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06 Jun 2024 15:00:07
Nearly rubbish myself when I seen the headine
Johnny Hayes on brink of Celtic Park return!
Thankfully it's a coaching job with the youth.

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06 Jun 2024 16:20:24
Jobs for the boys yet again. If a Celtic B team are finishing 22 points behind East Kilbride then something's gone wrong.

06 Jun 2024 16:48:15
Why thankfully, least he’s got experience as a player, he has none as a coach. What happened to the guy from Southampton who was far more suited?, or are we still stuck in our infinitely small recruitment bubble!

06 Jun 2024 16:52:08
If it's true, I'm delighted to see Johnny back at Celtic. BR clearly has a lot of time and respect for him and he loves our club.

06 Jun 2024 17:05:45
To be honest our youth system is fairly poor for producing first team players, surely we should be looking to get the best youth coaches in and not jobs for the boys . Our set up has about 4 ex players running it, they surely aren’t the best we can get .

06 Jun 2024 17:26:25
Exactly the problem, another shower appointment and no effort to find the best candidate. Nothing against JH but is he seriously going to produce us first team players. Just smacks of a cheap, easy/ lazy recruitment.

06 Jun 2024 18:00:18
Super johny hayes!

{Ed007's Note -


06 Jun 2024 18:06:53
How the feck do we know he isn't an excellent coach. there's a lot of clubs promote ex players not just celtic. negativity for the sake of it.

{Ed007's Note - The guys not even started in the job as Under 18s manager and he's getting dragged into the B team's poor results ? what did any of you know about our previous under-18s manager, without using Google......

06 Jun 2024 18:38:20
I would imagine all the clubs that finished above Celtic hadn’t loaned a team or more out all round the UK and beyond to “fatten” them up for for ist team football with Celtic or more likely to help them to find a club other than Celtic to continue their football careers .
I get the impression that loaning out players is very popular with many supporters, however the more young players are loaned out the more difficult or maybe impossible it is for Celtic B team
I welcome Johnny Hayes to a member of our coaching team, although some fans seem to think that ex players or people who are fond of club can’t be any good.

06 Jun 2024 18:46:39
I'm looking forward to seeing what Wee Jonny can do in his new role.
On the matter of the B team, If we have any decent young players at the club then they shouldn't be anywhere near the B team. Any player that we think has even a slight chance of reaching the first team in the next 2 or 3 years should be out on loan to another club in the SPL or the English championship to get them ready for playing regular first team football.
Why would we have good young players playing in the 5th tier of Scottish football where they will get nowhere near the experience they need and could be kicked off the park with some part-time thug.

06 Jun 2024 20:59:03
Don’t know that he won’t be any good, it’s just that there must be better, more experienced out there, but did we look? We are always going on about nepotism and internal appointments that stop us moving forward, this seems a similar Celtic connection type. Wish him well but not exactly forward thinking. Why not just makeJames McCarthy the youth coach, already paying him for heehaw and he probably knows them all.

{Ed007's Note - Who's better? This is the manager of the Under 18s, you're basically coaching at the same level of school teachers that do it part time.
What Under 18s manager would you have chosen, name another Under 18s manager at ANY club?
The lads on the Discord didn't know who our previous Under 18s manger was either without Googling it.
Talk about a feckin' mountain out a molehill, ffs people wanted Scott Brown to get job in the dugout when he retired, they wanted to replace Stevie Woods with Joe Hart and folk are losing the plot over SJH managing one of our schoolkids team.
How would you go about looking for an Under 18s manager? Do you think any coach worth their salt is going to uproot him and his family to manage Celtic's Under 18s?
If SJH is good enough for Rodgers then he's good enough for me.}

06 Jun 2024 22:05:32
Johny hayes! Super johny hayes!

{Ed007's Note - Fair play to SJH for fighting off Mulgrew and Klopp's strong applications to manage our Under 18's and that should finalise Jose's move to Turkey.

07 Jun 2024 13:12:31
One of the things that I notice is that when the Celtic Board have a number of options to fill a position . Some with an unpronounceable foreign name who happens to have back page coverage in Daily Record and another from these islands who is plodding along doing a decent job .
When Celtic give position to local man, , our fans are up in arms skin flint Celtic Board . The fact that the local appointee does a very good job and the foreigner is never heard tell of again, is forgotten and Celtic Board always appoints the cheap flint continues.
Most of the Board if not all want Celtic to succeed, the fact that they don’t make the same choices as some on here, doesn’t mean they don’t want to succeed or that either side is wrong . We can all get it right in hindsight.



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