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07 Jul 2024 10:15:13
Our Board moves at a Tortoise pace but surely, surely, they must realise we need new players in BEFORE we go to America at end of week.
5 or so days to start bringing in players.
Are you confident it will happen.

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07 Jul 2024 11:41:23
It's because we are used to the rinse and repeat transfer windows. We all know at least 6 quality players are needed so we are all pessimistic nowadays. Hopefully Idah and Bernardo are incoming alongside a GK LB CH Defensive Midfielder for starters whilst offloading all the deadwood.

07 Jul 2024 11:43:30
Tim… before, during or after America is all the same to me so long as we get in the added quality we need to move up our levels, and it’s in place before the serious stuff starts. I’ve said before if the Board get this window wrong the consequences (for them in particular) will be dire… they MUST be alive to that!

07 Jul 2024 12:42:49
Tim alloy

Not sure why we only have 5 days to make signings?

1st team ready signings are on there way. Just need to be patient.

I'm very confident that Idah will be the first.


07 Jul 2024 13:17:16
Brian ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

07 Jul 2024 13:19:12
On what criteria do we use to measure the Board’s success or lack of success in transfer windows Is our judgement based on how often we win domestic league and trebles . Is based on sales of season books and merchandise. Both are at record highs and merchandise receipts increase year on year .
Recent history has shown if league isn’t competitive season books sales drop and large sectIons of stands are closed down . These closed sections and seats sold to season books, not used leaves our stadium very negative for games.
If Board did embark on a policy of buying better quality players, example MO’R standard, a team made up mostly of players of that standard would breeze through our domestic football without breaking sweat . They would either leave as soon as possible, or enjoy a wonderful time enjoying all that Scotland have to offer and play a bit of a knock about football with the emphasis on enjoyment rather than competitive.
Our Board has a fine balancing act, improving quality of incoming players, whilst at same time all our players are pushed and have to push themselves to continue our domestic success and improve our European fans, yet still maintain our great support at matches and continue buy merchandise in their great amounts. Let us hope they will get balance.

07 Jul 2024 17:13:24
Mark Cooper has only just got his foot in the door. I'm sure he'll be assessing the scouting reports ect before identifying targets. He won't be rushing into signings and become a failure like his predecessor baby Lawwell.

07 Jul 2024 20:51:03
Surely the american tour is about minutes against decent opposition results are not a neasure at this point? It's q chance to see what we have coming through? Surely players will come!



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