all safe and well.

13 Jul 2020 07:48:11
Brendan Rodgers won't be winning Trophies anymore.

13 Jul 2020 21:55:19
People saying he is a failure because LC have dropped out of the top 4, they are not even a top 6 side so still punching.

20 Jul 2020 11:17:18
Paythefacepainter is right.

07 Jul 2020 08:43:15
Is there nothing that makes a sevco fan smile or be happy the ones at my work are raging at the spfl computer saying it's biased cause they've got to go to Aberdeen. when I pointed out that it's happened to us as well and you've got to play the games anyway.

07 Jul 2020 23:11:50
Sevco won’t play in front of a hostile home crowd on the opening day of the season and when they revisit Pittodrie on January 9th they will be lucky if the stadium is have full. But still they moan which was very predictable.
They are only getting their excuses in early because deep down the Sevco fans know they need at least 5 new players who would walk into their starting 11,
before they can compete and give the Champions a serious challenge for the title.


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