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25 Apr 2024 09:01:07
This is a list of players that should be deemed not good enough IMO and moved on.

mikey j

Thats 18 players on the books that need moved on ASAP
Nearly a full squad of players where the shirt is too heavy for. Just a reminder of how bad our recruitment has been lately (ill exclude forrest as he's been an excellent servent but is still best moving on)
Theres maybe another 3 or 4 still to prove themselves.
Id guess we would do well to get £10/ 15m for the lot and possibly £100/ 150k freed up on wages.
With Hart retiring, and oriley moving on for likely £30m plus and the £10m we got for abada that could easily open the door for us to spend £60m and have £200k on wages freed up.
This should allow us 5 players around 12m and pay them 40k pw. Add a couple of experienced players on loan and bring in a couple of youngsters like lennon miller and promote a couple of youth like lawal, kelly and frame.

We have senior squad of almost 40 which is ridiculous. Most clubs have about 25.

Most probably won't agree with this post but quality over quantity is a must going forward. We wouldn't even have to touch the stockpile of cash we have up lawalls arse.
The hardest part will be moving the dross on which could take years unfortunately.

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25 Apr 2024 09:21:39
It’s time, these guys have been building up for a few seasons, most of them know that the gravy train is up here and will be actively looking already, the worrying thing are the ones recently signed on 4/ 5 year deals who might just be tempted to sit out another season or 2 because they won’t be finding the same money elsewhere.

25 Apr 2024 09:23:45
Forrest not good enough. Lucky that wasn't the case on semi final day!

25 Apr 2024 09:43:47
They used to say an ideal squad had two quality players for every position and its abundantly clear we are way off that formula.
Supporters would agree with the majority of that list and maybe add or subtract a couple here and there. Unfortunately, a quick clear-out seems unlikely, as we would need full co-operation of the players, numerous interested clubs and a recruitment team that was top notch in negotiations, efficient wheeling and dealing and scouting and this season has shown us to be severely lacking in that department.
However, I can see us getting shot of a few who have one foot out the door already and taking a financial hit on a couple of others, so it would be a start. One things for sure, we can't have another nightmare summer 'window' and winning the title is a priority.

25 Apr 2024 11:12:39
Hi All hope you are well. Good post DerryTim. Out of those 18 I would keep;

Monty- (if carrer threatening injury is ok)
Holm - I think has loads of potential, a loan might be good
kwon -needs a fair crack at it, and looks promising on his loan
forest - (for a year) ,
Mikey J -if his confidence lasts
Yang -if we keep him for the right Oh - same as holm, a loan might be good
tilio - needs a crack at it, poss loan

I'm going to add vata to the list, sign him up.

25 Apr 2024 13:30:49
Dont forget the possible frimpong money.

25 Apr 2024 15:28:10
Derry Tim,

as far as I'm concerned you're preaching to the choir and my vocal chords are just warming up.

Totally agree that we require better players to be brought in than those already in the team in several positions.

By my estimations we could use, note I'm talking about players going straight into the team;-

* GK - starter + back up (replace Hart and Siegrist)
* CB - partner for CCV
* LB - Taylor drops to the bench
* CDM - we've needed one since Brown left
* replacement for MOR should he leave?
* Winger - no need to explain that one
* Strikers x2 - Miovski/ Idah/? Do we sell Kyogo, in which case we need x4 strikers

We've got plenty of cash and more to come.

We can only hope, pray and watch what takes place.

As JFP has said, if it's 'rinse and repeat' then I truly despair as this season has shown us how poor our first team SQUAD ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

25 Apr 2024 15:45:58
Big Rocky and Holm shouldn't be anywhere near that list.

25 Apr 2024 15:47:32
Derry Tim, I think the 25 players u mention are the number of players an EPL must register after Summer Transfer window closes .
I thought most clubs would have a lot more professional players on their books I checked two, one near the top and one near the bottom .
Newcastle have 36 players and Bournemouth 37 .
I think every club, not just Celtic sign players, who for some reason don’t work out for them, if they aren’t good enough for club who buys, then player often isn’t chanced by another club and he probably won’t sign for less wages .

26 Apr 2024 09:05:29
Did I read that right at the start of this thread that someone thinks it's possible for Celtic to spend 60m on players

Surely nobody actually believes that. I reckon 20m maybe more like it and if we offloaded lots of deadwood from the squad and brought some cash in then at an absolute push maybe 30m ( although I have my doubts about our board spending this much).

I think for Celtic what is more important than the amount of money we spend is actually making sure that almost every signing in making a positive contribution to the squad, I mean spending 8m on defenders in the summer and them not getting a game is just no good to us. We just can't afford that.



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