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06 Jul 2024 11:55:09
Brendan praised lawell and young Murray maybe these 2 have a chance ??.

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06 Jul 2024 12:18:51
What’s the story with Daniel Kelly he hasn’t had a mention? I believe his contract is up at end of the season.

06 Jul 2024 13:20:22
Young murray looked very promising before being hampered by injuries. he's still only 20 i think so hopefully can stay fit and given a chance.
I think welsh will be off and maybe young murray given his place.

06 Jul 2024 13:27:00
Off and away i would guess if he was fit to play. Didn't notice much of Murray in game but it kinda passed me by.

06 Jul 2024 14:36:31

how are you doing?

Long time, no hear.

☘️ ? ☘️.

06 Jul 2024 14:52:57
Hi Pedro

I’m not too terrible and getting there thanks very much. I hope things are good at your end.

I’ve not been far away been reading forum and listening to Mark and Gerry talking nearly as much nonsense on that podcast as me.

I’m up at caravan to get out the road of the 10,000 Neanderthals that have descended on my home town from across Scotland and the loyal parts of the six counties.

06 Jul 2024 15:04:39
If Murray and Lawell are in our first 11 folks on here will have a meltdown?.

06 Jul 2024 17:15:39
Great stuff JFP and I don't blame you getting out of the way at this time.

We're getting very close to going 'home' to the birth place of my and my wifes Grandfather's.

When individuals like Farage and his pals are getting voted in, I wonder what is going on, although I suspect he and his kind would be well supported by those 'who like an organised walk' around this time in July and the knuckledraggers who follow follow them ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

06 Jul 2024 17:18:02
Bhoy88 they deserve the same chance as any of the other £2m players you want us to sign mate. that's the policy it seems you want. Unknowns with no experience.

06 Jul 2024 21:00:26
Larsson 650k, Lubo 300k, O'Reilly £1.5m your argument makes no sense and holds no water Derrytim.

{Ed007's Note - Larsson only cost that after a court case remember, we got him that cheap on a technicality, was it £2m it was going to be until the clause got flagged? Lubo was a stroke of genius from Dr Jo, and MOR was being tracked and watched by loads of teams because he was getting flagged up on stats/data scouts and their team use so that was a modern "data driven" signing thta worked out brilliant for us, similar to Dembele.
What I'm saying is, it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you do get the right players in, my main gripe with Celtic isn't how much they spend but how they spend it. Of course we need to sign "projects", that's how we make our money in the transfer market but we also need to invest the money more wisely in key areas.
I'm as guilty as anyone for it but the transfer fees really don't matter there's bargains out there, players with clauses, players clubs are only want money to pay what they owe the player etc BUT if you are shopping in the £6-8 million bracket you have a lot more choices, if you're offering a higher wage you have a LOT more options.
You'd think Celtic would be employing folk that know what we all know lol

06 Jul 2024 22:49:26
Quality brings quality. Top end performers who are also motivators and leaders will help the projects thrive. Invest in those with well researched projects and perhaps less of them. Be clear on what we exiect from the youth set up. Calk it arrogant but the minimum should be winning the lowland league with the next level kids at a higher level loan either here or abroad. Spend smart is all we can hope for.

07 Jul 2024 07:08:02
Too me money makes no difference we need better scouts who can spot a gem in the making. We should be sending scouts to South America and the scouring the world. We should be looking at the real Madrid's b teams and the such for upcoming players . We need to look at the bigger more successful clubs b teams and see what's out there offer them a few and a decent percentage in future transfers and we might just get another vvd O'Reilly dembele and try and keep hold of them for a few years and then our club will grow as the players start to live up to their stature. That's just my opinion.

07 Jul 2024 10:38:26
If the youth lads are written off before they get a sniff pre season what is the point of having a youth system? The lads deserve a chance pre season you might get the odd one better than what we have already, barcelona not have a 16yr old start CB the start of the last campaign? And a 16yr old winger? It seems very strange to me the likes of karamoko for instance the best thing around his age at youth level, maybe doesn't get exposure to first team, yet xavi simons is in the Dutch national team, celtic youth ripped barcelona youth that age group dembele being the star youth, if he was in La Masia instead of Celtic youth would he now be mixing it up at international level for Scotland or England? Just seems we need a couple of tweeks and potentially a domestic trophy to allow young players a chance.



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