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21 Apr 2024 09:51:28
Yesterday we booked our place in the cup final and yet almost everything I have read here has been negative. Celtic have been bad all season and are not going into the split 3 points clear of rangers because we have turned a corner and have suddenly gelled and become better but because rangers are, as we all know, perpetual bottlers. I do believe we have a fantastic oppertunity to do the double and not because we are a better team than the rest but because unlike the rangers they are not bottlers in the face of adversity. Yesterdays win was not beautiful and when i saw Hart line uo for a penalty my heart was in my mouth and when he missed i thought well there's still the league. And somehow we won. This season has not been plain sailing but a rollercoaster of emotions. I now hope that negative criticism of individuals does not have a negative psychological effect on them.

Now for todays match and i'm thinking, even though it verges on blasphemy, I might prefer the rangers to Hearts on the 25th of May as they haven't managed to beat us this season whilst Hearts have.

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21 Apr 2024 10:25:04
The hard facts are we were rotten yesterday and the punters are telling the truth. what's wrong with honesty they get praised when they play well. you can't ignore what you see.

21 Apr 2024 11:57:01
Was more worried when Palma stepped up, to be honest. Would have no problem with Hart going again in the final as he threatens. Pick a corner, hit it as hard as you can.

21 Apr 2024 12:56:44
We are far from consistent that is what gives me the fear going into the last 6 games ( cup final included) We have the best players in the league. But this season we have been far off the pace in some games terrible decision making has cost a few points. just when I think we haveturned a corner we put in a display like yesterday.

21 Apr 2024 13:42:22
I think we'll win the league but we'll also drop points. But they'll drop points as well. If we win the league we've got out of jail big time coz we're poor. For the time being, let's give the team 100% backing even if we're struggling in particular games. HH.

21 Apr 2024 13:49:37
Why is it only the negative that fans talk about. We scored 3 and made many more chances. We were the better team and most importantly we are in the CUP FINAL!

21 Apr 2024 17:53:10
Mallythetally 67, the punters you refer to, our mainly our supporters, I think that as season isn’t over we should try to lift each other and maybe create a positive atmosphere. Negativity won’t help us, positivity might do something.



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