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02 May 2024 16:20:57
This is going to be an interesting window IF we win the league or not, I just hope the board get it right THIS TIME. As far as I am aware we still don't have a head of recruitment? BIG fail on the boards part already if that is true, we need to get the new players identified and brought in on the first 4 weeks of the window opening not the last two days of the window closing. We also need a large amount off players off the books another task the board have to sort out. I just hope they are not going to go through the motions and same old excuses as (ITS HARD TO BRING IN NEW TALENT OR WE TRIED AND THE PLAYER WAS NOT INTERESTED) We need it sorted out quickly if the player cost an extra £200k than what we valued him at PAY IT. Get the squad ready for Europe and domestically Before the season starts. The board members get huge amounts of money to do what they are supposed to do compared to normal employment jobs I hope they start to earn that by doing what they were brought in to do to make our club as successful as possible with in the finances of the club.

{Ed007's Note - I think you, Tony and a lot of supporters will be disappointed if they are expecting all the signings to be done in the first 4 weeks of the window - remember there's the Euros this summer and as you say we don't even have a Head of Recruitment in place.
Perhaps our future HOR/DOF/SD is already in a job and can't leave until the season is over and is scouting/researching for us as well. Maybe some of our targets don't need scouted, Rodgers and everyone else knows exactly what they can do so it's down to Nicholson and Rodgers to convince them to sign.}

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02 May 2024 17:31:35
I'm sure I read that Ndidi, Vestergaard and Iheanacho are all out of contract this summer. It wouldn't surprise me if Rodgers fancied at least one of them to come in. Whether we could get them is another thing.

{Ed007's Note - I'd love to see us sign Ndidi, Kev but I think we'd be priced out of it ever happening.}

02 May 2024 17:42:25
I hope you are correct Ed regarding we have some one lined up. And yes you are correct about the Euros and probably being disappointed for not getting players in fast IF the targets are in European squads at the Euros As long as who ever we bring in isn't on the last day or week of the window and in on time for Europe I would be happy with that.

{Ed007's Note - A lot of players wait until the last day of the window before deciding where to go, like CCV who had other options and needed assurances from the USMNT that playing on Scotland wouldn't harm his international career before making up his mind, Giakoumakis was signed on the last day of the window as was Jota.
If we win the league the first CL group game is scheduled for 17th-19th of September.}

02 May 2024 17:52:12
I don't expect all the dealings to be done right at the start but if the board don't want to come under pressure then they had better have some signings to excite the fans as soon as the window opens.

If they don't, with each passing day the fans ire will snowball. Now imagine we lose the league, think how angry the fans are going to get, as many of us are already fuming at the board.

02 May 2024 18:22:30
I've read that Hearts are apparently missing a few players ahead of the game inc Haring and Boyce, who's usually a handful.

Irrespective of who plays it's down to us to do everything possible to secure the 3 pts, nothing less will do.

☘️ ☘️ ?.

02 May 2024 18:44:56
Haring has only played One game in the last 7 months through injury.

Boyce hasn’t played since December and it’s been confirmed his season is over.
Halkett hasn’t played since February and his season is also finished.

02 May 2024 18:48:09
A couple of other things to take into comsideration
Brendan is not known for moving quickly, he waits until last minute.
We fans are looking for signings quickly bu our Board move slowly as well, and they will try and reduce fees as much as possible even if that means losing out on a target.

02 May 2024 19:15:30
its notgoing to happen. the euros will affect things massively. players will want to shop window themselves for the biggest moves and as such clubs will hold out for the biggest fee. plus rodgers is a pie lol.

02 May 2024 19:27:44
We have to be careful we don’t over demand, because if we do Board will label us as a group that demand for the sake of demanding . We need to be
constructive and not jump to conclusion that whoever Board buy or sign on Loan is useless. Remember only we were desperate we would have condemned Idah in January . For any given position we could all have different choices and there can be no right or wrong candidate, Probably we won’t know for much of the season whether he is good or bad.

03 May 2024 02:01:59
Can't wait to see how many times the terms " Oven ready CL players" and " project players" will be used!

03 May 2024 09:54:41
@bhoy88 I bet we hear sack the board more. ?.

03 May 2024 14:54:50
As a club we have to have an improvement in Europe this year that must be the yard stick to where we are as a club and going forward. Domestically we can see where we are but in Europe we have failed terribly that trend can't go on. I put a lot of that on the board rather than the manager or players. As I see it the recruitment in the last few seasons have let us down the restrictions on the price cap for new players have been our downfall, I am not saying every player we bring in should be 10 million plus but one or two should be of that ilk experienced players mixed with some that the board love (potential) quality.

03 May 2024 14:56:01
The meaningless sack the Board is absolutely useless unless those who or saying it or writing it have something to back it up .
Sacking the Board is beneficial if for example there is a petition on the go that expects to raise over 30,000 names . Or there is a series of public of very well attended public meetings which shows a large number of Celtic fans are actually interested in sacking the Board .
Sacking the Board needs to take place quickly with a new Board that has the support of both the fans and investors set up very quickly . If sacking the. Board is a slow long drawn out affair with nobody who has experience and ability, as well as desire, leading the campaign, a long drawn out campaign with individuals taking opposite sides would instead of benefiting club, would destroy our club we all enjoy completely and we could very well use our dominant position in Scottish Football for decades . Of course if we could get rid of Board appoint a new modern whose main concern was to make Celtic an European Giant once more .

03 May 2024 14:58:21
Open season on Lawwell again?.



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