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30 Jun 2024 12:05:07
We must be one of the worst supports for moaning during close season. We have the Euros and Copa America on top of the international window not opening until 1stI believe. Yes we are all hoping for a good window but to be moaning about PL who has nowt to do with transfers. I'm pretty certain BR has learnt a few lessons and surely has earned the trust from the supporters to keep the faith. if it comes down to last day and still the same you can say told you so. Otherwise let's all just chill a bit, enjoy the Euros, been crap really. Or copa USA Uraguay should be a cracker. Roll on SpFL kick off?.

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30 Jun 2024 12:43:59
@Kwaj last season our Board signed 10 (TEN ) project players and NONE made a significant contribution to the season, Brendan had to rely on the players already on the books.
This season we have extra CL games and once again this Board look unprepared to give us a chance in the CL
We will probably go down the cheaper options on signings again.
Be honest, do you really trust this current Board of directors to fund Brendan with decent CL ready players.

30 Jun 2024 13:55:37
I trust BR. I'm just tired of all the negativity Tim that comes from outside noise so when it continually comes from supporters too, I'm just like oooft. We are all entitled to opinions that's fine. We've won a treble year before and a double this season. Not foregoing what's gone before. Its only Europe that let's us down. Fingers crossed next week will be telling.

30 Jun 2024 14:03:19
At least wait till end of month before judgement. No point trying to second guess our board. It's not as easy as just buying players . Things takes time to get right players . Too early to judge . But we do really need goalkeeper in first of all.

30 Jun 2024 14:18:28
Kwaj my friend Enrico agree with all you say here you know.

Enrico keen to seem some new guys come in to but happy to wait as trust is in BR.

Enrico think more players will be leaving to trim down team and some good experienced guys will come in.

It is big season next year see one more treble coming and good run in new champions league guys.

Hail Hail.

30 Jun 2024 14:35:06
The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.
Until our useless board put the product on the park before the bank balance then the majority of our support will be negative during any transfer window.

01 Jul 2024 04:48:03
As has been shown over the years, the manager has little to no impact on our transfer policy and wage structure.

Our biggest outlay last season was circa 3.5 million and our wage bill was circa 21 million. This was despite Rodgers saying he wanted to bring in quality players who were ready for the first team and us having an abundance of cash.

@kwaj - do you have faith in our business and and our recruitment after last season's debacle?

Talking solely from a personal point of view, I find it disrespectful when you say that my feelings about transfers are a result of the media. I can assure you that my opinion and I would guess many others feel the same, is a consequence of the boards recent ineptitude.

By all means have your own opinion but you shouldn't try to undermine your fellow supporters.

01 Jul 2024 11:59:38
Disrespectful really OK then. I think you have it twisted.
Talking solely from a personal point of view, I find it disrespectful when you say that my feelings about transfers are a result of the media. I can assure you that my opinion.
Where did I say that about you personally? I was merely having my opinion about negativity, feel free to have any viewpoint you like. To come on and state personally I'm not getting that, sorry.

We are all entitled to opinions, however to drum this is ironic impo.

01 Jul 2024 14:24:14
Apologies if I have picked you up wrong mate. ?.



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