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30 Jun 2024 08:38:36
Guys is anyone else on here worried about the lack of transfer activity.
We all know, despite denials, that Pedro is still wielding power, our invisible chairman Nicholson is wrapped around Lawwell's finger the coward.
No I am afraid it's going to be more cheap signings while selling our assets like O'Riley.
The only person to benefit is Pedro and his bank balance.

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30 Jun 2024 09:27:38
I'm not worried at present but do agree that our transfer strategy is not about to change.

30 Jun 2024 09:37:47

I am not worried about lack of transfer activity at present.

The vast majority of the top football teams have currently not made any signings. (Is PL also in charge of there transfer activity? )

Some fans need to stop worrying about what's happening over at Asbestos Castle re who or how many they have signed.

1st team ready signings are on there way. Just need to be patient and block out the noise.


30 Jun 2024 10:10:41
The window doesn't open till tomorrow?

30 Jun 2024 10:19:27
some man brian keep the positivity coming mate. the negativity wears me down mate.

30 Jun 2024 11:20:23
Guys I try to be positive
But we have been let down so many times by this Board, and Pedro is only interested in preserving his big bonuses
I hope Brendan can loosen the purse strings but I DO NOT trust Lawwell (who still wields power despite what others say)
Only time will tell if this Board will back the manager and us fans.

30 Jun 2024 11:52:27
Isn’t Lawwell now on the same wage as the rest of the board? 40k a year.

30 Jun 2024 11:57:00
Celtic have made a profit of approximately £14M from the transfer market in the last 3 seasons.

Celtic have won 7 domestic trophies from 9 in those seasons.

Our board will probably sell Matt O’Riley for £30M and then we will reinvest about £25M of that money on new arrivals.

That’s how the Celtic board operate.
They like to make a small profit every year in the transfer market.

It will be enough to win another title and hopefully more domestic cups but Celtic will struggle badly in Europe once again.

Today is the end of the year accounts date June 30th.

In September,
Celtic will announce we have between £100M to £120M in the Bank and that’s not counting the more lucrative Champions League money from this season coming.

Celtic are in a magnificent position to dominate domestically for the foreseeable future but the CL is on another level altogether to compete against.

Maybe when Celtic are not participating in the CL, we can then compete at our own level of Europa League football.

Personally I would rather Celtic used this extra cash we’re receiving in the next 12 months, to open the Celtic Hotel which was previously being talked about.

It would give Celtic extra income forevermore.

30 Jun 2024 12:23:04
Any incoming and outgoing cash after today will be in the December 31st 2024 Accounts.

Celtic had £67M in the Bank from the December 31st 2023 Accounts.

Celtic then made more money in the January window with the sale of Abada and Turnbull Etc.
We brought in Khun and loan deals.

More transfer profit from January window of about £7M
Season ticket money of approximately £25M
Champions League profit of approximately £35M

In the accounts from December 31st 2023 to June 30th 2024 is -

£67M in the bank
£7M from transfers
£25M season tickets
£35M Champions League
Approx Total of £144M in the bank.
Minus how much it costs to run our club over a 6 month period.

It’s a phenomenal amount of cash and that’s not including the guaranteed lucrative CL cash this season.
Loadsamoney ?.

30 Jun 2024 13:00:18
Well done Brian, United Ireland and Kwaj . You certainly have your hands and minds, you and a few others keeping everyone on hear getting some semblance of truth . Our fans have to put up with the Sevco motivated SMSM who continues to poor out nonsense ridiculing Celtic and whatever part the media decide deserve the most abuse at any given time .
It’s difficult enough for our fans to try to pick through lies and damned lies to get some little glimpses of the truth about our fine club . Our club has only committed one wrong, it has becomer, richer, won more trophies and lasted
I36 years and counting. It is unbelievable that despite the media doing its utmost to destroy us, some our fans, they think they are fans, but quote Daily Record about heated drive ways etc, and others base their entire arguments on lies about PL continuing influence, skin flint Celtic not affording £5K wages etc . These “fan” probably damage our club more than Sevco fans and Sevco’s media, but I suppose the glass “Half full” can excuse himself next day by admitting too much alcohol taken .
Well Brian, and other quality Celtic. honest fans, I am sorry, I am now in my mid 70’s and I take to much to my heart the Despicable, nasty lied filled posts. by some in here, I just can no longer attempt to counter act some of the actrocious allegations, not presented by Sevco or media, but by people who claim to be Celtic fans . I am, for the good of my health opting out, probably seen by many as cowards .
I hope Brian, United Ireland, Kwaj and the others, please keep up your good work and not let this place become a complete anti Board medium.

30 Jun 2024 15:44:03
Maybe we could use some of our annual profits to buy some steel every year and store it to build the main stand when we’re ready. In between times, we could sell some off at a greater profit to any desperate people. ?.

01 Jul 2024 12:49:59
Wee Des I hope you continue to post. We need you to restore the balance in the universe lol. Keep the chin up, keep the faith, hail hail!



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