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27 Jan 2024 20:44:16
Anyone hear BR interview after game, makes us fans sound like we moaning about nothing . These performances this season are terrible . He wants to have a long hard look at himself before it's too late!

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27 Jan 2024 20:53:18
Can anyone show me one player that Brendan had improved with his mercurial coaching?

27 Jan 2024 21:00:31
Booing after a win is a disgrace no matter how bad we played.

27 Jan 2024 21:01:39
I heard it. Didn't install any confidence regarding signings.

27 Jan 2024 21:08:26
We were already aware of his style of football.

27 Jan 2024 21:09:28
I agree about booing that's no good that's sevco behaviour! Though fans are well within their right to vent their frustration at board, and direction club going . We should be far stronger than we are . It's C.V. season all over if we don't change fast trust me . We sleep walking into second place . That mob not great but they are playing as a unit for their manager.

27 Jan 2024 21:09:46
MOR and Scales have improved massively BR came in but a thot his interview was harsh on the fans.

27 Jan 2024 21:14:57
O'Riley would have improved regardless of coach and scales was in an upward trend following his loan. Game time for a decent player will improve them.

27 Jan 2024 21:27:24
I’m in my late 50s to witness the barren years but never once booed the team. To win and be booed is a disgrace. The young bhoys are spoilt by success. We still have a strong team without strengthening but I would love a striker to accommodate K.

27 Jan 2024 21:34:58
So asking who has improved then saying that is nothing to do with the Coach

Call that a no win situation.

27 Jan 2024 22:00:19
I booed after the game as did the guy next to me and a good few others in the ground. Personally I pay my money so I'm entitled to vent my frustration. Anyone who was happy at full time is kidding themselves on.

27 Jan 2024 22:00:30
100% belbhoy51, I'm just a few years behind you, as is BuzzBomb, and I remember those years very well.

Booing the team after a win, that's entitled behaviour- get a grip.

Too many fans with an axe to grind with BR.

☘️ ? ☘️.

27 Jan 2024 22:00:30
The match was lacklustre, far too compact, to break the likes of RC down you need to spread the players out force them to chase, penalty would conversion would've opened the game more.
However why boo when 3pts are in the bag, the thing that gets my goat is the amount of empty seats week in week out, unless its the old firm or Europe, yet trying to get tickets for me and the kids is impossible, they'd be happy as anything to go and watch celtic win, and certainly wouldn't boo!

27 Jan 2024 22:08:46
I didn’t see match, but I was appalled that a team who has won 11/ 12 SPL and 5/ 6 Trebles recently were booed at end. We need every point, surely our supporters have to take ownership of winning every game from now until end of season . Those supporters that prefer to show their dissatisfaction with Board should do so without apparently ridiculing players . We are getting hard enough to sign, why should a player sign for us they are going to be abused even if successful. If we want to win this league we would need to all sing from one hymn book . It shouldn’t be too much too ask.

27 Jan 2024 22:19:30
Sorry kev I was asking who has Brendan improved and offering my opinion that it's likely that O'Riley and scales would have improved in any case. Much of the fanfare around Brendan is his ability to improve players and I'm not seeing it.

27 Jan 2024 22:32:09
Im not sure on that turner they came out to have a go and played some comparably ambitious stuff compared to other teams recently. We struggled to get near them at times and made basic errors or lacked creativity going forward.

27 Jan 2024 22:17:19
I have been watching Celtic for 54 years, I have witnessed greatness, mediocrity, and more than a few times abysmally poor players wearing the hoops.
I would have given my soul to wear that jersey.
I actually played against a few of those players I watched over the years and held my own, I was asked to train with St Mirren, Aberdeen, Nottingham forest and our South side neighbours watched me 5 times until they enquired about my upbringing.
I was only ever interested in watching or playing for Celtic.
I only say this to illustrate how much Celtic has meant to me and the enormous part the club has played in my life.
An old school friend and a former team mate of mine played hundreds of games against us in Scotland for two clubs, I still regularly see him at Mass and we have a gab about the hoops, we both go to every home game.
Where is he going with this I can hear them shouting, look I have had a drink after the game and my spirits are low, I had two altercations today at the game because I was defending our manager, a guy I have a lot of respect for. One guy was threatening to hand back his season ticket, one young guy was telling me I had no place at Celtic park if second place was acceptable to me.
We were murder today, I agree with that but dear God we actually won the game I have seen every manager from Big Jock to the sainted Postecoglou and they all had bad periods for one reason or another but in my day we supported the team because we don't care if we win lose or draw.
There is now this societal view that you must agree with me or be damned and its starting to grate with me, I am sick to the back teeth with it, my point of view is as valid as anybody else whether you agree with it or not. I may not agree with you but I respect your right to disagree with me, please extend me the same courtesy.
For what its worth I think we are good enough to win this league and strengthen in the Summer, if we don't I will still buy my ticket to see us winning it the next year.
We have no right to win anything, I just feel we have a new breed of fans that shall we say think differently.
Should we have better players than played today, maybe!
We are a gigantic club in a small backwater, if we won't sell our best players to others at this time of the year why should other clubs sell their best players to us?
Anyway enjoy your night guys and just to clarify I was only being keyboard dramatic about my Soul! Its for God Almighty to decide not me.

27 Jan 2024 22:35:02
BR is right though, We did make it hard on ourselves. He didn't miss the penalty twice and miss an open goal as well as many other good chances. We didn't kill the game off and we had to sweat it out. I said at the time of the penalty we need to put this game to bed as Ross County looked well up for it. We created pressure on ourselves by lacking the composure in the big moments. I'm not going to blame the pitch for the performance, yes it's horrendous, but we lacked tempo which seems to be a regular occurrence when we play badly. Thing's become too slow and predicable.

27 Jan 2024 22:37:03
Spot on Turner av been trying to get a ticket for my daughter on many occasions, managed to get 1 for her for Buckie game and both got soaked to the skin but great spending time with her at a game, c'mon board let fans put ther ST up for grabs if they can’t make it.

27 Jan 2024 22:44:29
Why boo after a win,?, idiotic behaviour,
Saying Brendan has improved MOR is like saying, that if Brendan goes out at the break of dawn, and the sun rises, then it's because of Brendan, as for Scales, he has just found his best position, he is a terrible left back, and should only be played in the middle .

28 Jan 2024 00:39:37
A good post Charles67 and straight from the heart, i’m 1 of the supporters that are a bit disillusioned with things at the minute, I certainly don’t feel entitled and can appreciate we will go through bad spells and need to work hard toget the wins that we do but my problems with the board, they will take every penny they can from the fans and do not reinvest it into the team, why sit on piles of cash and let our nearest rivals get close to us we keep handing them the oxygen mask when we should have let them drown.

Spend the Cash on the positions we needed before this season even started and we are out of sight and still in europe, again generating more money for the club and guaranteeing us the league again, i just can’t fathom it out!

MOR would have been off if we still had Ange before a ball was kicked As would have Scales so to say BR hasn’t improved anyone is wrong.

28 Jan 2024 04:17:39
I’ve never booed the team myself.
But I never took much notice of the boo’s because I actually thought it was aimed at the board out of frustration.

28 Jan 2024 09:23:38

I enjoyed reading your post and agree wholeheartedly with every point you make.

54 years watching Celtic I'd imagine is about as long as the vast majority on this forum and tgat alone, in my view makes your posts and thise of the like of Old, Timalloy etc even more valid as you can draw on so much experience from watching our club over the decades.

You're right, society has changed and so have a fair percentage of Celtic supporters.

We currently live in a time when governments are telling us Men who believe they're Women should be treated as Women and teenage fans believe anything less than another Trebles is failure.

Keep posting and putting forward your views based on rationale, knowledge and experience and ignore the white noise.

☘️ ? ☘️.

28 Jan 2024 09:33:12
The above should read 'OldKilly, Timalloy etc'

☘️ ? ☘️.

28 Jan 2024 11:13:49
Enjoyed reading post charles67. On yesterday’s game it seemed to me the players seem restricted in their play, overthinking every pass and movement, with very little spontaneity. That little pause/ check on themselves as if confirming in head their doing what’s been asked of them is slowing up play. After the Ange go for it hell for leather all action type of football we’ve been watching prior to his exit it’s a hard watch at times. Could it be we are being over coached? I do not agree with booing either, I am frustrated watching too but I never have and never will boo my own team no matter what. After also living through the barren years a win is a win We all have to be together as one for success and since Brendans return was announced it’s not been the case with certain groups making their displeasure front and clear from outset. I personally don’t really understand why Brendan came back after the circumstances of him leaving but while he manager I be right behind him. The transfer policy seems to be going backwards but it’s hard to criticise from business perspective with tens of millions in bank . I gave up decades ago thinking if we just pushed boat out a little more What could we achieve (rivaldo not coming and going to Greek league) I genuinely couldn’t sleep for a fortnight at thought of him in Hoops ?but the board are risk averse and are highly unlikely to change. It seems almost tactical from them to keep the tribute act within touching distance of us. It’s a transitional season after Ange it was going to be a major change whoever came in .

28 Jan 2024 18:44:55
Charles . That is probably the most sensible post I have read on here .
We have so many people who think that if we buy player A, B, and C and spend quite a lot of money and pay them more than what they imagine is our wages cap we will win league . But at the same time other say A B and C are useless and shouldn’t be bought . The only thing they agree is that we should spend plenty of money .
At the moment even with Internationals away, we still have a far better squad than any other team . However Celtic team always does well when supporters back the team and not have groans and moans audible as well as abuse of players
We all want one thing, we want to win SPL, The SPL will be won by men on pitch& supporters on stand, forget about blaming Board, we won 11/ 12 SPL with the same Board.



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