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10 Jun 2021 12:16:13

30 May 2021 16:50:11
I have been researching Ange Postecoglou and I must admit i am completely underwhelmed and cannot see anything that would indicate he would be the right man for the job.

I can only assume he is great at PowerPoint and gave a brilliant presentation at his interview.

I am completely baffled why this guy even got an interview, never mind offered the job and I believe he has been offered the job.

31 May 2021 11:33:14
LAW, if he does get the job then we'd be better served if we gave him our support. HH.

31 May 2021 16:54:30
I agree with you Besty but in all honesty do you think his appointment is going to appease the fans who are already raging at the board?

The way I see it, is the board need to appoint a manager that the majority of fans will buy into and back him in the transfer market, as this will dilute the dissent and hopefully put an end to the protests and calls to sack the board.

31 May 2021 17:52:17
Fair question LAW and I'm sure there are many fans who share your view. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you. His name has came totally out of the blue and to be honest I had never heard of him before last Friday but that doesn't automatically make him a bad manager.

There are a few issues:
He hasn't coached in Europe apart from a brief stint in the Greek 3rd division. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? I can understand both sides of that argument.
It will be a major culture shock for him and his family. Is the change (and the generally rubbish weather! ) a good thing for them all or will they be homesick within a month? And if that happens how does he deal with it?

Does he understand the Scottish game? No he doesn't, but then neither did Eddie Howe or any other manager who hasn't been exposed to it before.
There are a hundred other areas where he doesn't fill the position of 'preferred candidate' and I can understand them too, I can understand all of the concerns that fans have but I think we all need to get behind him and give him our full support if he does get the gig.

The alternative is to moan on and on about it. I get what you're saying totally but if he does come in then I'll back him in my heart. What else can we do? If he wins us the league next season then he'll have been the perfect choice and at the end of the day that's all that really matters.

Am I overwhelmed or underwhelmed? To be honest I don't know, but like many fans I am totally disillusioned by the actions of our club right back to the day Lenny was given the job in the showers. Ever since then there appears to have been a major breakdown in the fabric of the club from the board right down to the playing staff and it's the fans who have been feeling it the most so I absolutely get the sense of disappointment that is going around at the moment.
Let's wait and see what happens. HH.

01 Jun 2021 20:12:45
I don't get this, understand the Scottish game thing, that various people mention, what's to understand?, just treat every game, as a must win game, that's all there is to understand.

04 Jun 2021 10:12:55
It's the standard of football that he's managed that bothers me. Players in the Japanese league in their 40's and 50's. Success with the Australian national team is not much of a gauge when you see who is in their World cup qualifying groups either.

{Ed007's Note - The Scottish league is one of the poorest in the world and I'd expect the majority of teams from Japan and Australia would beat the majority of teams in Scotland, they're probably at a higher standard than our league.
Scotland are currently rated 44th in the FIFA World Rankings, Japan are 28th and Australia are 41st.}

04 Jun 2021 22:59:46
Mark, if only some fans could get their heads out of the sand and realise that our league is pish on the global scale then perhaps they would understand why we are not among the elite of world football as a club. We used to be but we're not any longer. HH.

05 Jun 2021 09:54:47
I'm a manchester united fan from Australia, thought I would jump over and see the reaction from the appointment of Ange Postecoglou.

I know he isn't a household name but give the guy a chance. He has won titles in Australia and Japan. Before u say they aren't worth anything, the circumstances in australia are quite difficult, salary cap of only 2-3 million, at the time I think only 4, maybe 5 overseas players, he bought in players from state leagues and turned them into first team regulars. Brisbane roar went 36 games unbeaten under him. Whilst the a league might not be a strong league, the salary cap makes it a difficult one to manage in.

He might get sacked in 12 months, he might win you the league next year but obviously your board have seen something in him they like so get behind him and give him a chance. He is an extremely hard working, honest manager.

Appointing the great Jose mourinho is not even a guarantee of success.

12 Jun 2021 17:29:54
Mourinho hasn't been 'great' for quite a few years now, but I get your point. HH.

29 May 2021 20:51:24
In his first start for New York Red Bulls, former Celtic man Patryk Klimala laid on an assist and had an excellent game for his new club. I fear we may regret this one.

Always thought he needed time and to be involved in a time that cared, he certainly didn't get that last season and got very little play time before that. This boy will be good.

29 May 2021 18:47:56
Options now big Ange Keane or Kennedy anyone else.

29 May 2021 18:33:28
I've still not seen a decent argument over the credentials Ange Postecoglou has to be the next manager of Celtic.

Asian Cup with Australia- beating Oman, Kuwait, China, UAE and narrowly beating South Korea in the final. Is this really a big achievement?

Qualification for world cups. Again look at the quality of the teams they have to beat.

A league - watched a lot of it and honestly some of our Junior teams over here would given most of them a run for the money.

J league - can't comment as I've never watched a game.

Couldn't hack it in the Greek 3rd division.

He works for the City group so there must be something about him. What?

Talks a good game with an attacking philosophy. Most coaches do, very few come out and say my style is to park the bus and look for a 1-0 win.

Someone please put up a good argument for the guy.

30 May 2021 05:38:07
He will not say NO and will be the cheap option.

29 May 2021 17:11:48
I honestly believe that every single person on this forum could have done a better job at getting us a new manager.

There is no doubt in my mind that we would all have appointed someone decent by now.

28 May 2021 23:00:41
Was on here months ago told you howe would not be manager, was never true, got laughed at. Go back through everything iv posted on here all bin true.

28 May 2021 17:54:03
Forget about winning league again for a few seasons. This is an absolute embarrassment.


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