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12 Jan 2024 17:26:56
adam Montgomery been recalled from his loan at Fleetwood. i think he should be gave a chance every time he played he impressed me and you could see the potential.

he is either recalled as time at fleetwood wasn't doing any good or bernabi is off and he is back up.

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12 Jan 2024 18:17:17
Or he’s getting sold? Or being used in another transfer? Did I hear kwon is away to st mirren.

12 Jan 2024 18:51:54
aye hese signed for them mate.

12 Jan 2024 19:06:18
Just heard that about Kwon too Big P!

12 Jan 2024 19:07:20
Yes Kwon to St Mirren confirmed by Celtic on social platforms.

12 Jan 2024 19:57:55
I have never been impressed at any time that I have seen Montgomery play. A fringe player who is not fit to play for the Celtic first team, Fleetwood is his level.

12 Jan 2024 22:25:39
Hopefully playing in a Stephen Robinson side can help develop Kwon into the physical, hard tackling CDM we was hoping for when he initially signed.

13 Jan 2024 08:13:15
Monty did not play much for Fleetwood. Might bbe just a stop back home before going somewhere else.

13 Jan 2024 11:55:51
I’m all for giving young players a chance, the only fly in the ointment is the academy produces hee haw. If a single one of them had the ability to hold down a first team shirt they would be in. They aren’t. KT, Calum and Forrest in 20 years. A complete waste of time and money. It needs a rocket up its arse. Be cheaper stealing the best academy players from elsewhere.

13 Jan 2024 18:18:43
He’s 21 he’s no a youth player.

13 Jan 2024 19:21:31
Any idea how it goes so wrong for many of the academy players? At certain levels for many years now Celtic do well in many prestige tournaments they've entered, then as you all say nothing comes through to first team quality.

Do many of the lads end up playing in lower leagues in Scotland?

I had a course up in paisley couple years ago the instructors son had been released as the youth GK same age group as MJ and Ralston, he said his son quit football after leaving as he'd lost interest due to being at celtic and not wanting to drop down as the standards at lower clubs were amateur.



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