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04 Mar 2024 08:20:45
Celtic have to put a complaint in against Beaton he can't be allowed in our league. The decision he made were made by var outside the game he gave a yellow could have left it but he choosed to use var knowing it would be red incident 2 iwata didn't try to move the ball with his arm, it came down on it no pen but Beaton again knowing it wasn't a penalty went to var to give one this was irony he knew what he was doing, why should this ref use var he has to be the ref on the field so celtic should as for yang red to be crushed as Beaton should be banned from ref our games words were said by brendan incompetence which for a manager on TV has to be investigated into John Beaton has to be struck off or explain his decision he made after showing a yellow card.

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04 Mar 2024 09:55:40
I don't think Celtic will get anywhere with this Chalky. The on-field referee overturned his own decision on both occasions which is a smoking gun for the SFA to argue that he used VAR correctly.

04 Mar 2024 10:24:25
I think everyone needs to calm down with all this nonsense. Every club can point to incidents that have gone against them.
The fact is celtic are a bang average team. they should still have put up a better performance than the feeble effort they did.
As for BR full time comments on how proud he was, give me peace.
this squad have started doing there talking to the press, rather than on the pitch.
Weak phyically and mentally they are winning nothing this season.

04 Mar 2024 10:42:10
All of this should be totally irrelevant. We are the current Champions, we have the best squad and we should be top of the pile because of that. We are now clutching at straws and blaming other people because of our inadequacies. The system we seem to now be playing involves death by passing instead of being direct. Would it be correct to say that the performance against Dundee was a one off - something that won't or can't de replicated on a consistent basis?

04 Mar 2024 11:10:28
Celtic will not complain!

Rangers went bust, restarted and kept all the history and trophy records from the dead club - Celtic said nothing.

It was ruled that rangers did not get any advantage by spending money they could not afford - Celtic said nothing.

sevco refused to show the league sponsors logo - Celtic said nothing.

Don't hold your breath waiting on Celtic taking action!

04 Mar 2024 11:49:34
Sevco went absolutely mental about a penalty decision that would not have counted anyway.

They somehow blamed that decision on their defeat to Celtic.

Celtic are well within their rights to blame the officials for that result yesterday because no previous Celtic team would’ve recovered from the timing of those terrible decisions yesterday.

04 Mar 2024 12:46:02
If Beaton doesn't intervene its a yellow and a non pen if anything he should have intervened at our pen that's how incompetent he is oh and bias.

04 Mar 2024 12:53:22
Yip, gets a bit tiresome pointing the finger at officialdom when the truth is we're rank. Performances like this have gone on too long for it to be a blip. I'm not a fan of DD but he's not stupid and I think there'll be change in the summer. There has to be. That said, how do you ship out duds on multi year contracts?

04 Mar 2024 13:20:49
Agree, officiating was shocking, however, if we put the earlier penalty away pattern of the game changes and we wouldn’t be talking about those VAR decisions . Only have ourselves to blame. Again.

04 Mar 2024 13:22:44
No-one is denying we are not the same team of last season - for more reasons than I care to list. However, certain officials definitely have 'history' with Celtic and Beaton is a repeat offender, having watched the wee fat buffalo lamp Scott Brown and ignored it.
There is no doubt he influenced the game and the referee yesterday.

04 Mar 2024 14:33:46
Lets be honest a forward line of Idah, Maeda and Yang is the weakest we have had in a long time. There needs to be proper investment in the team and not this project rubbish. Why spend 6 million odd on 2 CBs, why not just spend the money on one. Our midfield is powderpuff and Scales has done well but he is nowhere near a proper CB and Kyogo just looks absolutely lost.

05 Mar 2024 08:27:35
I keep hearing we have the best squad. I wish they would put an appearance in, because so far, they have looked and played woefully. Nobody got anywhere near pass marks on Sunday, with most for me, 3or 4’s at best. You don’t win anything playing that bad.



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