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26 Jun 2024 13:59:28
If our transfer window was Livakovic, Mckenna and Miovski would us fans be happy.

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26 Jun 2024 14:10:11
We need more than that but that's a good start. Livakovic is an upgrade on Hart. Miovski is an upgrade on Oh and McKenna is a better option than Welsh, Kobayashi, Lagerbielke and Nawrocki who neither have contributed much to the team.

26 Jun 2024 14:27:13
I previously would’ve taken free agent McKenna but it’s worrying that he was the last choice CB for Scotland.

Porteous, Hendry, Hanley and an out of position Tierney were all picked before him.

Celtic also need a left back to challenge Taylor, another midfielder and possibly upgrade at least one winger.

We probably need to shift a few players first because Ideally we need new players in about 6 positions, to challenge properly in Europe.

26 Jun 2024 14:50:50
A think McKenna n Scales could cover the Lb position if needed BB and also a wouldn't read to much into the Scotland situation as a think Clarke got a lot of things wrong ie JF not playing. do you have any names BB for a midfield general.

26 Jun 2024 15:07:10
If they were the first 3 players announced at the beginning of July then yes I would be happy but, we still need a first choice CB, a first choice LB, another RB to compete with Johnston.
I would also be looking for another Stiker, a DM and another CM for when MO'R leaves.

26 Jun 2024 15:29:06
We also need a head of recruitment THAT'S since February. So I am not going to hold my breath on any new players coming in soon unless our chief scout PL takes up his old position again.

26 Jun 2024 15:43:01
McKenna is a cart horse, would get the drawers ripped off him in Europe. need better than him in order to progress.

26 Jun 2024 16:57:17
Tony I was just looking at Transfermarkt there and apparently we already have a Head of scouting in Jay Le Vevre, I was under the impression that he just worked for us as a scout.

Unless he has had a promotion that none of us are aware of?

26 Jun 2024 17:07:51
Has McKenna not signed for Copenhagen? better lcb than we have.

26 Jun 2024 17:10:46
Remember who the Scotland manager is buzz.

26 Jun 2024 19:09:17
Is McKenna or miovski the class that will take us to the next level? I would say they aren't.

26 Jun 2024 19:18:37
McKenna Probably wouldn't take us to next level but av a gut feeling Miovski would as he's scored in Europe with a poor Aberdeen team and a think he's the best we've been rumoured to b interested in inc Idah.

{Ed007's Note - Miovski scored 2 goals in Europa League qualifiers against Swedish minnows BK Hacken and 2 in the Europa Conference league group - and the step up to CL is massive. Here's an example, one of the Europa League finalists in 2022 when onto become THE worst team ever in CL history the next season.
We don't even know if Miovski could cut it at Celtic whereas with Idah we know exactly what we're getting

26 Jun 2024 20:04:52
Is transfermarket a credible source of information regarding our scouting team and players we have signed or failed to sign in the forthcoming transfer window.
Our whole approach to bringing in players has to change and change quickly. We have estimates of six players needed in this window. That ‘s probably average enough for every summer windows, but if we stop to think about it, then it is unfeasib Transfermarkt le . We are very quick to point out that signing projects is getting us nowhere, but despite our recent large finance balance, there is no way we can continue to spend greater part of £10m forevery players needed . Manager and coaching staff will just have to fast track young players to become decent first teamers.
All I have heard and read over the last 20 yrs was P L this PL that, the Board wouldn’t buy, this player or that player, it seemed the Board was a soft touch, but when I think of it, I doubt if there is another club in the SPL or in the EPL that doesn’t promote players to the first team from within the clubs own rank, we have praised BR, Ange as great Celtic managers, but how many players have these two highly rated managers promoted from youth up to first team . I am told Ange didn’t even speak to any of our youth . Can we afford that.

26 Jun 2024 21:29:01
Idah all day and he's scoring for Ireland. no idea how people want miovski over idah. baffling.

26 Jun 2024 22:26:45
Mb the fact Miovski has a better scoring record ?‍♂️.

{Ed007's Note - Is that all that matters? Overall he has but he doesn't for their time in Scotland, Idah scores more goals per game than Miovski does in Scotland.
Shankhill and Tavernier have both got better scoring records than Idah too, Dessers outscored Miovski last season, we could have got him eh?}

26 Jun 2024 23:22:59
I’d be happy if we signed both Idah and miovski, no reason why we can’t. The only change from last season would be oh for miovski, so we can definitely use 3 forwards.

{Ed007's Note - Where's Kyogo in the mix for you?



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