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01 Feb 2024 23:18:04
Best of luck to Adam Idah, i think the lad will do better than most fans think. Weve missed a physical presence up front since gg left. he's been very highly rated from a young age and scored bags of goals at under age level. He just hasn't pushed on like was expected and something as simple as a change of coach/ tactics can push him on to the next level. he's got good experience and if given a run of games i think will surprise a few people.
Cant understand why no buy clause was included, that could come back and bite us in the ass if he does have a good loan spell.
On the rest of the window though, im guessing rodgers will be fuming with it after the disaster during the summer. Im predicting he will walk in the summer as he will rightly feel he can't take the club further while them clowns are running the show.
Back the team and the lads we've got as i still reckon our best 11 is miles better than theirs and we should still take the double.

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01 Feb 2024 23:47:05
I’ve watched him play with Ireland and I’ve been impressed with him. His hold up play is good.
On an another note I bet Celtic announce that Vata has signed an extension as a distraction to their poor jan recruitment - watch this one.

02 Feb 2024 00:13:10
Pushing on from Youth level is the hardest part for players . I think he'll be lucky to start a game for us, and I don't understand it . is he the understudy to oh if kjogo gets Injured. and what message does it send to oh if he gets more game time than him and the guy we've supposed to have been chasing all window goes to Norwich in place of him on loan . strange .

02 Feb 2024 00:20:49
If Rodgers want to walk then let him, his style of football was tragic first time around why would it be different this time? Again we all knew he doesn't know what a quality player is. He thought Boyata was quality and he thinks there's a player in Maeda lol.

02 Feb 2024 06:32:27
Boyata was better than every other current defender at Celtic except CCV, if you don’t think so then you’re dillusional.

02 Feb 2024 06:53:17
I'd have Scales over Boyata all day!

02 Feb 2024 07:41:27
Idah looks a step up from Ob in relation to touch, which isn’t hard as Oh is like a bull elephant trying to trap a beach ball. Welcome to the club son.

Our anger sent aimed at you, it’s our board of ambitionless s hitebsgs led by Lawell the Destroyer of Hope, that we are sick to our stomachs with.

I do don’t even bother to check if we signed anyone last night. I knew what was coming.,

So, it’s official, Rogers is a yes man and he lied to us. Quality? It wouldn't be so bad if his type of football wasn’t awful to watch, now we have to hope we have enough. All of them are a disgrace to our club, from the absent landlord down. A bunch of utter useless barstewards. I detest every single one but reserve a special chamber of hate for the Destroyer of Hope.

02 Feb 2024 07:54:59
I think Idah could make a good improvement in our attacking play . We seem to have settled on Kyogo for ist 75 mins and OH going through the motions for last 15 mins or so . Neither has any competition, OH knows no matter how poorly or well he does he won’t be dropped completely and he won’t get any more game time . Idah gets rid of the complacency and might cause Kyogo to worry a little but will certainly push OH to raise his game . If BR doesn’t huff and ignore him, then I think we will have a far better striker coming on after an hr or so . Strong attacking replacements are very important with the 5 subs rule.

02 Feb 2024 08:15:02
Rodgers isn't the only one that thinks Maeda is a quality player. So did Ange and the Japan national coach also thinks so. But I dare say with all your years coaching at the top level in football you know a quality player when you see one.

02 Feb 2024 08:45:42
Welcome to Celtic, Idah. Go bang a few in for us ⚽?.

02 Feb 2024 10:20:01
Its quite obvious Maeda is a quality player, just not with the ball tho. ?.

02 Feb 2024 14:20:11
Greentree didn't you just mention Van Veen?????????.



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