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12 Feb 2024 16:05:13
Ano am old (60) but a just seen Abada on SM looking so grumpy, a just don't get it sno thers political things going on but they are getting paid Thousands of £s every wk to do sumit they love and playing for a great club. evn when Maeda scored you wouldve thot he just ?his pants. yous are privileged boys enjoy it lifes to short.

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12 Feb 2024 16:54:16
Had a similar conversation with a mate. I wondered if Abada could be getting his ear bent from people back home or his International association? Maeda (like Hatate) , hardly shows any emotion and I think Kyogo makes up for them with his expressive reactions.

12 Feb 2024 17:09:03
He looks like he's lost a tenner and found a pound.

12 Feb 2024 17:41:12
We should've taken the problem away by either selling g him or loan to buy him in January window best decision fit the bhoy and us.

12 Feb 2024 18:10:41
He should be banned from playing until Israel call a ceasefire.

12 Feb 2024 18:38:42
Belbhoy. That's a disgraceful comment. Take your bigotry across the other side of the city where it's welcome.

12 Feb 2024 19:23:47
I'll get pelters but whatever our stance in the awful things happening in the middle east and trying to put myself in Abada's shoes, he's had zero empathy from us fans and that must be demotivating for him. Us Celtic fans should show him a bit of support.

12 Feb 2024 20:22:05
I'm totally pro-Palestinian BTW. I even wear a lovely wee shiny badge on my jacket to show I support their struggle. But calling on one of our own to be benched because of the actions of his government (or because he didn't come out against their actions) is pathetic.

He's a young lad, far away from home. People on both sides are being killed in his region and he's under a lot of pressure from home to quit our club. I agree we should be supporting Abada and think it would be a good thing if the GB displayed a banner letting him know it's not personal and we're with him as a person - don't know how you'd phrase it right enough, but I'm sure the sentiment would be appreciated whatever it was.

12 Feb 2024 20:31:03
Excellent post Donegalpol.

12 Feb 2024 20:34:49
Young Abada could play for a big club, be well paid and perform in an environment where the fans have no interest in his nation's politics.
Very few of our players are Celtic supporters, football is just a job and all they want is a good league and to be appreciated.
If you are not comfortable in your job, your application will suffer, you will tend to look at other options.

12 Feb 2024 20:44:35
Nice one Donegalpol ?.

12 Feb 2024 20:56:02
Are you for real - the GB to show a banner. All Israeli players, similar to Russian players should be banned playing in Europe until there are ceasefires. Israel is committing genocide atm if you’re not aware.

{Ed007's Note - I don't think Russian players are banned from playing but the Russian national team is banned and players from other sports are/were but I 100% agree that Israel should face the same sanctions regarding sport etc as apartheid South Africa did in the 80s and 90s.
I don't think Abada has been treated poorly by the Celtic fans, in fact he has probably had a a bigger cheer when coming on to show that the majority of support are supporting him BUT I think he has seriously let himself, the Club and support down with this "head not in the right place" bull$hit and imo he is working his ticket to get out of Celtic because of pressure coming from the Israeli side of things.
We've had Celtic members of staff sent bullets through the post, plots to kill them with bombs etc and they all manned up, there isn't a rocket or bullet fired by Hamas that is reaching Glasgow so why can't Abada do the job he's being paid for?
Your head not being in the right place is because you've lost someone close to you etc, your boss might cover you for 3/5 days wages and then you're on that SSP, Celtic should tell Abada that he isn't getting paid until his head is in the right place.
He's burning his bridges with a lot of fans that backed him just to knuckle down and get on with the job of playing for Celtic.
And if he does want out so bad, considering he just signed a new deal until 2027 quote teams £30 million and if it's so tough to stay maybe the Mossad/Zionists will pay it ? or he can play in the Lowland League until 2027.}

12 Feb 2024 21:46:41
The lad should be allowed to play football without any of that political pish in the stands!

There's enough conflict in the world, I don't see other oppressed national flags been banded about the ground, there's always pro this and pro that bull, it's a fecking football match, that children attend, go fly flags outside the embassies to whom ever you want to support!

Simply fly the green and white and support the team and the players, how do you think he can focus when he sees what he does in the stands.

Ability wise should've been sold in the summer when his value was decent.

{Ed007's Note - Well maybe he Abada should concentrate on his job instead of bothering about flags in the stand, maybe he should have though about it when he signed a new contract with a pay rise in September....
And if you haven't seen other flags bandied about what about the support for the Ukraine, what about even the Irish flag, that offends a lot of people too and there's not many better arguments in the world for the oppressed than the Irish diaspora. Remember they tried to ban the Irish flag from being flown at Celtic Park , would that have been ok by you?
The Abada situation hasn't been made by a Celtic or the support, it's been made by Abada and his reps. It's media spin being done by the Israeli propaganda machine, the lad is being used as a pawn in a public political game imo.}
The Palestinian flag has been at Celtic Park since before Abada rocked up and it will be there long after he leaves.

12 Feb 2024 23:42:02
He might not see us as a great club after the fans continue to show support to what he sees as the enemy to his country. I've said my piece on politics and stupid flags at football matches. Shame as he's a cracking player?.

13 Feb 2024 07:11:08
@belbhoy - why should Russian players be banned? Do you have much knowledge of what has happened in Ukraine in the last 25 years?

Do you know about the Maidan coup? Do you know about the person Azov battalion? Do you know about the 5 billion dollars America spent destabilizing Ukraine? Do you know about the role America played in replacing the pro Russian government with a pro American one? Do you know about the Minsk agreements? Do you know about the peace agreement that was agreed in turkey before Boris Johnston flew to Ukraine to tell them not to sign? Do you know that the troubles are in fact a proxy war between NATO and Russia?

I could go on as this is an area of geopolitics I am well read on but I think that is enough for you to answer for now.

13 Feb 2024 11:05:10
I agree with just about everything you've said Ed. I don't think he's been treated poorly by the fans at all, and I commented to family before about the big cheer he got when coming on. But as someone who struggles with serious mental health issues and whose employer and colleagues did nothing to help, I understand the long term effect it can have on you and your motivation. Everyone deals with it differently. Some Ukrainian players e.g might use it as motivation and power on. Others might crumble.

I'm not saying he's not getting helped by the club behind the scenes, but I'm just advocating a little bit more support from the fans. If that doesn't work and all bridges are burnt then I agree he should go - for his sake as well as ours.

13 Feb 2024 12:05:45
Totally agree Ed. I just think if more players call out things that are wrong, genocide, invasion of Ukraine this will put pressure on their footballing body then government to call for ceasefires. Abada has a voice but is quiet in this regard and showing disrespect to Celtic supporters is the final straw for me.

13 Feb 2024 12:25:45
I'm with you Turner. For all I disagree with Israel's unrelenting attacks from Zionists, I don't hear anything about Hamas's core values which is to erase Israel from the map. A cowardly organisation that hides amongst civilians. In the majority of conflict situations at any level, there's usually fault on both sides You go to football to escape horrible things life throws at you and to have political stuff rammed down your throat at games is out of order.



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