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03 Jul 2024 15:25:33
Apparently we are now in talks to sign Idah on a permanent basis.
Let;s see how true this rumour is.

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03 Jul 2024 16:27:34
Fingers crossed think he'd be even better and settled if signed ?.

03 Jul 2024 17:50:29
We have bid 4mil plus add ons, has been rejected straight away, no surprise.

03 Jul 2024 19:08:52
It's about time we started paying the going rate for players instead of penny pinching and dragging transfers out for weeks and end up losing them. We have history of this. Wouldn't mind, but we expect top dollar for players we sell but penny pinch for players we want.

03 Jul 2024 19:14:53
PL offered 6 used footballs as the add on.

03 Jul 2024 20:31:40
Everyone needs to give it a rest with the PL rubbish.
Also why would we offer more than £4m in initial negotiations? Before Idha joined us he was going to a team in Italy that had a transfer fee of £3m included in that deal.
Do you expect Celtic to go and offer £8m straight away because the SMSM says that's what Norwich are looking for.

03 Jul 2024 20:45:12
PL has held back the club for years.

03 Jul 2024 20:51:59
Now just following up on my last post, if according to MSM reports and our £4m was kicked out.
We should offer £5m and Johnston with a 15% sell on.

03 Jul 2024 23:09:53
Jonbhoy, the problem is we've all seen this movie before and the trust I have with the club in the transfer market is zero.

04 Jul 2024 00:15:04
We have seen this but I get a bit annoyed when the first thing or person that gets the blame is PL.
Jesus it's only the 3rd July and everyone is having a meltdown.
Our own players that were involved in the Euro's are still on holiday so if we are bringing in a couple of players that were involved there, would we pull them in off there holiday to parade them in front of a tv screen?
Our USA tour doesn't kick off until the 21st July, from what I'm hearing, we have at least 2 major deals already done with a few more to follow and I'm betting a few of them are on the plane to the States.

04 Jul 2024 09:47:20
All the Lawell apologists make me laugh. Go back and look at all the times we missed out in CL qualification due to his policy of waiting until we qualified before spending. Nir bitton anyone? We lost out on circa £150m due to his bull s hit. We had desperately needed a CB and never got one. Then defensive howlers cost us. If you want to prayer the record of winning our rubbish ieague, fine, but we have been an embarrassment in Europe since he came in.

04 Jul 2024 10:02:30
The reason people are anxious is solely down to our board and their track record. We were here last year thinking we would strengthen, we didn’t, that coupled by our form for most of the season, showed two things, we needed the quality Rogers talked about, but didn’t get and Rigers couldn’t get a tune out of them. Turgid slow play drive us all mad. We got it together when it mattered. We don’t need that. We have the money to move up a level. All we are hearing is haggling over price and wages. The has Lawell written all over it. And if he has nothing to do with it, then whoever is in charge needs to get their effin finger out. Fast.

04 Jul 2024 10:45:44
Hi all,

hope you are doing well

I'm sure if we lose the "rubbish" league this season Magicpole, the blame will be on PL too.
The PL stuff is as predictable as Robbie Keane signing every summer used to be. Yeah the board make mistakes but so do every club. Our success since the year 2000 has been unreal. The idah deal at Christmas is a good example of the board working well. The deal for him to go to Verona fella through as Verona wanted an option to buy and Norwich didn't. We were able to swoop in agree terms as Brendan wanted him, and negotiate now. The board didn't huff and walk away, we got the guy and it made the difference for the season.
There are some real myths that get peddled out too like John mcginn saga, but sometimes players don't choose us. Sometimes players are on holiday in early July. Sometimes we won't be shoehorned into signing players with unrealistic price tags. We should play hard ball with signing as much as we do selling.

09 Jul 2024 17:28:52
I have never heard of any footballer like PL He played in a number of positions for us in Europe over a period of about 15 yrs or more . But no matter where or managers picked him from right back to left wing, he managed to make mistakes that caused us to lose nearly every match. We had different managers over the years who still picked PL and they weren’t blamed.

11 Jul 2024 19:46:52
I cannot sleep at night laughing at the doom merchants who use to blame PL for all our problems but even more hilarious is the odd one who thinks PL has any influence at this moment in time .
When Pl was CEO he was given a transfer budget every year which he had to keep inside . He just couldn’t go on a solo run doing his own thing.



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