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09 Jun 2024 17:06:45
To much time on my hands today so what's your Thoughts on this:-

Summer 2024 Ins:
GK - TBC spend approx £8M.
GK backup - ie L Kelly Free.
LCB - S McKenna Free.
LB - KT £10M.
Bernardo £4M.
Lennon Miller £3M.
S Armstrong Free.
CDM Amatey £9M.
Winger - Jotta 1 year loan fee £2M.
Money spent approx £42M.

Summer 2024 sales, money in:
MJ £2M
Lagerbeilke £3M
Hacksaw £2M
Kobiashi £1M
Bernabi £1M
ORielly £25M
Frimpong sell on £7M
GG sell on £1M
Money in approx £42 M

In's and out fee's balance up and outwith Matt we should be stronger back to front.

Gk- new 8M, Kelly, Bain
RB - AJ, Tony R.
CB - CCV, Narwoki, Welsh, McKenna, Scales
LB - KT, Taylor
Mid- McGregor, Amatey, Hatate, S Armstrong, Bernardo, Iwata, Holm, D Kelly, Lennon Miller.
Wingers- Maeda, Jotta, Khun, Forrest, Palma, Yang.
CF- Kyogo, Idah, OH.

That is a net 0 spend, we just break the record buy of £10M, might push the existing wages structure if like of KT, Amatey etc accept similar wages to Calmac, also helps with quota of homegrown and Scottish players, it gives us a squad of around 30, BR wants a 25 man squad so limited game time for likes of OH, Yang, Holm and the two youngsters Kelly and Miller.

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09 Jun 2024 17:45:02
Kelly is a terrible goalie. Plus 9 million for Amartey ??? you must be taking the mick mate.

09 Jun 2024 17:48:31
Why not young Toby for back up.

09 Jun 2024 18:03:02
Bain is a better keeper than Kelly.

09 Jun 2024 18:48:32
He's not good enough mally.

09 Jun 2024 20:35:02
Wouldnt have Tierney back he's no better than Taylor in Europe and certainly not worth £10m, supposedly quoted £3m for Armatey so why pay £9m.

09 Jun 2024 22:29:26
For me BR needs to focus on strengthening the 'spine' of the team and ensure he goes all out to bring in higher calibre players than ate in those positions.

GK - Kelleher? (No.1)
GK - NO.2 (Bain 3rd choice)
CB - to partner CCV (Scales on the bench)
LB - to replace Taylor (KT would be a gamble due to injuries)
CDM -?
Striker - Idah
Winger - not convinced on Palma, Kuhn deserves another season, Yang needs to go on loan.


CB - McKenna
MF - Stuart Armstrong for the bench.

09 Jun 2024 23:07:44
I’ve said it before, but if we continually sell our best players we aren’t going to improve, why not tell oriley we are going to sign more quality this season, stay for another season as u just signed a four year deal. Why are people fascinated with a zero net spend? Why don’t we spend some of the 80 million left over from last season ( after selling our best player ) and more of the money we are going to make from this seasons champions league group . What’s wrong with spending an extra 20 million and leave us still massively in profit?

10 Jun 2024 10:50:05
No idea why people think McKenna would be good for us. He’s slow and clumsy.

10 Jun 2024 23:23:43
I'd go for Fruk when MOR leaves. Looks very similar Rolls Royce kind of player and assist king in Croatian league. 2 GK, LB, CB or 2 and move on the ones not contributing, CDM and some creative backup to Hatate.

10 Jun 2024 23:58:04
The Board has been accused regularly by many posters of going for cheap, option, I think many who are advocating McKenna are doing so as they see him as a cheap option.

11 Jun 2024 07:46:34
I think the people who are advocating McKenna are doing so because he is Scottish, he immediately improves the the squad by way of replacing Welsh and even Scales in the squad.

It doesn't matter what many people think but the bottom line is we have to have X amount of Scottish players in the squad and for the same reason it is why we have the likes of Welsh, Forrest and Bain in the squad despite people saying they aren't good enough to play for us.

Even although Forrest has had a bit of a swansong recently how many can say they actually expected that? We have to sign some Scottish players to complement all the foreign imports we have and that is just the fact of it, McKenna comes as a free and due to his apparent allegiance shouldn't be too difficult to deal with so really it is a no brainer.

12 Jun 2024 19:00:46
I would hope the Board would only sign players that would make our match squad better . That should be the bottom line that we can’t drop under . Cost and wages etc should be of secondary importance . If a player doesn’t fit into our style of playing or team set up, he isn’t going to help much .
Forrest is still a 32 year old youngster, when u compare him to 39 yr old Ronaldo who destroyed Ireland’s defence last night, even Scales had difficulties as Ronaldo scored 2 and could have more.



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