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30 Apr 2024 10:05:58
Ckancy to ref Saturday with walsh on var.

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30 Apr 2024 10:38:25
When Celtic got beat 2-0 against Hearts in December.
Hearts only had 23% possession but were given 12 fouls by Clancy.
Celtic had 77% possession but Hearts were only penalised THREE times by Clancy in 90 + minutes.

Hearts were given 80% of the fouls in that match against Celtic who had 77% possession in the same game.

30 Apr 2024 11:04:17

Would never challenge your stats but think there is an obvious answer to this…. lots of this current Celtic team can’t tackle and are clumsy and foul the opposition. It’s plain to see.

Worst offenders are Yang, Palma, O’Reilly, Scales, Kuhn, Hatate.

Don’t know who fouled during hearts game but our fouling has steadily increased.

Also, Clancy is not biased against Celtic. Never has been and never will be. Can think of plenty who are now and have been over the years.

Keep up the good work on the stats; much appreciated.

30 Apr 2024 11:09:15
The allocations are calculated to the nth degree with these peeple. Celtic FC will never challenge or dispute their corruption, so it's up to the manager, players and support to use it as motivation.

30 Apr 2024 11:14:23
Clancy is a poor referee, just like the rest of them, no wonder they don't get to referee in big tournaments, you got it right with your prediction Buzz Bomb 10,you certainly can read Crawford Allen like a book.

30 Apr 2024 11:41:38
The average time the ball is in play is 54 minutes for a 90 minute match.

Celtic had 77% possession of that approximately 54 minutes, which is about 42 minutes of in play action.
Clancy penalised Hearts every 14 minutes.
( 42 minutes divided by only 3 fouls )

Hearts only had 23% possession of that approximately 54 minutes in play action, which is about 12 minutes.
Clancy penalised Celtic after every ONE MINUTE.
( 12 minutes in possession divided by 12 Celtic fouls )

Conclusion is Clancy penalised Celtic 14 times more than Hearts in a single match.

Maybe the supervisor in the stand reported his biased performance and that’s the reason Celtic and Sevco haven’t seen Clancy for over 4 months.

30 Apr 2024 13:22:49
I agree celt65 about Clancy not being intentionally biased against Celtic.

He is prone to the odd howler and that’s why he’s been down Crawford Allen’s pecking order this year.

Clancy had to phone the Police due to threatening messages, after he was the referee in our 3-2 victory against Sevco last April.

Clancy has only had 3 Celtic matches since and we’ve lost 2 of those games.

30 Apr 2024 14:57:07
I have often been frustrated (both this season and last season) by the number of clumsy and needless free kicks we have conceded. Some of these have led to goals that the opposition would not have otherwise scored. The dreaded set-piece causing a stramash in our penalty box and ending up in the net. High press by forwards often increases the fouls we commit. I don't know why we are so careless at times but it also leads to players on a tightrope after unnecessary bookings.

30 Apr 2024 15:31:51
It was more so last season 4 leaf clover.

Sevco have actually conceded 27 more league fouls this season and yet Celtic have received 4 more yellow cards.

30 Apr 2024 17:06:16
Doesn't matter about stat, we were pi$$ poor in that game and were deservedly beaten!

02 May 2024 00:37:18
I think BUZZ BOMB reported t that Dundee only committed 3 fouls in last weekends game against Celtic . This small amount came about because referee and assistants ignored clear cut fouls committed by Dundee players
A cler cut example was when Dundee defender used his two hands to push Kuhn over touch line and within clear view of referee and within 4 yds of his assistant.



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