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03 Jul 2024 20:55:53
So apparently we've had an offer of £4m plus add ons knocked back for Adam idah. I for one I'm not the slightest bit surprised, now I'll admit from the off I could be wrong here but for me this purely has Peter lawwell written all over it, millions and millions in the bank yet the cheapskate routine is back and the lowball offers go in.

People might think he has no authority when it comes to transfer dealings but it couldn't be further from the truth, when your the chairman of this club you always have influence, I don't understand why he's allowed to be at Celtic or what he has over Dermot Desmond.

The fact that we had our most successful period in recent memory when it came to transfer success during the 2 years Ange was in control of transfers and lawwell wasn't there purely sums it all up.

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04 Jul 2024 00:05:32
If Peter Lawwell was the chief Toilet Cleaner, he would still get the blame.
You need to give it a rest with the PL rubbish
Do you honestly think BR and Nicolson are sitting in their offices letting PL run the team?
Maybe you need to look up what a non-exec chairman does in his role and just maybe PL came back in the role so we have a bit of sway in uefa as he sits on the board of the European Club Association, a role which he probably wouldn't get unless he was involved in the club in some capacity.

04 Jul 2024 00:29:57
Jonbhoy I thought it was a wind up tbh. Do people not realize how a negotiation works? If PL is indeed involved then hats off to him for lowballing and potentially getting a guy on the cheap.

I can assure you that MN, CM and the likes are making decisions. PL can, and will, advise as needed but at the end of the day if PL was a control freak and money grabber he’d have just stepped back into the role immediately when DM left.

As much as I love this site, and Ed and a few of the posters deserve some sort of award or compensation, this negative PL narrative is probably the worst part. Like you say, some people really would blame PL if the toilets were broken the mora.

04 Jul 2024 00:58:06
I totally agree mate, it's mind blowing that people blame PL for everything but there was never one bit of praise for everything that's been done to make the club better.

04 Jul 2024 01:15:44
I didn't offer what my dealership wanted for my car. If that makes me a cheapskate then so be it, I ended up with the car and for less than I was originally quoted. That's just business and it's what the vast majority (tempted to say every) of clubs will do when agreeing a transfer fee. Maybe with all the millions in the bank we could just offer more than what a selling club wants, we wouldn't be cheapskates then.

04 Jul 2024 06:53:35
Mick the Tim 83

Don't fall into the true blue media narrative.

Was it PL fault we only got £25 million for Jota?


04 Jul 2024 07:10:57
My feeling is that we'll get him eventually but I agree it's a frustrating tactic always trying to start with the lowball offer. Whether it has anything to do with Lawwell, I'm not so sure. Michael Nicholson learned from the master for a long time.

04 Jul 2024 07:51:06
That is how negotiations work, the owning club set their price, the buying club make an offer way below and the dance begins.

We will have a maximum we want to pay and will go in way below that and they will hav a minimum they will take, and go in high. We will meet somewhere in the middle.

Guys, please give PL nonsense a rest, he has no part in this anymore but as Brian said, no one mentioned him when we got great money for Jota, KT, Moussa or any other big fee.

He is only ever mentioned when we try a snare a bargain and don't or when our media link us with a player and then say we have pulled out due to the asking price, which we all thik is a fair prive and we can afford.

04 Jul 2024 08:10:41
How many league titles and trebles are we blaming PL for having a hand in? ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

04 Jul 2024 10:19:53
Think just as in any society there will always be the glass half empty people. they will find things to moan at.

Unfortunately there is no price tag on footballers so you need to negotiate.

Even if we went in and said we will buy the player for £30million, they will counter offer with, No give me £35million or something like that. Price is dependent of what the buyer is willing to pay and the selling party has a duty to their supports to drive as high a value as he can get from the buyer. The buying party has a duty to their supporter to get the player at a reasonable price.

Besides if you are know as a soft touch in the market then every time you approach any club for a player they will put an idoits premium on the price.

11 Jul 2024 19:37:08
Kevbhoy I doubt if there is a club in the world that doesn’t go in low in its bid for a player . Very few clubs have their owners buying new players. Employees or Directors have to demonstrate their usefulness by bidding low and buying player for less than the top asking price.



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