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29 Jan 2024 18:32:50
Kwon and Lager deemed not good enough by BR. Same for Tilio. Yang, Holm, Maik squad fillers. Palma and Bernardo playing but for me neither is as good as we have or had (Hatate/ Mooy/ Jota) . Surely in any other job that constitutes misappropriation of funds, negligence, whatever you want to call it. Is there not a process when it goes up the chain to sign off on potential signings? Surely someone should have said wait a minute, signing these guys for £Xm based on what exactly?

{Ed007's Note - Mooy better than Bernardo ????? I'd rather have him, Holm and even Turnbull than Mooy!}

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29 Jan 2024 19:18:57
I agree Chinks,
I reckon Celtic have missed Mooy this season.

{Ed007's Note - Who would you drop from the squad for him, Buzz?}

29 Jan 2024 19:45:51
Has br stated Holm is not up to it? He does seem make some barbed comments about the lad. Likely based on how he sees it but I'm not a fan of the public outing of young players. Keep it in house.

{Ed007's Note - Before Holm played against Aberdeen in our 6-0 win in November Rodgers said:

"I genuinely believe that over the course of his time here, he will prove to be a big talent, but he’s got to start some games and this is a nice opportunity for him.
He’s got all the attributes in terms of being a top player. He needs to get physically stronger in terms of his upper body. But he can travel with the ball, he can see a pass and then he can make the pass. He’s obviously played a lot lower down the pitch in his short career so far.
But he has that possibility to play higher up to get in the box and score goals because technically he’s very, very good and he has a nice little edge to him as well where he could put his foot in and make tackles."

After the match and Holm was replaced on 53 mins by Turnbull, Rodgers said:

"To be a Celtic player, you need to be talented of course. But you need mental strength, you have to be robust in your mentality. That’s the number one factor for me.
It’s like with Odin. We gave him a start and he needs to do more. We said it at half time that if you don’t start then you come off, because there is always someone to take your place. So being mentally strong is important. These players have that and you can see it in them. They will work hard, they will listen, they will learn and they build up that robustness. I am very pleased for them."

29 Jan 2024 20:04:26
I liked last season when Celtic rotated Mooy, Hatate, Turnbull and O’Riley because it was very effective.

It meant 2 would replace the other 2 and we could keep a high tempo for 90 minutes.

It’s been unfortunate that Hatate has been injured for most of the season and prevented a similar scenario.

There’s still a good chance we can do the same in the 2nd half of this season with Bernardo instead of Mooy.

Turnbull will need to step up but we’ve noticed that players go through the motions, when they get near the end of their contracts.
Maybe it’s the fear of getting injured.

I was wondering why Turnbull never replaced Bernardo earlier on Saturday, especially after Bernardo received a yellow card after only about 25 minutes.

Also considering Turnbull had scored 3 league goals against Ross County this season in our 2 previous meetings.
But I got my answer because Turnbull gave the ball away every time he received it on Saturday.
It turned out, I was glad Turnbull only got 6 minutes including the 4 minutes injury time.

I still miss Mooy, to come off the bench and use his experience or starting a match and help control the tempo of the match.

Ideally in the 2nd half of the season,
Calmac, Hatate and O’Riley will control the midfield.
And then Bernardo and an improved Turnbull can also play a huge part, in confirming Celtic have by far the best midfield in Scotland.

{Ed007's Note - None of that means he was a good player for us, Buzz. So where would Mooy sit in our current midfield pecking order for you?

29 Jan 2024 20:18:22
Ed, I actually like Holm and think he has a lot of potential. That's part of the problem though, most of our signings are not 1st team ready. I include Bernardo in that as he had been hit and miss. Not 1 single player so far has been a unanimous success. Some might come good, but some of Sevco signings might also and if we lose the league it's on the board.

{Ed007's Note - I couldn't care what any Sevco signing does, it's like a broken record how good all their signings are until we see them try and play.
What is more concerning is the revisionism of Celtic players, Mooy was average, Jota was exactly the same as Palma who's decision making was very poor when he signed and only improved slightly while he was here, to read about him you'd think he made the right decision to take his man on or go inside every time. Starfelt was slated every week yet now we miss him?
And while all this goes on, we've given a new 5 1/2 year deal to an injury prone CB that has been shown up in the CL, we have CalMac being a passenger in every game and shown up consistently at CL level and our main striker misses more sitters than goals he scores.
If people think signing a new LB and an understudy to Kyogo is going to improve this team then they are deluding themselves. The problems run deeper than the personal on the pitch.}

29 Jan 2024 20:48:10
I agree with Chinks.

If all our midfielders are on form
(Hatate last season form and O’Riley this season form)

My first choice midfield would be Calmac, O’Riley and Hatate.

Mooy would be a comfortable 4th choice ahead of all our midfielders currently at our club.

{Ed007's Note - Mooy would certainly help with our tactics of pointlessly passing the ball between defence and midfield. Even from what I've seen of Bernardo I'd have him over Mooy and I'd also prefer Iwata in there with Holm as the back up.
I'd put Mooy in the same bracket as Turnbull, not very good and won't be here much longer. That's about 6/7 players I'd take over Mooy. We're talking about improving our squad and people think Mooy could/should have had a part to play, that's just preposterous!
I doubt Mooy would have played any games under Rodgers and he knew it.}

29 Jan 2024 20:52:45

The problems we have indeed run deeper than the personnel on the pitch.

Who recruited them?

Who’s managing them?

Who recruited the recruitment team and the manager?

{Ed007's Note - Well their name wasn't Lawwell, unless we're the only Club who's Head of Recruitment and/or non-executive Chairman decide who we sign.
Looking back I suppose we could lay a lot of the blame on the Spurs manager and whoever employed him and let him spunk millions of money on $hite.}

29 Jan 2024 21:07:24
I don’t agree that Mooy was average.
I don’t agree that Jota is exactly the same as Palma.
I agree with your Starfelt comment.
I don’t agree about CCV because he’s a great player.
I don’t agree Calmac is a passenger in every game.
I agree about Kyogo
I also agree about the problems at Celtic.

{Ed007's Note - I never said Mooy was average, Buzz, he wasn't even that good and we should have had a youth player better than him to do that job of pointless ball retention. Jota's decision making was terrible and was flagged up before we signed him, how many times did he mess up trying to beat his man again and show off rather than be more direct, where is he now if he's that good? Just because we got crazy money for him doesn't make him a good player, who's the Wolves player TRIFC have signed again?
CalMac is honking at CL level and is caught out in every campaign, he's never a CDM at that level in a million years and it has held his career back.
CCV is injury prone, he lacks height and he doesn't dominate the defensive unit, he'll float about like Maldini when we have the ball but as a defender he leaves a lot to desire, there's a reason that no "big" clubs were in for him, there's a reason that there still isn't any great interest in him as he is deemed as not good enough to play as the top level as we've seen in Europe. A CB that rarely wins a header, but should he not be responsible for arranging HIS defence at set pieces and look how poor we are at them, where is he as our star defender making sure others are doing their job, that's what a good CB does.
Should CCV not take any the blame for the abysmal defending we've seen from the Celtic defence or is that all on Greg Taylor or Scales fault? How many points did CCV cost us in the CL?}

29 Jan 2024 21:12:16
Must admit I liked Mooy thought he did a job for us playing with Hatate and Cal Mac. Bernardo may come good a goal against them doesn’t make you a player missed a sitter on Saturday and thought he was in general poor. Palma must be the slowest winger he showed he has two feet but cutting in omg. Taylor if he scored penalties like Tav we would say great attacking fb but he continues to be the one to pick on really missed him on Saturday.

Going back to Mooy he did his job at the time no point reflecting on where or if he would play he’s not here so we make the most of what we have and there are some good MFs there.

{Ed007's Note - Our star striker - "The best since Larsson" according to some - has missed worst sitters than Bernardo's on Saturday.}

29 Jan 2024 21:25:48
Where's tomoki at ed? I think he's got the ability to be a player but hasn't quite kicked on yet.

{Ed007's Note - I think he's still injured?? Anyone else know?}

29 Jan 2024 21:29:36
The eledged money on apparent rubbish is still yet to be seen, many clubs purchase young talent but they need a platform to develop, like an obvious loan directly into the SPL, these players can't be written off that quickly half of them haven't had a chance, abada has great stats but jesus watching him play at times he's like a headless chicken, but he's had the games and time that others simply haven't, and may yet come good, we have plenty to spend, we should've on top of what we've purchased signed a GK, a proven goalscoring threat and also two full backs, bernabei out on loan and probably ralston so they actually get the game time they require.

Too many players are written off far too early in their careers, starving them of games won't help, and yes I agree we need players who can play now, so send them out on loan get them ready and purchase some bloody players sharpish to get this ridiculously important campaign on track!

29 Jan 2024 21:35:17
Our non executive chairman is also the public face of our club, runs the AGM and was the main man at the unveiling of Rodgers.

{Ed007's Note - When does PL talk in public for the Club, how is he the public face of the Club?
When Rodgers came for the first time in 2016 it was him, PL (CEO) and the Chairman Ian Bankier, this time it was Rodgers, Nicholson (CEO) and the Chairman Peter Lawwell. What's the difference?
Peter Lawwell has no power to run a PLC AGM, do people not understand company law?
There was enough experts when Rangers were going bust yet they forget every word they hang on back then about how a company is run.}

29 Jan 2024 21:36:32
That was the last I seen of him but the injury didn't look much to it. Not heard anytging since.

{Ed007's Note - ?

29 Jan 2024 21:42:44
I think you’re being over critical of CCV, considering he only played 5 hours of CL football this season out of 9 hours played.

It was the same with the criticism of Calmac last season, when he only played 3.5 hours of CL football out of 9 hours played.

Celtic would be much better off, if we signed more players with the ability that CCV and Calmac have.

{Ed007's Note - And how many points did CCV cost us in the CL? Celtic would be much better off signing a CB than can keep fit and dominate/arrange the defence, sadly CCV isn't that player.
So he wasn't even fit for the majority of games in the CL but he gave away at least 2 howlers in the CL but he's our best defender? Celtic will never improve with CCV as our main CB, CalMac as our CDM and Kyogo as our main striker, the spine of the team is one of the weakest I have seen and no matter what stats you come up with Buzz I won't change my mind about that.}

29 Jan 2024 22:09:19
Well harsh on Mooy, he took a while to get going but he had a spell last season where he was an important player. He wouldn’t play this season but the question is are we better off now. Jota was better than what Palma has shown so far, I can’t believe anyone would argue otherwise, we badly miss Hatate and need to raise the level of the squad. Guys like Holm and Nawrocki still have a future but we need to buy a guy that’s the best player in the league, show some ambition.

{Ed007's Note - Mooy took a while to get going and had a spell........ he wasn't even her for a calendar year, I've no idea what "spell" he had where he was an important player, nobody moaned when he wasn't playing and I could prove it in the live chats that nobody was over the moon when he did play.
Again, the revisionism by Celtic fans is astounding.}

29 Jan 2024 22:51:37
Ralston out on loan? I'd have Ralston over AJ all day and twice on a Sunday! Abada a headless chicken, Mooy better than Bernardo surely this is a wind up?????.

29 Jan 2024 23:51:23
Bernardo reminds me a bit like Ntcham but with more potential. I don't get why Iwata never seems to get a look in. Solid player and pretty versatile too. Holm could probably do with a loan to develop quicker but it would leave us short of options if we pick up injuries.

30 Jan 2024 00:09:41

Iwata was took off injured in December but I’ve never seen any updates.

Iwata did well at Tynecastle when he scored but he never got off the bench in our next 3 games.

Since that Tynecastle game,
Iwata only played a total of 46 minutes in the 9 games after he scored away to Hearts.

30 Jan 2024 00:41:31
Did Mooy’s wee spell of good form for Celtic co-incide with his build up for World Cup.

30 Jan 2024 04:54:30
Bankier was the actual chairman and lawwell is the non-executive chairman, which are different roles. Lawwells role according to Nicholson is to oversee the board, so I'm unsure why he is unveiling the manager but it does show he has some power at the club.

At the last AGM lawwell took centre stage and was running the show. He also tried to take all the credit for ange, claiming he was instrumental in bringing him to Celtic, which seems odd for someone with no power.

Lawwell is a cancer at Celtic and needs removed immediately. That is my opinion, which you may or may not agree with, which is fine, as my aim is not to persuade you.

30 Jan 2024 08:11:32
I’m sure the majority of Celtic fans would pick Mooy before Bernardo.
Mooy had 10 league assists last season, is that also hilarious. ?.

30 Jan 2024 07:33:38
You’ve persuaded me Weejoe and he can take his Son with him because he’s hopeless.

30 Jan 2024 09:54:18
really good players won't even entertain playing in our league no matter what club or what board, we have to try really hard to get decent players to sign up as do the other lot, i'm not a big fan of the board but we really don't know what length they went to sign player who are better than we have, it may be we will have to go with what we have because under no circumstances should we buy just to please some fans.

29 Jan 2024 23:43:32
I agree with you 100% Edd about CCv, I actually wasn’t over the moon about giving him the long contract and I am not a fan of McGregor as well, yes against secco he bossed the game but definitely doesn’t do it enough for me especially in Europe, a would’ve dropped McGregor for Mooy, just saying ?.

{Ed007's Note - ??



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