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15 Aug 2022 15:11:36
I watched the Kilmarnock game over again and our 0-5 victory and our display is all the more impressive because of the following circumstances.
1) The heatwave past week
2) The atrocius plastic pitch, which was even more dangerouse because of the very hot weather and NO WATER put on it. That pitch was DANGEROUS
3) The football Celtic managed to play on that pitch and at speed was a tribute to our team.


1.) 15 Aug 2022 15:40:49
Tim I don’t think it would have mattered if they had watered the pitch it would have dried out in minutes with the heat.



13 Jul 2022 12:05:53
ED007 a wee question, hoping you know the answer to.
Did Celtic receive a fee for Bolingoli or did we just offer him a free transfer to free up his wages and space in squad.


{Ed007's Note - It has been put out by a Sky journalist that it was "a significant undisclosed transfer package" and there are some rumours flying about that it's £4 - 4.2 million + addons or that it was £4.5 million with no add ons.}

1.) 13 Jul 2022 12:32:21
If that fee is correct Celtic won a watch hail hail.

{Ed007's Note - Anywhere near it and we should be considering Nicholson for a statue on The Celtic Way out of some of the money ?

2.) 13 Jul 2022 12:52:03
If that figure is right then I'll eat a ten gallon hat.

For me it is just good enough to offload him - any fee is a bonus.

3.) 13 Jul 2022 13:02:23
That sounds an amazing achievement by the club - all considering. Nicholson seems very astute, and shrewd in his dealings for Celtic.

4.) 13 Jul 2022 15:08:09
Afternoon All

Nicholson / Board will still get abuse from some for not getting enough of a transfer fee for Bolingoli.


5.) 13 Jul 2022 16:39:28
That's crazy money. Did he even cost us that?

{Ed007's Note - We paid £3 million I'm sure it was, Phil.}

6.) 13 Jul 2022 16:56:47
Is there a particular reason why clubs sometimes don't disclose fees?

{Ed007's Note - They just don't disclose them publicly, Cory but all paperwork is lodged with the local FAs and in international transfers all the paperwork is logged on the FIFA TMS website. It's more a UK thing as clubs on the continent usually release the terms of the contract, sometimes even including the players' salary.}

7.) 13 Jul 2022 17:22:28
I just can’t see it being that amount. It’s a massive fee for Mechelen. Every other player they have signed this season is a free transfer other than £675k for a CB. No one is paying that amount for a player who is clearly so much out of favour.

8.) 14 Jul 2022 07:35:56
It's not really a massive in terms of football if he was a regular player for us we would be looking at 10million + but he isn't and wasn't really good enough still a great fee to get for the bhoy if true right enough.

9.) 14 Jul 2022 07:41:10
Boli was highly rated when we picked him up and we did pay £3m.

I think its easy to forget that there is a player in there and doesn't he have some high profile family connections as well? The Lukakus or something?

It's high time that we played hardball with even our "duds". Clubs have to realise that they were on our books for a reason in the first place.

10.) 17 Jul 2022 12:24:30
Highly rated by who? I remember watching his best bits and the absence of any defending was stark. He looked utter p ish and turned out even worse. An absolute disaster if a signing. I can’t believe we got anywhere near what was quoted. I hope we did but my no a feckin chance vibe is strong with this one, simply because he is absolutely s hite.



29 Jun 2022 15:11:21
Looks like ED007 was right in predicting Friday 1st July for Celtic to sign Jota and the lad Bernebei
Jota probably needs extra time to recover because of all the partying he has been doing lol
As for the lad Bernebei, rumours are that Celtic will hold off until 1st July as his two game ban will be served, one game already served and Thursday his team are scheduled for a league game, meaning ban complete.
So buckle in for a Frenetic Friday HH.


{Ed007's Note -


1.) 29 Jun 2022 15:32:40
Heard that as well Tim ??.

2.) 29 Jun 2022 15:48:04
Bernebei will wear no25 shirt, signed 1st July. Jota 4th July, Malick Thiaw, defender on loan from Schalke, hot off the press.

3.) 29 Jun 2022 15:56:24
Think the thiaw deal is a perm one mate.

4.) 29 Jun 2022 16:15:58
Just don't let Thiaw near the Iceman lol.

{Ed007's Note - ?? That's not bad for you, Timbo ?

5.) 29 Jun 2022 16:42:08
Is he a cb lads.



20 Jun 2022 20:14:23
ED007 I see that one of the big european agents Romano has said that Josep may be wanting a transfer, with the EPL mentioned.
Have you heard anything on your grapevine and if true, I take it we have the Croatian tied into a 3/ 4 year contract, so if worst happens we should get a decent fee for him.


{Ed007's Note - I've messaged Ed002 to see if there's any truth in it but in my opinion it is BS, there's been nothing anywhere else and the rumour is just very vague with no teams mentioned - plus the Romano is a notorious clickbaiter. Paul's just mentioned in the Discord chat that he was all over social media and podcasts saying Nunez was definitely going to Man Utd.}

1.) 20 Jun 2022 21:26:59
He was on a podcast called The United stand not so long telling United supporterDarwin Gabriel Núñez Ribeiros will be signing for Manchester United. 1 week later he signed for Liverpool, I stopped following him months ago because he is an attention seeker to get onto podcast down south and is trigger happy about rumours on twitter. I certainly don't believe it. One he never mentioned any club and said.

2.) 20 Jun 2022 21:40:47
He's now saying jota is definitely coming and benfica will accept 7m euros, plus they've signed a left sided player.

3.) 20 Jun 2022 21:52:19
He knows he p. ed off Celtic supporters and a good few just unfollowed and then come out with this to please the Celtic supporters . Take no notice here of him. I've been onto to rubbish for years.

4.) 20 Jun 2022 21:58:44
I think in all honesty it’s a ploy to get his name circulating in the Celtic/ Rangers fan base.

5.) 21 Jun 2022 11:02:21
I'd be shocked if JJ was to go, however with a lengthy contract if he does want the move i would suggest we will be demanding a fee over £10m.

6.) 21 Jun 2022 13:03:15
could happen but hope not, any truth that we have agreed a loan deal for defensive midfielder from benfica.



20 Jun 2022 11:40:59
According to various online Celtic sites, they are all expecting a busy week after the quiet one last week. As big Ange likes to get transfers done early and pre season training beginning end of June.
Hopefully predictions are correct and Jota now about to be confirmed with at least 2/ 3 others.
I will gladly take 3 new signings plus Jota and CCV.


{Ed007's Note - The international window doesn't open until the 1st of July so any signing being made from outside the UK can't be officially registered or completed until then.}

1.) 20 Jun 2022 11:46:45
Can the club announce a signing before that ED?

{Ed007's Note - They can announce it but technically the deal can't be 100% completed until 1st of July. Jota's actual loan contract doesn't expire until 30th of June (whereas CCV's expired on May 31st which is seen as the end of the season in the UK) so I'm guessing that the press are expecting Jota back in Scotland this week for preseason starting next Monday.}

2.) 20 Jun 2022 13:58:50
See big ange was still on his hols just the other day, should be refreshed for the season ahead.

3.) 20 Jun 2022 15:33:31
Ed how did city sign haaland if international window is open yet. Was he out of contract?

{Ed007's Note - He still won't be registered as a City player - the deal has all been finalised but he doesn't officially become a City player until 1st of July which was reported at the time if you go back and read articles on the day it was announced he was joining City.}

4.) 20 Jun 2022 19:39:40
Cheers Ed.

{Ed007's Note - ??




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18 Aug 2022 13:08:13
@StephBhoy see you have surpassed your £500 target Well Done
I will be donating either Friday night/ Saturday morning
Not only are you raising money but raising awareness as well.
Hail hail StephBhoy.




18 Aug 2022 10:03:39
The 3 horses I put up yesterday all bombed. I am hoping for better things today with these 3 horses

York 3.00 Tyrrenhian Seas 17/ 2
York 3.00 Cruyff Turn 11/ 1
York 3.00 Saga 11/ 1 (No I have NOT been on their holiday trips lol)
Hills pay 7 places.


1.) 18 Aug 2022 11:25:24
I may need THIS today after poor tipping yesterday
York 2.25 REDEMPTION 15/ 2.

2.) 18 Aug 2022 15:13:45
Not the best name but I ended up betting the winner, Blue For You @ 11/ 2.
I can’t remember the last time I bet a horse but I wanted to watch the horses Tim picked.
I noticed the last 2 put in the stalls, finished 1st and 2nd and they were both from the same stable.

3.) 18 Aug 2022 15:33:34
@Buzz you are a better man than me
I did not bet your horse because of it's name lol.

4.) 18 Aug 2022 15:51:39
I should’ve also went for the favourite in the next race because the colours were Emerald Green and White Hoops. ?‍♂️.

5.) 18 Aug 2022 17:17:19
Tim, if your going to bet on 3 horses in the same race your unlikely to win. 10/ 1 place won’t cover your losses unfortunately.



17 Aug 2022 10:32:46
For the Punters on here York begins today and as the first race pays SEVEN places with Sly and Hill I have put up 3 decent each way punts

York 1.50 Good Eye 14/ 1 (I am waiting on an eye operation so maybe omens are good)
York 1.50 Gie's a Sub 14/ 1 (I used to ask my boss that every week lol)
York 1.50 Bond Chairman 16/ 1 (last week two "bonds" did well let's hope for a third)

@StephBhoy my promise still good IF I have decent York your charity and I both benefit HH.


1.) 17 Aug 2022 13:55:42
Combination tri-cast would be ideal.



16 Aug 2022 16:08:20
I just saw the "Sky team of week"

Only ONE Celtic player (Taylor)
Four Sevvies
and most ridiculous of all the
KILMARNOCK GOALKEEPER made the team, I presume because he kept score DOWN to five.
The press in Scotland do not even pretend now to be neutral.


1.) 16 Aug 2022 16:34:34
I’m sure that will be a voting system, to determine the team of the week.
There’s a few jokers out there.

2.) 16 Aug 2022 16:55:56
Pretty sure they used whoscored . com for that team of the week.

3.) 16 Aug 2022 17:47:04
It’s all done by algorithms collated by some computer programme or other. Might have been ‘who scored’ as brumbhouy says. Might have been one of the other Buzz probably knows most of them) , so it all depends on which one SKYE uses. One thing for sure though, the team is not picked by a human panel, so a lot of the time the results can be a load of tosh depending on what attributes (possession, dribbles, shots, headers, aggression etc etc) that the computer is trying to track.
What I don’t know is how the computer input is managed. Who does it and what is the margin for error for example. Maybe Buzz knows. One thing for sure though, it’s not got a lot to do with SKYE bias, more a ‘geek’ thing gone wrong I think.

4.) 16 Aug 2022 18:01:48
Seriously who cares what they think.

5.) 16 Aug 2022 18:19:32
Shows how terrified the Sky Sevconians are. Enjoy the pain you barstewards, it hasn’t even started yet you shower of deluded pathetic cants. It’s like shooting dried peas at a bull elephants arse. I love it, they are staring down at another period of being also rans and no BS from Sevconian hacks will change that.

6.) 16 Aug 2022 19:13:27
Don’t hold back Magicpole. ?.

7.) 16 Aug 2022 19:26:02
Brilliant MP

☘️ ? ☘️.

8.) 16 Aug 2022 19:43:25

Has anybody ever suggested you should just call it as you see it?

9.) 16 Aug 2022 19:48:42
Well said MP Sevco-SLY are worse than the Scottish biased media at times for their slanted and tainted opinions.

10.) 16 Aug 2022 19:53:11
I guess you don't believe in fences magicpole! Brilliant poste HH.

11.) 16 Aug 2022 20:27:06

Dangerous things fences ye kin faw aff with nae guarantee whit side ye’ll land.

12.) 17 Aug 2022 08:11:36
It must be difficult balancing on that fence MP but totally agree that are s****g themselves, we are no longer concerned about plastic pitches and we can go to the hammer throwers up north and get great result, so they are looking at trophy free season again.



16 Aug 2022 09:51:53

I just made a small donation £20 to your charity, you know me, York begins tomorrow Wednesday and IF I make any profit I promise to share some of it with your charity.
Regardless, come Saturday I will make another donation.
WE all know the good work these Hospices do and give yourself a big pat on back for helping them

Hail hail.


1.) 16 Aug 2022 15:45:58
Well done Timbo you always step up.

{Ed007's Note - ??

2.) 16 Aug 2022 16:02:09
@CampsieBhoy don't speak too soon, my horses have still to run lol.

3.) 16 Aug 2022 21:20:11
well a hope there all winners mate.




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31 Jul 2022 08:02:30
I know I keep mentioning this, but I think it is important to keep shaming the sevvies.
Celtic had a foodbank collection pre season and asked other Scottish teams to participate. Most other fans did, EXCEPT Sevco
Today the Celtic fans are having another foodbank collection to help people struggling in today's high prices across the board.
The sevvie fans would NEVER even think of helping anyone else, so I am going to keep calling them out as the tight barstewards they are.
Well done Celtic and everyone who helps the foodbank today.




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30 Jul 2022 21:20:30
Guys I volunteered in a foodbank before my recent sickness and as well as items listed by ED007, always needed are nappies, baby milk, sanitory products for females etc
I know our fans will do us proud again hail hail.


{Ed007's Note - ??



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29 Jul 2022 17:06:40
Mally rumour is the bold Pedro is favourite. GROAN.




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18 Jul 2022 12:23:50
@Mally and Pedro hope I am wrong, no doubting his ability just his fitness I was worried about.
Hopefully he has been keeping himself fit by himself, but 8 months no football he has a bit to go to get up to speed.




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18 Jul 2022 09:50:21
Sorry ED007 and Pedro Mooy has not played since early January, and even Ange has said he will need time to get fully fit, Celtic need players ready to start in first team, so Mooy is a NO from me.





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18 Aug 2022 18:08:43
"now remember Ross County are the COLD ball, Celtic are the HOT ball and they MUST be picked in that order.




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18 Aug 2022 17:00:28
The "impartial cup pickers" are hoping Ross County take us to extra time before the sevvie game.




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18 Aug 2022 15:33:34
@Buzz you are a better man than me
I did not bet your horse because of it's name lol.




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18 Aug 2022 11:25:24
I may need THIS today after poor tipping yesterday
York 2.25 REDEMPTION 15/ 2.




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17 Aug 2022 18:07:19
@Parlane well done for your donation.