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07 May 2024 11:34:05
Wages for all spl clubs revealed and sevco have a bigger wage bill than us.

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07 May 2024 14:13:13
I take all Sevco’s figures with. a pinch of salt . Any figures from that club are figures to suit their agenda . Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised whatever their true wage bill could be . They seem to have a very large squad of players even bigger than ours.

07 May 2024 16:33:22
They made a loss of over 10 million last year and that was with CL money and Bassey millions. Massive downsizing if no CL qualification.

07 May 2024 17:16:19
That'll be why they get all there transfers done toot and sweet, they through cash (they don't have) at duds hopong they'll heal their pain! Rinse and repeat every summer ?.

07 May 2024 23:16:19
I don't see what agenda they could be serving with inflated wage figures Des. It would just make their footballing failures look even worse.

08 May 2024 12:07:23
Sevco have a court case in August which might last 8 days.
If they lose, it could cost them £9.5 Million.

08 May 2024 14:21:49
Kevbhoy . I don’t trust a statement, set of accounts or anything from Ibrox, once a Spokesperson lips move, a lie is told, once a set of accounts appear a lie is told .
For season after season their ( billionaire Directors) ;no ordinary millionaire was going to throw millions into club : for many seasons we were told millions were given in lieu of shares . I tend to think that they are now taking money out to pay off some of what is owed to the billionaires . This money is laundered through their wages department. Not only have they paid back a little they owed but their gullible fans celebrated Rangers2012 outspending Celtic on wages .
Celtic fans not happy that the new nearly broke team outspend money rich Celtic .
Of course many will see this speculation as too far fetched . Maybe so but we all thought that from round about the year 2000 for about 10 yrs, Rangers under Murray were run brilliantly and knew how to buy quality players &PL was the most evil man that Celtic ever had, We know now about the liberal use of EBT’s and non paying of other debts, like the face painter, liquidated and killed Rangers .
I cannot bring myself to believe that this new tribute act isn’t corrupt too . It’s not that the SFA is scrutinising every move by Rangers2012 . It certainly not necessarily the version of cheating I claim, but there is definitely cheating involved.

08 May 2024 14:38:50
Every young person from my generation grew up supporting Rangers as they were spending money, buying decent players and winning things. Their faces now when they realised it was all a lie??? Roll on Saturday!



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