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28 Mar 2024 15:11:48
Brendan has received a One match immediate suspension and a One match suspended suspension.

Brendan will be in the dugout at Ibrox.

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28 Mar 2024 15:45:50
They had to come out of it without losing face, but it's still a chance missed by Celtic to expose them for what they are.

28 Mar 2024 16:01:55
Fecking joke.

28 Mar 2024 16:10:24
True OAB but the whole of Scottish Football should be asking why it’s different rules for only ONE Klub in Scotland.

The SFA Rule 72 has been breached 3 times in the last 4 seasons.

2020/ 21 season Steven Gerrard.

The SFA charged Gerrard for comments he made in a post match interview.
Verdict- “Not Proven”

2021/ 22 season Paul McGinn.

The SFA charged McGinn for comments he made in a post match interview.
Verdict- 2 match immediate suspension.

2023/ 24 season Brendan Rodgers.
The SFA charged Brendan for comments he made in a post match interview.
Verdict- 1 match immediate suspension and a 1 match suspended suspension.

Genuine Question-
Why is it one rule for the latest Ibrox club and another rule for the other 41 senior clubs in Scotland.

Only In Scotland.

28 Mar 2024 16:44:15
Buzz the rest would only have the power if they worked together. And we could squash this pish if the board had a nut sack between them. I honestly think our board are rubbishting it that if they push back then so. e 5 way agreement details might appear.

28 Mar 2024 16:48:36
Reeks of prearranged set up.
SFA announce mid week that Robertson ref for weekend and Rodgers in dugout at sevco game makes them look like they were laying down the law.
Compromise Celtic get Crawford Allen out his position.
Hope this wasn't the case as if they did have something on Allen to make him resign, would have wanted the board to go public.

28 Mar 2024 17:16:00
We all laugh at Statement FC but it works, but until all the clubs outwith Statement FC group together and stand firm then nothing will ever get done.
We also need to clean our own house out, I read a while ago, possibly a year or two ago that DD's son was supposed to be getting a seat on the board and bring the club into the modern times but nothing seems to have happened on that front.
I did notice that he turns up at the AGM's to speak for his dad but I don't know if he is actually on the board.

28 Mar 2024 19:28:33
The ultimate bottom line is religious roots and that is why there will always be a silent majority who will never speak up.

28 Mar 2024 22:58:17
Either way it’s a bit of a win for the sfa, worst case he would have missed the Glasgow derby but as it is he misses a game where we generally struggle, just want to get out of the rubbishhole with three points .

28 Mar 2024 23:06:46
Any league that has a club with a secret 5 way agreement in place has no place in Football.

29 Mar 2024 06:46:03
What I’d give to have a “bonnet” type amongst our so called leaders. The entire SEVCO/ SFA rubbishshow should never have been allowed start let alone continue .



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