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23 Jun 2022 14:40:05
8mil that's a steal best player in Scotland who could resist that bargain there light about 12mil according to sevco dream on nobody wants him every year same old story come up short and stays stuck in no man's land.

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23 Jun 2022 22:50:11
Morelos has finally scored ONE Scottish league goal more than Edouard but he’s played 30 league matches more than the Frenchman.

24 Jun 2022 09:11:56
Your point is irrelevant, buzz. The league doesn't matter, Europe is their bread and butter.

24 Jun 2022 09:31:55
Hopefully their bread and butter is in the Europa League, after they fail to qualify for the CL again, for the 4th time in 12 months.
Celtic will stick to winning League titles and playing in the Champions League. 🍀.

24 Jun 2022 14:40:57
They go on about celtic getting ko'd out of 3 tournaments. Blowing 4 chances of reaching the biggest richest European club tournament in 12 months will be devastating for them. They thought by Xmas the champions league cash was going to ease some of their financial burden.
Celtic are in a rebuild and it will take them at least a year or 2 till they can compete against a settled squad 4 year in the making. 🤣🤣Now it's that lot that need the rebuild whilst we add to Anges vision.

23 Jun 2022 12:49:52
"Well colour me surprised"

Today's S. n reporting that a bid of £8m from Seville for Morelos are "wide of the mark"
NO KIDDING poor Sevco cannot understand how their "Govan Galacticos" cannot seem to attract any decent offers.

{Ed007's Note - Word is that the Old Firm FC board are "disappointed" that Stevie G hasn't been in touch about Morelos or Kent who is desperate for a move back down south and only has a year left on his deal. There's is a chance they could lose money on any transfer fee for Kent.}

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23 Jun 2022 13:46:46
They've a history of letting players deals run down, apart from eddy we're usually in a position to cash in.

23 Jun 2022 13:49:20
ED007 they are also "puzzled" why Celtic are able to achieve big transfer fees for players while their club cannot.
They think "Celtic can get big money, we should too" but they forget the little things like Talent, Experience in CL, International caps etc
Oh and reputation, Celtic have a good reputation for signing young skillful players, improving them and only then selling them for a big fee.

23 Jun 2022 21:00:42
The sevvies now believe that by copying what Celtic did with Odsonne Edward who had only a year left, they can do exact same thing with Morelos who is also in final year of sevvie contract.
They saw that Celtic were paid £14m plus add ons that could reach £18m
and believe they can achieve that type of transfer fee for El Buffalo.
What they forget is that Eduard won 4 SPFL titles and won 2 Golden boots in his time with Celtic.
Apparently Seville baulked at £8m so how they figure they can get £14m is anybody's guess.

23 Jun 2022 22:51:49
I’ve just posted above that Morelos has scored One Scottish league goal more than Edouard but he’s played 30 league matches more.

23 Jun 2022 12:46:27
the Record online headlines, “ Celtic youth crosses the old firm line and signs contract with Rangers”.
It’s a wee boy 7;year old, getting Desperate now.

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23 Jun 2022 13:47:15
Saw that, how sad is that.

23 Jun 2022 14:45:01
One of my grandsons left them says they were crap (oh the relief ) 😅 HH.

23 Jun 2022 12:11:59
Bobby madden sevco must be gutted you have left your favourite team with your black heart to ref in England well bye and to think we never get rid of you can't you take that other Diddy with you Beaton he black hearted to you could make a double act on Blackpool paladuim as some of your decisions were jokes as we know there is justice after all.

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22 Jun 2022 20:18:13
See sevco making a special medal for tav for being the best penalty taker in sevco history single handed got them through Europe and domestic games with his penalties all legally of course with help from his pals lost count but must be a record pity tav var has been awarded maybe your record will be lost this season as we all know that.

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22 Jun 2022 22:22:28
Bro Beaton will see him alright he'll just have to work overtime due to bro bob absconding.

22 Jun 2022 22:24:27
hey think the whole of Europe remembers them winning a trophy that hasn't existed for gid knows how many years 😭.

{Ed007's Note - How many times have you seen a quiz and they ask Who won the 1972 CWC? I'd bet if you stoated about shopping centres all over the UK asking random people the majority wouldn't have a clue - they'll remember Manchester though

23 Jun 2022 11:00:56
ED007 and Mally at their next CWC reunion the remaining players left have all been asked to wear Name Tags and other Identification visibily on their suits, so people will know who the feck they are lol.

{Ed007's Note - 😁

22 Jun 2022 11:31:24
If you know your History

I had this debate with my two ex bear pals about Celtic and them
Comparing the Teams

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, has heard of the LISBON LIONS, all over the world the Lions are well known.

Who apart from a handful of sevvies remember their team that won the Cup Winners Cup in Barcelona, they do not even have a recognised nickname like the world famous LISBON LIONS. They are virtually UNKNOWN outside Govan

Comparing the Fans

Lisbon/ Seville Celtic fans won awards for their friendlieness and good nature, as well as backing their team in their THOUSANDS, our fans are WELCOMED anywhere

Barcelona/ Manchester RIOTS/ Fighting
no need to say more, their fans are DESPISED all over Europe

Comparing the fans songs

Just can't get enough, has been voted the catchiest football fan song.
Celtic fans also sing Willie Maley, Let the People sing, This land is your Land, A Grand old team, and so many more uplifting songs and chants with NO HATRED

All they have that is inoffensive is Simply the best, Follow Follow (but even that song has to mention Dublin as a place they hate) All their other songs are vile, sectarian hate filled ditties.

The Fans Attitudes

Celtic fans visit places with a SMILE and Good Humour

The sevvie fans go with a GROWL and Hatred in their hearts and glass bottles to throw.

{Ed007's Note - Their version of Simply the Best is extremely offensive and what about their add-on that starts "Dundee, Hamilton..." in Follow Follow?
Old Firm FC have more songs about the IRA, Bobby Sands and the Pope than the Celtic support.}

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22 Jun 2022 13:18:43
Ha ha ED007 I stand corrected so Sevco fans have NO inoffensive songs lol.

{Ed007's Note - Their version of Sloop John B, the Tiffany song, the song they sing to wee EDL Abdul that he sings along with, ah feck it, we could be here all day 😁
Celtic fans generally sing about things we love, Old Firm FC fans sing about things they hate 99% of the time. Their hatred for anything Celtic/Irish/Catholic or Scottish Nationalist and the colour green in general consumes their lives.}

22 Jun 2022 14:13:49
ED007 I am worried you seem to know so much about THEIR songs lol
The thing I remember is their treatment of the wee Downs Syndrome bhoy was it big Samaras that befriended him? and his parents reported all the hate emails he got. Sad sad people
Then they have the cheek to be "offended" when Martin Compston sings along to a Ra song.

{Ed007's Note - Wee Jay it was, I actually noticed him on the TV during one of the games at the end of the season over near the GB. To be honest there probably was some hate mail and I seen some messages on social media but I'd take anything Jay's dad says with a heavy pinch of salt, some of the stuff he put up himself was so cringey it had to be made up. Ach well it got them plenty of free stuff and the dad got to watch his beloved Barca.}

22 Jun 2022 15:10:56
I’ve just seen the silly Billy Gilmour rumour to Celtic.
His bitter mum wouldn’t let him touch the green on his Norwich scarf.
They all have an unhealthy obsession with the colour GREEN. 🤦‍♂️.

22 Jun 2022 17:47:57
In that case I'll need to start singing 40 shades of green then 😂😂.

22 Jun 2022 20:30:39
The first time I heard of the sloop j b version was a discontinued in the pub (I missed start of ) but when it was described to me I told these people well I will be probably first or second on the boat! No John your a good guy! But I am only second generation so I must go conversation died at that don't speak to those (and people there them anymore) I q of the double blanksorry for the rant boys HH.

21 Jun 2022 15:13:53
Afternoon All

Was having a look through UEFA website and came across fines issued to clubs during 21/ 22 season.

During "The Old Firm" Euro League run they were fined around £50,000 for various offences.

I don't recall many or any stories in the true Blue media relating to the total amount they were fined.

Personally, I would have fined them more as I find them completely offensive in all ways 🤬🤬


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21 Jun 2022 10:46:37
So Ed, sevco have been allowed to refuse participation the Cinch sponsorship deal. (SPFL are spineless cowards when it come to that lot)

I assume this means that they receive NO payment from the sponsorship funding then?

{Ed007's Note - In any other league if a team didn't conform with the sponsorship deal they wouldn't receive any prize money and would face punishment/sanctions BUT this is Scotland and Old Firm FC will still receive money, whether it's the full amount I don't know mate.}

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21 Jun 2022 12:24:58
Yes ED007 and Tiny Tim it was confirmed that the sevvies will get a "share" of Cinch money, anyone's guess how much
But speaking of sevvy money, your "pal" with the three names is reporting, watch when their accounts comeout, as it will tell a lot about their Europa run and monies supposedely earned.
IF they post a PROFIT all well and good, but IF NOT it will tell everyone just how much big Mike shafted them for.

21 Jun 2022 14:02:26
Tim by the time they pay (if they pay) UEFA the near £120,000 they have been fined for their Europa Cup run there won’t be much left.

21 Jun 2022 14:32:10
Sevco received more UEFA fines (8) than European wins (7) last season.

21 Jun 2022 14:34:02
ha ha oldkilly but they have a cunning plan, they have lined up two lucrative friendlies at Ibrox against West Ham and Tottenham, tickets are priced £50 but in keeping with the now sevco tradition of fleecing their most loyal/ gullible fans, season ticket holders can buy theirs for £95.

21 Jun 2022 15:25:15
@Buzz Bomb "Water" good stat, their fans get fined because they never "bottle up" their feelings, sorry Ness Bear just a bit of "toilet" - water humour lol.

21 Jun 2022 18:31:04
Talking about fleecing the gullibles…it’s time to pony up for this seasons Mygers subscription, gifts so far have been notebook, key ring, pin badge, and the latest a metal card?
Loads of complaints about the metal card. fans saying it would have been better if it was a water bottle, as they would never be caught out again travelling to away games.

21 Jun 2022 19:20:35
A Water Bottle would equal a Missile to a Sevco fan.

22 Jun 2022 07:31:58
Cheers Ed, so once again, changing the rules to suit themselves and again, with the blessings of the authorities!
I wish cinch had vetoed any cash awards.

22 Jun 2022 14:27:29
It was the media that reported that Sevco had received 8 European fines last season.
And I knew that Sevco won only One European match more than Celtic last season.
Hence the 8 European fines is more than 7 European wins. 👍.


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