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26 Oct 2020 07:24:47
Presently everything is rosy in the garden for them but unless at least one of their strikers starts being prolific, they will start to go downhill.
After 12 league games last season, Morelos and Defoe had scored 19 league goals between them but this season it’s only 4 goals.
Add in the 2 new strikers and the total becomes 8 league goals between 4 strikers.
I don’t think they can go a full season expecting goals from centre halves and right backs.
Strangely Celtic are better off in the striker department this season due to playing 2 up front.
This time last season our strikers had scored 9 goals between them but this season they have scored 14 league goals between the 4 strikers.
Those statistics don’t add up with how both clubs are currently playing.
I just don’t see them sustaining a winning run if their strikers are not producing.

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26 Oct 2020 09:57:35
@Buzz Bomb I was having exact same argument yesterday with my ex bears, Celtic have been inconsistent and even poor at times but with all the CV issues and injuries we are only 6 points off pace with game in hand, there is still time for us to rectify everything.
Rangers have had everything and I mean everything, go in their favour so far but their team is still not anywhere near as good as they think they are. Someone else also said that no fans in ground is HELPING them and HINDERING us, hopefully we start to get all our big players back and with the law of averages, Rangers are due both bad luck and some injuries and then see how they cope then.

26 Oct 2020 10:21:33
Said it before lads, we can’t keep waiting on there bad luck to happen, more concerned about what’s going on inside our club. Regardless who is scoring for them they look a fitter, sharper unit than us, why is this I do think we will click and kick on but I do think no crowds is giving them a massive lift. HH.

26 Oct 2020 10:23:12
Plenty stamps if you need them buzz 👍.

26 Oct 2020 10:32:57
Buzz the aim of the game is to score more than your opponent, it's all well scoring 3 at pittodrie but if your going to concede 3 then bad results happen. 6 points clear and 7 goals better on goal difference, we welcome the chase.

25 Oct 2020 15:14:16
I am going to do a "Trump conspiracy theory"
I read that 3 more Standard Liege players tested positive AFTER the Sevco game, yet once again NO SEVCO players affected
Either Sevco are NOT testing or not doing thorough testing or
Sevco are KEEPING quiet about any C.V.s in their squad.
I hope either the Scottish Government or the SFA medical team are keeping an eye on things down Govan way.

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25 Oct 2020 15:38:54
It could be the Zombies that’s passing it on to everyone.

25 Oct 2020 18:57:40
was there not something earlier in the season i think I'm right in saying a pre season friendly with motherwell there was something with tests?

25 Oct 2020 19:39:02
liamlennon I think it was a friendly against Dundee Utd at their training ground and played before the test results were confirmed.

25 Oct 2020 20:30:08
Geeez peace
We are Colin Nish stop worrying about them and what they are doing it’s embarrassing a like a good conspiracy but that’s unreal. What tester or medic would simply look away when dealing with lives am sorry it’s not happening.

25 Oct 2020 20:45:08
I don’t understand why some people take Timalloy serious.
He’s a character, always at the windup.

25 Oct 2020 20:57:21
relax guys nobody is deflecting how stinking we are just now i just couldn't remember exactly the incident i was talking about.

26 Oct 2020 08:53:15
Anyone for a game of chess. We can even put a wee wager on it, let's say £55?

26 Oct 2020 09:25:17
I'll have 55 shots bob.

24 Oct 2020 20:40:33
Come Monday sevco fans will have been laughing at us for 9 days. Come Monday we will have been laughing at them for 9 years. commonly known as the banter years. levels HH.

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24 Oct 2020 21:13:56
Rangers Football Club entered liquidation on 31st October 2012,
THREE DAYS after new club Sevco Scotland ( “The Rangers”) won 2-0 away to Clyde.

25 Oct 2020 14:52:43
After today I don't think we have any right to laugh at them. We are dire.

25 Oct 2020 15:32:49
I’ll be laughing at them until the day I die no matter what happens.

25 Oct 2020 19:17:21
The last 9 years of banter mean nothing if Sevco win the league this year. Our lads that stopped Rangers are rightly remembered as legends and at the time no one cared about the past 9 years of misery. Our board has gambled with our legacy.

25 Oct 2020 23:12:39
We lost a few games and had a draw.
They Lost their CLUB.

26 Oct 2020 09:18:22
Your not Rangers what buzz?
Or do you mean you're?

Anyway, we're (as in, we are, not were) going for 55.

23 Oct 2020 20:15:37
You can't get the smile off BFKB face since sat but then they won the league in Dec last year and it looks like they've won it even earlier this year. oh please Celtic get it together go on a run and shut all these sevco lovers up.

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24 Oct 2020 10:30:21
At this point over past few seasons, we have dropped at least 5 points and not hit any consistent form in league until November.

Doesn't bother me one bit because they only beat us last old firm due to Lennons epic tactical failure not playing 4 at the back. Will be very different game next time.

The wheels will fall off.

23 Oct 2020 14:54:08
Just seen in the paper that lennon has said too much has been made of the defeat against the mob. wtf does he expect of course we aren't happy especially when they register 1 shot at goal and also they didn't turn up, he expects us to be a lot stronger.

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23 Oct 2020 15:53:25
The fans will need to be strong until February.
It will be brutal playing catch-up but Celtic have a brilliant domestic schedule in December and January.
Celtic could possibly have 9 home league games out of 12 or 13 league games.
We have 7 scheduled home games plus hopefully the 2 rearranged home games will be played in January.
Celtic could also win a Quadruple Treble in that period.
The table won’t look pretty at times but that will be rectified come February when we have played the same amount of games.

25 Oct 2020 13:36:55
The Trophy Cabinet will look pretty with a quadruple treble and a quintuple treble added.

25 Oct 2020 20:40:31

The game came at a bad time last week due to our selection problems which has become a common occurrence when we’ve came up against your club.
I don’t recall stating you can only beat diddy teams because your results in Europe the last couple of years would suggest otherwise.
What I will predict is Celtic will win 10 In A Row.
We’ve only dropped points in one game more than your club and there’s a long way to go.
Celtic will come from a dozen points behind to go back to the top of the league in February and your players will never recover.
The pressure will turn on your players who will once again be running on empty.
Slippy will throw his players under another double decker and those same players will once again not handle the pressure and give up.
The Holy Grail is still coming to paradise. 🍀.

22 Oct 2020 12:25:51
They don't do Humility in Sevconia

First it was The Suit and others having big fireworks parties, now it is displaying of Union Jacks.

Mrs T and I were walking not far from where I live when I saw giant UJ flags hanging outside 3 windows, nothing like this has happened before, not even during the "walking season"
Mrs T saw my face and said "don't even THINK about putting a tricolour up".

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22 Oct 2020 17:13:09
Tim, I think I seen Poundland are now selling UJ Curtains.

22 Oct 2020 23:41:48
Sevco have crawled out everywhere. Guys that I've never heard from for years are all over social media FB etc. The last time I heard from most of them was when Bebo was around just before their club and company died. Gob persons the lot of them. When we go on a run and get our act together they will eventually have players injured C.V. cases bad results and of they will go back under their rocks.

21 Oct 2020 12:43:02
Absolutely everything dropping for sevco on the back of an easy group standard have 3 players just tested pos and will miss the game.

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21 Oct 2020 15:17:26
Standard Liege’s opponents at the weekend had 3 players tested positive after their match together.
Now Liege have had 4 tested positive including a goalkeeper coach.

21 Oct 2020 18:39:05
The virus seems to be really bad again in Belgium, will be difficult for The rangers players to stay clear of it,

21 Oct 2020 22:45:06
And yet supporters allowed in to the game.

22 Oct 2020 00:14:22
Reality is you can be as cautious and follow guidelines regarding C.V. religiously but end of the day if your going to get infected, your going to get infected.

22 Oct 2020 09:14:12
And it happened to us at the worst possible time. Typical.
Saturday was shocking but we did play our 4th and 5th choice strikers and a 6th choice CB.
Celtic were missing 43 league goals from last season in Edouard, Christie and Forrest.
If they were forced into a similar lineup they would’ve also struggled.
Their players never believed that was our lineup, tells everyone how much a shadow team Celtic were forced to play.
Their fans are building themselves higher and higher for their biggest fall since Rangers went into liquidation.

22 Oct 2020 13:21:51
If you were a virus would you go anywhere near that mob for fear of catching something.

22 Oct 2020 16:20:52
Buzz Bomb i can see more teams having problems with C.V. in near future including sevco.

That was sevco best team they fielded on Saturday. If they encounter same issues we have, they are in trouble. I also would not be surprised if we encountered more episodes of self isolation as well, as this is not going away in a hurry.

Last Saturday could of been avoided if we went 4 at the back. We should of won game with squad we have, but we will bounce back stronger and still win league.

I'm letting them enjoy their celebrations as its only start of season, we still have another 3 meetings this season and they still have to face brick wall at rugby park.

Also it won't be long before teams start playing through middle of park against them and when they do, their tactics of playing down wings will be as effective as a chocolate teapot.

22 Oct 2020 19:55:35
If that’s the solution, why TF didn’t we do it? 😬.

22 Oct 2020 19:56:46
If we get our own house in order, it won’t matter what others do!

20 Oct 2020 12:11:19
Proof positive of the Sevconian Small club mentality

Heard from my ex bears that the Suit bought £200 of fireworks to celebrate their "big win" against us, bet his neighbours love him lol
Also hearing of more fireworks parties all over Glasgow, bears you only won a game of football, NOT the league.
As the saying goes, wait until end of season or you will all suffer from "Premature Celebration".

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20 Oct 2020 15:48:19
He will just right off the £200 in his company’s taxes somehow.
Similar to Sevco who have now transferred over 55 million Euros of debt to their company.
I expect that figure to rise to 70 million Euro by the end of the year when their unaudited accounts are released soon.
And still the SFA and the SPFL turn a blind eye to another football scandal.

20 Oct 2020 16:00:41
They are that desperate for their first major trophy as it's been a long time since Tavaneir held aloft The Petrofac Trophy in 2016.Now they are top they want the league standings to award the title if there's a shutdown. Irony on a different level.10 games played😂😂.

21 Oct 2020 13:36:45
Let them celebrate their top of league in October trophy and we will keep ours until the real trophy is handed out.


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