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04 Jan 2024 05:18:41
Most of us that are over 40 will remember the old Celtic Park.

We will remember the terracing, the jungle, being lifted over the turnstyle as a youngster, being stood beside our friends and family for every match and the place bouncing, with songs being started all over the stadium.

Obviously all that is gone now but it got me thinking after a recent conversation with one of my mates.

Imagine they made both lower sections behind the goals all standing and imagine they allowed every supporters bus that wanted to, to stand beside their other bus members in these sections. Just imagine what that would do for the atmosphere and people's match day experience.

Hopefully that would rekindle some of the lost magic from yester year and would help the players on the park as well, with the much improved atmosphere.

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04 Jan 2024 06:48:36
I don’t get the chance to attend anymore gave my season ticket up because of other commitments.

If you have ever attended games in Germany both ends behind the goals are standing and as a neutral sitting watching oh with a beer in hand the place rocks. The whole match day atmosphere walking to and from the ground is great. Plus the price of tickets is ludicrously cheap.

Will it ever happen doubt it as people have had their spots for years difficult to ask individuals to move.

04 Jan 2024 10:38:59
Joe. I concur. I remember as a wee boy going to nights such as Nottingham Forest, Sporting Lisbon, RV, and Ghent. Superb times. I also remember the night Jackie scored a hat trick and we lost in the last minute.

04 Jan 2024 12:52:23
I also remember 14,000 attendance midweek against St Johnstone. 0-0 with muggleton, biggins, slater and all.

04 Jan 2024 12:55:13
memories of the old celtic park will never leave me as they were some of the happiest days for me going their . Yes the results weren't always what we wanted and a hood few of the seasons were trophy less but I wouldn't swap the memories I had standing in the jungle and the old celtic end . Games against them and the european nights were always amazing. Yes the gb have tried to make celtic park something special with everything they do but it won't ever match the old ground. For me their was no better sight than the jungle and celtic end both singing together . Happy days and great memories.

04 Jan 2024 12:58:48
Jackie scored 4 that night.

Joe Miller was clean through in the last minute to make it 6-3 to Celtic but he tried a silly chip and missed.

Partizan went up the park in injury time and scored.
That made it 5-4 to Celtic but Partizan went through on the away goals rule.

04 Jan 2024 15:10:05
guy a work with has had the same seat since the new stadium was built n when the convo came up about the the stand behind the goals to the green brigade and the bhoys we got talking about it and he says he wouldny be giving his seat up for it. be hard to ask people to move for it to happen.

04 Jan 2024 16:05:38
That was a crazy night buzz. I also remember the FC Tirol game, which was absolute bedlam as well.

04 Jan 2024 16:16:29
My first game at Parkhead was a 2-1 defeat to Third Lanark!
Scroll on to 1967.
While WE were winning everything we entered,
Third Lanark were going bust down the pan!

04 Jan 2024 16:36:50
I remember being in the ground watching that game when big Jackie scored 4. Talk about the highs and lows of football. What a game though.

04 Jan 2024 16:45:28
Great memories of the old Paradise. My mates went to the old Celtic end which was good but I followed in my dad's steps and went to the Jungle. Amazing memories, especially cream bun games ?.

04 Jan 2024 16:50:50
My first memory of the Jungle was half time, about 1968, game agst it was either St Mirren or Dunfermline. Guys made a wee fire to keep warm. I remember brickin it ?. We won 5-0 ?.



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