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14 Jun 2024 19:09:18
Lad Mccowan meant to be coming in from Dundee. Have to say he impressed a lot last season!

Sort of signing we should be making. Certainly a player that improves the squad depth when we have so many games.

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14 Jun 2024 21:48:05
Different era but I remember Barry Robson and PAul Hartley doing great job not so long ago and both late 20s.

15 Jun 2024 14:09:50
Squad player at best. Would rather we went for watson baron or miller.

15 Jun 2024 14:23:35
Family are big Celtic fans. I went to Seville with his dad Paul. his 2 uncles n his Granda. If he has any choices, he'll pick Celtic all day long.

15 Jun 2024 17:45:38
DC, a squad player that was arguably the best outside of Celtic last season. If he improves the squad that’s all that matters.

15 Jun 2024 18:48:26
Agree to disagree kev. The 3 I mentioned were better imo.

16 Jun 2024 06:57:16
I would rather we got an effin move on. No players yet. I wonder if Lawell is involved, holding up a transfer over the price of a pint. It’s falling into the same pattern as always under his guidance. Nothing happening and wait for the son story of how no one wanted to come for a bag of shrapnel. I wonder what kind of bonus he gets if we don’t spend at all? Wouldn’t put anything past him. Dithering and dragging it out helps no one., .

16 Jun 2024 07:33:34
Magic, give it time, the window has just opened. Even Keevins is claiming we have a few agreed already but he hasn't been able to find out who.

Let's stop the PL nonsense already, Ed has explained many times his job title, it has nothing to do with the football side, that is Nicholson.

16 Jun 2024 09:00:36
Barron has been kicking about for about 5 years and he's never progressed.

16 Jun 2024 10:17:44
Malley Barron is only 21,remember him in the semi final? best player on the park, we'd be far better getting him than Mcgowan.

16 Jun 2024 11:01:43
Well he's been about the Aberdeen first team for a few years and never made the jump. you'd have thought the English would have been all over him if he was thecreal deal. good luck to the boy.

16 Jun 2024 11:13:46
He broke into their team 2 and a half year ago and only really became a 1st team regular this season. The potential is huge.

16 Jun 2024 11:49:51
Malley a couple of English clubs are in for him along with Italian clubs, probably his 15k wages putting us off.

16 Jun 2024 12:39:57
Do you not think there’s a reason we aren’t in for Barron? He’s not good enough simple.

16 Jun 2024 13:16:02
Far better player than McCowan ken.

16 Jun 2024 14:10:45
We should be aiming higher but I would prefer mccowan from whatI've seen this season from all the midfielders just my opinion.

16 Jun 2024 14:23:20
He might be like John McGinn, just not good enough for us.

17 Jun 2024 08:20:52
Maedin, Lawell haunts me. I hear what you’re saying though. I will believe it when I see it. I’ve been waiting since Seville for us to take Europe seriously. Confidence in Rogers signing record, especially at us, which was pretty awful too, isn’t high. His one signing Philips, was by far the worst of a bad bunch. I will get back on the glue for a few weeks to calm me.



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