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08 May 2024 15:25:16
A lot of my pals are so confident about Saturday that they are sending mock jokes about that mob already, they are capable of beating on the day as i can't rember the last time we played well 2 games in a row. this is the most nervous av been all season, ano they are ?but am staying quiet at the moment ?‍♂️.

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08 May 2024 15:51:43
I can understand our supporters confidence because Sevco haven’t beat Celtic in a meaningful league match since August 29th 2021.
That’s nearly 1000 days.

Sevco have had 4 managers in that period but that good run won’t last forever.

I always thought when this match came along, it would be a must win for Celtic and that would maybe suit our style and intensity.
It’s dangerous going into this game, when a draw is still a good result.
Especially with the amount of crucial late goals Celtic have conceded this season.

I’m confident but anything can happen.

08 May 2024 15:55:25
I never shout the odds before these games. They give me the fear. Im quietly confident but will be keeping it under my hat til that final whistle.

08 May 2024 16:15:36
I have spoken to three Sevco supporters since Sunday and they were all being very negative about their own teams performances and reckon they will get hammered on Saturday. However, I am optimistic, but am never over confident; hopefully we play as we can and that should do?

08 May 2024 16:25:12
If we turn up, we win, simple as that. But will we turn up? I think we will but I'm keeping it low key. I know it's already been said but we need to sing our hearts out, all of us and not leave it to the GB. Make it as inTIMidating ? as possible.

08 May 2024 16:27:47
All the signs look positive.

Celtic have scored the first goal 10 times in our last 11 meetings.
Our 3-0 defeat in the meaningless league match last May is the only exception.
If Celtic score first again on Saturday, we will have more than one hand on the league trophy.

08 May 2024 17:27:25
There is no earthly reason why Celtic doesn’t win on Saturday. We are evidently a better team . We are playing at home in front of 60,000 very supportive Celtic fans . Nothing can go wrong, it just has to end in a Celtic win .
However all the above is true, but we are talking about a football match and the one true thing about football is that no result is guaranteed. Football is to some extent a game of chance, one piece of brilliance by a Rangers2012 player or a moment of carelessness by a Celtic player can change outcome of match .
Celtic fans can hope and expect a result, nothing more.

08 May 2024 19:17:38
I'm as confident as you can be. We'll have fun.

08 May 2024 19:22:12
I we go after them from the start like last game we win. Though we need to be more clinical, we should have been 3 or 4 up at halftime. They struggle when we start so fast always have done.



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