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04 Apr 2024 15:36:01
A wee flitting visit, I am still in hospital but recovering slowly, thanks for all the good wishes from everybody it really does cheer me up
The point I wanted to make was the crass comments by Sally on the hate crime laws, he said him and 50,000 others will be breaking the law with their vile songs and chants, not one reporter pulled him over disgraceful.
But Sally has nothing to fear, as a "deafness plague" will affect all police in grounds and Sly will mute the sound, no mention in media either.
I have already put on my usual bet penalty in game and I fear a red card so bet that also
Hail Hail

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04 Apr 2024 15:49:09
Glad to hear you are on the mend. ?.

04 Apr 2024 15:50:03
All the best Tim for a speedy recovery.

04 Apr 2024 16:03:34
Good to read you posting on these pages again Tim. All The Best. ?.

04 Apr 2024 16:28:25
All the best Tim; good to hear from you. As has been mentioned on here recently if this outrage was about Jews, Muslims, LGBT, or black people, it would be a totally different story. However anti-Catholic sectarianism and bigotry is woven into the fabric of this country, from Royal family, and Government (s) , to Law, Industry, various Media outlets and much of society. We all strive to overcome and defy.
As for the game itself, The handpicked officials will oblige with every opportunity for free kicks all over the pitch and the other honest mistake advantages that we see on a weekly basis.
You may be wise to place the usual wagers on this fixture.
All things considered and if we 'turn-up' even on an unlevel playing field we have the players to get a result against a team that hasn't beat us this season. H H.

04 Apr 2024 17:39:45
Great to hear Timalloy!

04 Apr 2024 18:16:02
All the very best to you Timalloy.

04 Apr 2024 18:47:54
Praying for your recovery, Tim. God bless.

04 Apr 2024 19:05:35
Hope your on the mend Tim ??.

04 Apr 2024 21:29:26
Get well soon Tim.



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