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27 Jun 2024 23:46:58
Just reading that jota would be interested in coming back but wages would be a problem. I really don't get how wages can be a problem, if a player really wants to come to us they would know the wage structure and how much they would get, so if they did actually really want to come or come back then surely wages wouldn't be a problem because they know what they would get. Most of these footballers are multi millionaires so go and play for a club that you want to and are wanted at. Hate seeing wages a problem but they want to come.

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28 Jun 2024 00:44:39
He'd have made a cracking wage last season, if he wants that nothing stopping him, would love that never replaced him.

28 Jun 2024 11:30:45
I've always said never go back, but It looked like BR relied on James Forrest and Maeda before Khun, Yang and Palma and Abada is away, so there's room for improvement in the wide areas.

28 Jun 2024 12:07:41
Jota is the ONLY player that has left the club that I would take back.

Would have liked the idea of KT too but his injury record puts me off!

28 Jun 2024 13:08:28
Just more paper talk rubbish.

28 Jun 2024 13:10:56
The money he's made the last year he could retire.

28 Jun 2024 19:12:12
The Board should write into every player who leaves Celtic that he isn’t allowed to express the usual nonsense of wanting to return . If a player is good enough he will earn enough money to have a very wealthy lifestyle, unless he gambles it away stupidly. The fast buck allegedly available elsewhere has come with more negatives than awards and trophies.

28 Jun 2024 22:20:26
If punters were getting say 3000 pounds a week for doing nothing ( know it's far more than that) but if I was offered £3000 pounds a week for doing nothing or getting £100 a week for working with a company I like I would take the £3000 any day it's just the same as Jota I don't blame him.



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