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16 Jan 2024 19:35:46
One big rumour going around today involves CCV
Apparently West Ham and Reading are interested in signing him this transfer window.
IF we get a really good offer and IF we bring in a younger first team ready CB would you sell him.
Myself I would consider selling him in these circumstances as he seems to be more injury prone/ plagued this season
What's everyone else's thoughts.

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16 Jan 2024 20:04:56
CCV still has 2.5 years left on his contract, so there’s no hurry to sell in this window.

There’s no doubting his ability but he’s missed 12 games already this season out of a possible 29 matches.
I would wait and see his availability for the rest of the season and then reassess in the summer.

Celtic would still get good money with 2 years left on his contract.
I think CCV is too important to the team not to take a chance on his fitness, for the second half of the season.

16 Jan 2024 20:10:39
I think we should wait until the summer. Nawrocki will have properly settled in by then and be fully first team ready. Personally think he will be the real deal.

16 Jan 2024 20:37:06
Deffo keep him till summer.

16 Jan 2024 21:36:05
Reading ???.

16 Jan 2024 22:18:04
I brought this possibility up on pod chat last week. I do not think we would miss him.

16 Jan 2024 22:25:27
I'd keep CCV till the summer. See if his game to injury ratio improves over the 2nd half of the season then take it from there. I might be wrong but my gut tells me we've seen the best of CCV.

16 Jan 2024 22:34:33
Think we should sell now. Anyone wanting to buy at this window is desperate and will pay top dollar.

We hardly had CCV this season so will not miss him. Besides how is Narocki supposed to settle in if he doesn't start getting games time? If we then sell CCV in the summer window, Nawrocki will then be trying to settle in during the chapions league ( assuming we win the league this season) .

Final point is that if we have to depend on CCV to overcome the 10 other teams in the SPL which has a total budget less than the vaue of CCV then we are really in trouble.

16 Jan 2024 22:47:49
I've heard he's in discussions over a new contract and is very happy to stay, although if he was to ever leave west ham would be the team.
That's abit of inside info.

17 Jan 2024 07:56:42
Anyone wanting to sell our best players. Have definitely bought into the Celtic plc money bug. I want Celtic to keep the best. Not sell them so the dross can settle.

17 Jan 2024 07:48:26
CCV is class and he’s a good age. Unless it’s loads of money we should be trying to keep him. It’s very unlikely we’d replace him with someone just as good or better.

17 Jan 2024 08:43:05
CCV will be away in the summer. He’s been utter crap this year!

17 Jan 2024 09:39:14
Never understand some fans obsession with selling our best players then moaning that we're not good enough.

17 Jan 2024 10:12:24
I don’t think I’ve seen CCV being utter crap since he’s played for Celtic.

He’s been hampered with injuries recently but he doesn’t make mistakes, like plenty of Centre Backs we’ve had over the years.

17 Jan 2024 11:24:54
He’s been absolutely off it and the mistakes he has made inclusive of bad positioning have cost us goals. Him and AJ have been rubbish this season. That’s a fact.

17 Jan 2024 14:18:49
We have so many bad or players playing rubbish this season, it’s amazing we are top of the league, especially with Rangers2012 getting assistance from ref and VAR operators.
I would be disappointed if CCV wanted to leave, as injuries have meant we haven’t had the real CCV this season . If he has to go, he could at least try to let us have the real CCV before we go .
Success in Europe is built with continuity and building up experience playing in the one team . CCV should be a stand out player next season, if he goes we are certain to replace him by an inferior player and any success in Europe evades us again.

17 Jan 2024 14:49:45
As much as I like CCV I would not be upset if we sold him. I only say that because of his recent injury record.

17 Jan 2024 18:59:50
It’s absolutely mental to even think about selling our best defender. CCV will probably move on in the summer but not in a title race. To make that kind of gamble would be insanity from the club.



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