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01 Jun 2024 09:38:11
Should we be going for Connor Barron? He is out of contract today so won't cost anything. We could easily loan him out to another spfl team, so he keeps developing.

Do we go for Lennon miller? His contract does not expire until next summer. Again we could loan him to another spfl team.

There is also an added bonus that they can play against sevco but not against us.

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01 Jun 2024 10:25:44
Why? we don't play our own youngsters.

01 Jun 2024 10:28:17
I would love for us to sign Lennon Miller but have heard from someone who knows his dad that his dad is guiding him away from joining us or rangers. Miller would be a fantastic signing for us and for him IMO. The person that told me isn’t a bull sh*tter so I believe the info.

01 Jun 2024 10:55:59
I'd rather Daniel Kelly signed a new deal and he be given a chance ?.

01 Jun 2024 12:24:45
@sos his dad will know he needs to keep playing games to keep developing. I realise he may not be ready for us yet but that is why I would loan him to Motherwell or another club who will play him.

01 Jun 2024 15:01:35
This follows on from yesterday when top pundit bazza suggested they should be going for these 2 kids. I for one would be all over them. Yeah it would be great if Kelly made it but these 2 have real first team experience and ultimately end up like the ever growing list of what coulda beens. mcginn, ferguson, hickey etc. If we are really serious we need top quality now, but also some real Scottish quality for the near future. If we want them then we need to be real serious and "promise" some real game time. Ie last 20 mins when games are won, or even the odd start in home games.

01 Jun 2024 15:24:07
This idea of buying players and loaning them back to their clubs, suit the clubs who have a limitless supply of money and is something I would hope UEFA would put an end to after it is finished with Man City and their plus 100 alleged breaches.
Personally, if we want to sign McBarron or Lennon Millar, that’s find but at least give them a half a season training at Lennoxtown with our first team squad, so they get an idea what is expected off them .
Rather than buying and loaning them straight back, I would rather spend the money paid for them to be used to buy a player that would be better than we would normally buy and the extra money spent on those we don’t want this season to provide the extra funds to bring better quality player that we want this season.

01 Jun 2024 15:34:50
We should be hording Scottish talent considering our financial dominance.

01 Jun 2024 17:22:29
Wee Joe it isn’t apparently anything to do with playing time. I was told he would like him to develop away from the bubble of Celtic and sevco.

01 Jun 2024 19:13:23
Cheers sos?

01 Jun 2024 21:05:10
Daniel kelly having big clubs offering top wages for him, if he doesn't sign and we lose another top talent we may as well shut the academy door and stick to signing other teams talent as its becoming embarrassing that 16yr old lads who have been on our youth books have no ambition to play for the club, how is that possible, or do we snatch up all the best talent around scotland and the lads don't even support the club? Really don't know the answer to this but it shoukdnt be happening.

{Ed007's Note - Maybe one of the main reasons is money. The Celtic support give dog's abuse to players like Scales and Taylor when they make a mistake, they write off even rumoured possible signings as not good enough, too cheap etc etc imagine how a youngster would be treated when he makes mistakes which he will?
You posted that we'll use the £4m being spent on the pitch as an excuse for lack of signings, what would you say if we sold MOR and Kelly took his spot in the squad, would you be happy with that?
You can't have it both ways.}

01 Jun 2024 22:08:59
Said ages ago Ed I think Kelly is the real deal and would defintely be a player that with guidance could make that position his own, that's why I think it's utter ridiculous that the lad hasn't had more opportunites and already signed a contract, your right though money blinds most.

{Ed007's Note - So you would be happy if Celtic got say £25m for MOR, said we don't need to sign Bernardo and start Kelly every week and in the CL?

02 Jun 2024 07:32:40
@turner while I agree with you that Kelly has potential, I can understand why Rodgers didn't play him more.

At this moment in time Kelly is behind Callum, mor, hatate, iwata and Bernardo in terms of ability. As we were in a close title fight it would have been risky for Brendan to through in an inexperienced player of lesser quality.

Another reason he may not have played is the fact he has not committed to the club.

02 Jun 2024 08:08:59
Said ages ago Ed I think Kelly is the real deal and would definitely be a player that with guidance could make that position his own, that's why I think it's utter ridiculous that the lad hasn't had more opportunities and already signed a contract, your right though money blinds most.

02 Jun 2024 16:52:03
I am sorry Weejoe, I agree with much of what u say, but hoarding the Scottish young stars would be bad for Celtic and for the players, without buying youngsters playing in SPL we are already possibly holding back the progress of our own . If we buy four or five of top youngsters we will destroy all of them, as they are not ready to take the step up to play for us . Loaning them back or loaning them elsewhere isn’t necessary going to make more difference, apart from given our management the head ache of moving them on without haven improved us at any time . I am not sure that throughout SpL in any one season, that there is more than one youngster fit to improve us within next three years.



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