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01 May 2024 08:03:04
Our board have 4 weeks to sort out our signings for next season and they may not even have that.

As soon as the season is over or we lose the league, the fans will be coming for them. They are lucky we have buried the hatchet until then and Sevco hit a major speed bump.

However, they should be aware that we have not forgotten the shambles of January or their treatment of our fans, which caused our slump.

If they want to save their jobs they better get it right next time and pray we don't lose the league.

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01 May 2024 11:17:58
Totally agree Weejoe.

As you say there is a truce but whatever happens we need to change the whole football structure. Last summer was even worse than January…

9 players signed and BR feels 7 of them not only aren’t ready for Celtic but will probably never be…. around £20m wasted.

Let’s leave for now… but we cannot sit back and wait for change… need to force it if necessary.

01 May 2024 11:37:11
Thers a few posiitions that need filling and win or lose league a think Celtic will spend big. As av said before a would go for Miovski and Idah up top, yous guys know btr than me for Gk Cb LB Dmf.

01 May 2024 11:46:05
Agree with all of the above, the only thing I'd say celt65 is how do we force it? Shun the imminent ST drive for next season, that's the only way I can see. I know some may disagree but as long as we keep buying +50k STs, they don't give a jot behind their smug faces.

01 May 2024 12:22:53
I agree 9iar, but unfortunately we have no choice regarding the season tickets. They know there is a waiting list, they put a timeline and we lose our seats . They know we aren’t going to play chicken with them over season tickets.
The only other way I can see is to stop buying merchandise and buying food and drink at the game . otherwise the status quo doesn’t change .
We need to modernise the board .

01 May 2024 13:29:31
9 iar and Quinn 1888 . Both have hit the nail on the head, talking about punishing the Board has been talked about off and on for a decade and longer, but all I have heard is talk, and no serious plan of action .
9 iar and Quinn are right a boycott of season books sales would hurt Board, also individual fans far more .
With less than a mth to go in the season, is this an appropriate time to have Board and BR working on next season’s team . IMO certainly not every fibre of BR body and anyone else who has anything to do with football including supporters to do everything to win SPl and Scottish Cup . SPL and then Cup has to be main priorities. It doesn’t seem long ago since we were all up in arms because we thought CEO was involved too much in transfers .
I think we should be enquiring off the Board who is in charge of recruiting team just now . Maybe we should be asking them have we a recruitment team .
Now. Is the time for dialogue, not argumental or bullying.

01 May 2024 14:20:13
My only concern if we do go on to win the league (which i think we will) it will likely unintentionally mask the serious overhaul needed right through the club. Almost like all will be forgiven and forgotten to an extent by large section of the fan base. Allowing them off the hook.
I hate the thought of us having to throw the league away for more/ better investment due to a much more intense fan backlash because we handed them the league. Hopefully this won't be the case and plans are already set regardless but nothing surprises me with this board. They have proven before they are a bunch of cowards and are likely to take the easy route if given any opportunity.

01 May 2024 15:45:15
Even if we buy or renew season ticket there is still something's we can do. We can boycott games and stop buying the tops training gear food and drink and all other revenue streams unsubscribe from sky sports don't pay for the games on via sports then all the club has is st money. Drastic times call for drastic measures. That's the only way the board will listen. We boycotted games during the keyy and white years.

01 May 2024 15:58:44
ST is a difficult one to push, given our loyalty and risk to losing your seat (I’ve had mine since 1987)

I feel the fans have put the pressure on the board… recently at games. Lawwell Junior and his number 2 went after flak at Celtic Park. Lawell senior has not been visible at games since then the fans gave him pelters. As I have said before PL has agreed to “ resign” in the summer. I think one or two long term board members will also announce it’s time to “move on. ”

Nobody likes public focus on them.

I feel DD has acted and we will see this soon, but we do need to keep the pressure up.

01 May 2024 16:30:29
10 million for Abada.
About the same when Frimpong moves.
Millions in the bank
If we win the league say £40million CL money and it will be the same old rinse and repeat when it comes to season tickets and transfers.

02 May 2024 14:11:17
We will never truly flourish as long as dithering cheapskate Lawell is at the club. His total lack of real ambition and bollocks, has kept us as cannon fodder in Europe. And I would get rid of Rogers too. A lot of players need to go and so does he. We have been served up utter dross too often. We haven’t played a full 90 minutes well. He thought Philips was good, that alone to me is a sacking offence.

02 May 2024 17:17:29
I would never be concerned about anything that could happen if and when we win the league . Every SPL win is special and should be celebrated fully .
If and when there is a williness and demand for Board overhaul, I think we will be part of a majority fan uprising which will demand change and force it through.
There is absolutely no evidence of that taking place as official figures of fans annual spending on everything Celtic had the club in a remarkable 5th position world wide. (Chelsea hadn’t reported or Celtic would be pushed down to 6th position) . I have a feeling with that level of contributions, a very large group of Celtic supporter must be very happy with Board.



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