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13 Jul 2024 13:02:24
Hi All hope you are well

I think Kasper is a great signing. We obviously had a few options we had been. Working in and they didn't come off to fruition. yet. At my last count 19 goal keepers were linked with us, some I'd never heard of, some class and some not sure. We might even bring in another or promote from our reserves.

The arguments against Kasper all sound like groundhog day again. It's the same as the criticisms thrown at Hart when he signed. I hope Kasper proves the doubters wrong, and they will be singing his name with the rest of us when he leaves.

Just on this notion that the last 20 years the board have been bad, or "we haven't fulfilled our potential", the stats alone decide that argument. Though the question of "potential" varies massively across the support. I agree we could do better in Europe, and we have been unlucky in recent years in Europe, but I'd say we hit about 90% of our potential. That takes into account signings, youth development, selling players at higher profit and Europe.

The extra 10% or so, requires a bit of luck, youth talent staying, and scouting system full sport science including mental health and / director of football type. Ultimately, the levels of expectation I think some fans have, will only be met if we leave the league we are in.


1.) 13 Jul 2024 13:42:13
ED007 my "Joe Biden" mind cannot remember if Schmechiel was at leicester when Rodgers was.
If so Brendan will know all about the keeper.

{Ed007's Note - Yes, Schmeichel was Rodger's No.1 apart from his last season managing them.}

2.) 13 Jul 2024 14:42:18
I would be delighted to get Schmeichel.

Fabrizio Romana has mentioned that we have agreed terms for a One year contract with the option of another season.

According to Salary Sport,
Schmeichel was in £130k a week with Leicester in the EPL and £65k a week with Nice in France.
But they only have Schmeichel on £4k a week at Anderlecht last season.
Surely that can’t be right ?‍♂️.

3.) 13 Jul 2024 15:19:22
Maybe he's that player we always fantasise about that's playing for glory not cash. Maybe he was first choice but like most 37 old isn't the only decision maker in the family unit. And we were waiting for his decision.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 15:27:43
I'd take a free Schmeichel at 37 over a £7-8m Dubravka or Jensen any day of the week.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 16:54:37
My first choice would be the Croatian keeper followed by Schmeichel.

6.) 13 Jul 2024 16:54:37
My first choice would be the Croatian keeper followed by Schmeichel.

7.) 14 Jul 2024 13:43:23
Most of us accept that our European form over the last 20 years has not been good enough . I may disagree with some about the reason we haven’t done as well as our fans would hope . Of course there is no doubt Board could have bought more players in quicker, but no fan has an accurate reason why that didn’t happen . Explanations given by SMSM are most likely incorrect. Players and their WAGs may have preferred almost any Country than Scotland with 9 months severe winter weather and 3 months winter weather. Agents may have advised their players about the two sets of rules in Scotland and quality of pitches. No matter how good our recruitment team is, and to be honest many fans don’t rate them too highly, but if a player and agent decide they don’t want to sign for us in Scotland, no matter how good the recruitment team are we can’t make players agree to sign if they don’t want to .
I just won’t accept that our Board is too miserable with the wages they are prepared to pay . The proof is there, clear to be seen, we sign a number of players every year . Some perform to various levels from acceptable to very good . But unfortunately some for what ever reason, perform below what is expected of a Celtic player . Every transfer window Celtic do their level best to rid the club of these players, no team in Scotland or lower English leagues are prepared to pay their wages, therefore we are paying at least the wages these players deserve and very probably more than they deserve.
If it isn’t the Board and the recruitment team who are fully to blame, where else does the blame rest . I would place blame on our managers who for the most part over the last 20 years have tried to take the to teams from top 5 leagues and other teams who were currently strong in Europe . Manager’s personal pride was to attack top teams and get results. Our teams often did very well, creating chances and eliminating opportunities of conceding goals but at the end of the day we were too often gallant losers, our attackers went close but either failed to score or scored just 1 whilst our opponents confined to very few chances managed 2/ 3.+ goals and we went home with heads high but no points . Of course we also got a few hammerings when the superior team showed how good they were .
Mind you it isn’t always managers fault either, some games manager can have team set up properly to control their better players and give our attackers opportunities. Alas we fail again, a player or two can make an SPL mistake which we could get away with but not against the top European teams .
It isn’t just the Board and recruitment team, nor is it just the manager or the players but it is a combination of all three and probably others
One group who deserves better is our fans home and away . There isn’t as supportive a set of fans anywhere in the World as our fans on an European night . Thankfully even in the last 20 years even with a poor European record we have had some memorable nights, we need more, many of us remember Fortress Celtic Pk, we deserve that again.



04 May 2024 20:57:15
Happy birthday ed, you are a legend!


{Ed007's Note - Thank you Phil, that's nice of you to say ??



16 Apr 2024 16:44:38
Hi all hope you are well.

Looks like they trying max pressure on us having us play after them each fixture.

Up to us now, keep the faith.


1.) 16 Apr 2024 17:51:13
I noticed that Sevco SLY have had a big input into the timing of our fixtures and KO times, knowing full well that Sevco have historically had a problem playing after us. All the more reason to sicken them. Celtic may only have one rival SPL team for the title but we have also had more competition from the SFA, fixture computer and Media.

2.) 16 Apr 2024 18:57:05
Bring it on.

3.) 16 Apr 2024 23:56:25
Right to the end of this season’s SPL the fixtures committee haven’t gave up and have us playing after Rangers2012 which makes it extra hard not to drop points . No doubt the Head of refereeing Crawford Allan will also contribute to our difficult end of season behaving the most bias referee that is available to be creatuing difficulty for Celtic . Despite what they try, BR will have our players in the right place with right mindset to overcome whatever difficulties that are thrown at us and we will pay them back by continue winning.



03 Mar 2024 12:21:09
Anyone else think there is no contact on that?




22 Feb 2024 17:04:10
Hi all hope you are well.

Been thinking about the state of things behind the scenes. In my eyes I think there is a power struggle going on.

It's clear from what we know, that the board had an idea of the kind of manger they wanted. Perhaps a younger more impressionable manager who would settle for 3-5m signings and develop a squad. Much as what we did with Lennon (first time) and Ronnie.
It's also clear that the board had their ideas, but Desmond wanted brendan, and because he is the majority share holder he got what he wanted. The board clearly didn't like this as Brendan means more expenditure and outlay.
I think the board have doubled down on their procedures and limits, in only allowing Mark Lawwal a certain range of age and cost for a player, which makes it harder for him to bring the quality that Brendan wants/ needs.
Brendan knowing what the board is like, has assurances that he can say no to a player, to prevent a Shved repeat. That's why we were quiet in January, mark lawwal had little by way of quality to give Brendan and he said no. I'm glad we said no and didn't sign for the sake of it
As a result we have a second string backline trying to make a system work that they technically and ability wiae can't fulfill.
I think we need answers on the power struggle as that is where the main issue is.
We can't fault desmond for wanting a better manager, nor Brendan for wanting a better player, not us for wanting better results. I'm not sure how this gets resolved.


1.) 22 Feb 2024 19:03:20
Make no mistake, if the board were not doing what Desmond wanted he would get them told and if they defied him, they would be gone.

Yes there will be times when the board disagree with him and they may advise him against a particular action but he strikes me as a man who gets his own way.

2.) 22 Feb 2024 19:27:57
Good Post Doc ?.

3.) 22 Feb 2024 19:54:23
D D is like The Wizard of Oz behind a big curtain pulling levers and strings, while detached from the real (Celtic) world.
Bringing back BR based on past glories with the players he had then has been an error of judgement and gamble with a 'marked' deck.
His previous tenure, taking over from RD could only really go in one direction - and he succeeded with many trophies and the Invincible season that will always be a part of our history. Following AP on the back of another treble won mostly with flair and style, has been a step too far, for the manager, players and supporters and whoever scouted, suggested and signed most of our new arrivals has made a difficult task, much harder, with reasons well covered on here by fellow posters for the last 6 months. Mathematically, we can win the league and still have a chance to retain the Cup, but what's the odds of everything snapping into place immediately, and winning well nigh, every game?

4.) 22 Feb 2024 20:03:14
We've got to also realise that we've actually spent around £25m, probably only getting drip fed the Jota money over a set period, with benfica getting a slice! Winning the league would obviously give huge champions league benefits but a club has to operative within its means, spending too much can be a wasteful risk, look what's happened to other clubs over the years least that isn't us. The manger outlay is probably quite expensive as well!

We don't have to spend a fortune on players, I would spend more on the right recruitment team, there's players all over Europe who would improve our team, at reasonable fees, just need the right scouting network.

Some of the players getting it in the neck have been bit part players, our policy needs to be loan unproven players to an spl club to climatise to the league for a season then get them back in season after ready and hungry. So my point there is its unfair when you don't get the regular match time to make an impact. They all have something it just requires the right coaches and managers to get it out of them.

Things have to improve coz let's face it the football can't be any worse to watch, its a results based game but the most important thing is it needs to be appealing to watch otherwise why watch it, the manager needs to realise this because soon as he gets the team attacking he'd then have the crowd behind him!

It's not over till its over, let's take it one game at a time and blow the opposition away!

5.) 22 Feb 2024 20:54:41
We have 30 million pounds to spend that did not get spend. So it was possible to spend big without going beyond our means.




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04 Jul 2024 10:45:44
Hi all,

hope you are doing well

I'm sure if we lose the "rubbish" league this season Magicpole, the blame will be on PL too.
The PL stuff is as predictable as Robbie Keane signing every summer used to be. Yeah the board make mistakes but so do every club. Our success since the year 2000 has been unreal. The idah deal at Christmas is a good example of the board working well. The deal for him to go to Verona fella through as Verona wanted an option to buy and Norwich didn't. We were able to swoop in agree terms as Brendan wanted him, and negotiate now. The board didn't huff and walk away, we got the guy and it made the difference for the season.
There are some real myths that get peddled out too like John mcginn saga, but sometimes players don't choose us. Sometimes players are on holiday in early July. Sometimes we won't be shoehorned into signing players with unrealistic price tags. We should play hard ball with signing as much as we do selling.





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18 Jul 2024 19:17:59
Hi all hope you are well.

I know I'm biting here, but seriously the mcginn stuff wrecks me.

I cannot believe that McGinn is still rolled out here. 9iar is correct. Mcginn met Rodgers on the Sunday of broonys testimonial against Ireland. They deal was shook on, Hibs chairman agreed to be concluded when the transfer window opened. Before then, Lennon, managing Hibs at the time, tipped off Steve Bruce at a golf event. Villa matched our fee, and MCGinn chose villa park over Celtic park. The end. Our board did everything right. There is nothing to see here, no Lawwel conspiracy nothing . If you want to blame anyone about mcginn, it's Lennon, bruce and Petrie at Hibs at the time. They reneged on the agreement.

Why let a whinge about a fake Celtic board conspiracy get in the way of facts. The way some here go on about mcginn is ridiculous.




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13 Jun 2024 22:51:59
Hi All hope you are well.

Sad to see Oh go. Think we could have loaned him out to get a good run of games. Think there is a player in there.

Hopefully proper deadwood on their way.




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03 Jun 2024 20:16:49
Hi all hope your doing well.

I remember when we signed Idah, Verona were in the driving seat, and the deal fell through as Norwich insisted in no option to buy. We agreed to the terms to get the deal over the line.

Really don't want this turning into another mcginn saga lol

Hope you are keeping well awesome people!




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01 Jun 2024 17:55:11
Hi all hope you are well

Ive been trying to get the smaller screen out up again in the south west corner. We can't see the big screen at all, and with the sound system being rubbish, we have no idea about var checks, or even messages and videos up on the screen. If anyone in south west corner feels same can you give JP a shout too?
But at least the directors are getting new seats!




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25 Apr 2024 11:12:39
Hi All hope you are well. Good post DerryTim. Out of those 18 I would keep;

Monty- (if carrer threatening injury is ok)
Holm - I think has loads of potential, a loan might be good
kwon -needs a fair crack at it, and looks promising on his loan
forest - (for a year) ,
Mikey J -if his confidence lasts
Yang -if we keep him for the right Oh - same as holm, a loan might be good
tilio - needs a crack at it, poss loan

I'm going to add vata to the list, sign him up.




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