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13 Apr 2024 22:01:42
Not a fan of tam Cowan but he hit the nail on the head today.

He was talking about Sevcos recent comment about Dundee and said:

"Philippe Clement was out having a bash at Dundee for how embarrassing it was to Scottish football.

Philippe should maybe look back to 2012 and see the embarrassment that was brought onto Scottish football by his own club. "

Something tells me the BBC are going to be inundated with letters from angry Sevco fans. 🤣.


14 Apr 2024 01:02:52
2012 Blueco were created Clement has nothing to do with Rangers.

13 Apr 2024 21:40:17
I see some of the English media are slagging off Angeball after Newcastle thumped Spurs 4-0.


13 Apr 2024 22:11:27
It is just Jamie O'Hara who is not worth listening to.

13 Apr 2024 16:25:53
If this wind keeps up won't be surprised if Sevco want their game postponed because of the conditions.


13 Apr 2024 19:26:36
Sevco have got what they wanted all along.

Playing a Dundee side that have Nothing to play for.

13 Apr 2024 19:38:10
Dundee now have nothing to play for.

Corruption has worked once again for Sevco.
The SFA and SPFL have once again close their eyes.

Only In Scotland.

13 Apr 2024 20:25:14
Mb the fact they have nothing to play for will relax them and play with confidence, hopefully game goes ahead then rains with gales 🤷🏽‍♂️.

13 Apr 2024 20:41:28
Dundee can get Europe if they finish 5th and either, Celtic, Sevco or hearts win the cup.

13 Apr 2024 21:39:51
Chris Sutton’s predicted this farce.

13 Apr 2024 09:19:30
Sure I saw on one of other sites, reason for the hunites not wanting to play Dundee before us was that they had a few one booking away from a ban . Wondering if that was true ?


13 Apr 2024 11:41:46
Bg baldy says it wasn't an option. liar it was because Dundee were asked as well.

13 Apr 2024 12:27:53
JT supposedly 1 booking away from 1 match ban. The same with Soutar. Goldson 1 booking away from 2 match ban. If so I bet none of them get a yellow the rest of the season.

13 Apr 2024 13:45:41
I think the rule changed Steff a couple of seasons ago.

A player will get suspended if he receives his 6th booking in the 1st 19 league games ( half season )
It then goes to 12 bookings until the rest of the season before a player will get a suspension.

Maybe the rule changed again 🤷‍♂️.

13 Apr 2024 03:04:30
I just read an article that says sevco have valued jack butland at 15-20 million. 🤣

Don't get me wrong he has had a good season for them but is nowhere near that kind of money.

First of all GKs normally don't get massive transfer fees. If he were to go for 20 million (stop laughing) , he would have cost more than Neur. 🤣

Second, he is 31 years old, which is another factor that would bring his price down.

Third, he is playing in Scotland and the most expensive goalkeeper was Forster who went for 10 million but was a much better age and England international at the time.

Fourth, his biggest transfer has been 3.5 million and that was when he was young.

This reminds me of the time they valued Morelos at 20 million. In the end he went for £0. 🤣.


13 Apr 2024 10:00:30
He's a decent keeper and I actually wanted us to go for him but he does have his weaknesses. He's poor at first time long shots, imo he could have stopped about 4 goals that we scored in the 3 games against sevco. Also not the most confident with the ball at his feet.

12 Apr 2024 09:21:49
Just been watching a wee clip of Silva's histrionics and rolling about like he had been hit by an Exocet missile!

If I made the rules, when a player reacts like this, I would insist he takes no further part in the game for his own safety, health and well being.

His reaction clearly indicates he has suffered a major trauma and, being the case, he has to be replaced and taken to hospital for examination.

Regardless of what the "magic sponge" trainer says. there should be no exceptions!


12 Apr 2024 13:11:20
How beaton did not book him is evidence of his inheritance entitlement bias.

12 Apr 2024 13:46:39
Should have just said inherit bias.

12 Apr 2024 08:49:14
So it's been revealed that both clubs had the chance to play last week and declined. the fact the motherwell game went ahead on sat you'd think sevco could have got their game in hand out the way. although big phil ain't admitting it doesn't fit with his no one likes us we don't care narrative. pathetic.


12 Apr 2024 13:11:59
Is that story not coming out of Ibrox though?

12 Apr 2024 14:54:02
Weejoe it probably is coming from Ibrox to exonerate them from not playing on the first available date just before playing us. As much as Dundee are to blame regarding their playing surface, the Spfl and Rangers created this by not allowing the game to go ahead on the Wednesday.

12 Apr 2024 19:30:22
Was listening to talk sport earlier and that fud Jim Whyte stated that his source (i. e. Sevco pr department) told him that it was not an option to play last week.

11 Apr 2024 21:58:25
I'll be surprised if there's any English clubs playing in the Dublin Final this season.

So much for Sevco playing in a British Final because it doesn't look like any British clubs will be setting foot on Irish Soil. 👍🇮🇪.


11 Apr 2024 19:01:10
The League of Ireland won't tolerate missiles being thrown onto the pitch. Shelbourne fans banned for the next match over one incident last weekend. Meanwhile in Scotland after numerous incidents against us, the same weekend with absolutely zero punishment or consequences. 😳.


11 Apr 2024 19:31:57
It has been happening since I was a kid.

Sevco fans are usually above the away fans and routinely spit on the away fans below and throw coins, food, drink, etc down on the away fans.

11 Apr 2024 20:49:19
Celtic had 8 injured fans the last time we took tickets at Ibrox out of an allocated 700 fans.

That would’ve been much worse if the 20 weapons from the Broomloan Front, where not found before the match.

The new allocation only means a much bigger target for Sevco fans to hit us, due to where our fans are sitting inside the Stadium.

11 Apr 2024 22:40:18
We should have stuck to our guns as we will be putting fans at risk now.

12 Apr 2024 09:28:23
I agree we should stick to our guns.
This club cannot guarantee the safety of one sports pundit (big Chris Sutton) and he is 'advised' not to attend the ground.

However, the SFA/ SPFL, believe this same club can guarantee the safety of 700 Celtic supporters!

And, as usual, Celtic FC say nothing!

11 Apr 2024 18:45:43
See a Spanish pundit got sacked for making a remark about Barcelona teenager Yamal and game was last night yet our very own fat sally gets more punditry from sky 🤷‍♂️.



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