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20 Apr 2024 20:52:11
I don't know why folk are moaning about our defence now. Its been awful all season. Scales Taylor AJ need upgrading (AJ can at least cross a ball) No defensive midfielder and we are lightweight in midfield. Kyogos runs are never spotted. Maedas work rate a huge loss. Another showpiece final to look forward to at Hampden in the sun but we need to sort that defence out over the next 6 games.

{Ed007's Note - So you were happy with CCV's performance today? You're happy with the amount of games he's missed through injury for us?
It wouldn't take a great amount of money to replace either our first choice CBs, CCV is good gliding about the park and passing the ball around like Maldini when we are controlling the game but he is poor in the air, doesn't command or dominate the box at all and like CalMac he gets found out at European level.
We give the recruitment and board pelters for not making the right decisions but this summer there are BIG decisions to be made even about players some fans can see doing no wrong. The first goal today was CCV falling asleep and they tried the same move a few times and got through as well, the 2nd and 3rd goal are into an area where a dominant, physical CB would get to it, whether that's Scales or CCV it doesn't matter, they are both as culpable imo.
Would we have lost those 2 goals with Starfelt in the team?
A major problem in the Celtic team for a few years has been the powderpuff spine of the team, look at who makes up that spine.}

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20 Apr 2024 21:36:59
In fairness credit to the sheep, two crisp crosses accurately and directly to the heads of the attackers to place! Lessons to learned is the key here. For once in a long time the gods were with us today.

20 Apr 2024 21:59:10
A half decent RB would have stopped the crosses for goals 2&3 getting into the box. We are lightweight all over the park. Do we have some sort of aversion to putting early balls into the box? Kuhn is so wearily predictable you know what he is going to do two days before the game. We seem constantly to want to narrow our play into over congested areas around the box and if I see another fecking short corner I’m going to squeam till I’m sick. Forget the SC, the last five league games are going to have my fingernails chewed down to my elbows!

21 Apr 2024 00:01:30
A Johnstone is playing well in most matches up until the 70th min . In. too many
matches are opponents are getting it far to easy in the closing minutes to either create or score goals from his position . There is no way on this earth that Aberdeen should have been able to produce the quality of cross that gave them their 2nd and 3rd goals . Maybe Ralston could be used as a substitute around the 70th minute.

21 Apr 2024 08:29:52
If your not happy Celtic made another final maybe supporting Celtic isn't for you. 6 massive games we need to pull together.

21 Apr 2024 08:50:45
Agree with you ed, but u made a good point about not losing goals if starfelt in team, does that not highlight if we got his replacement correct then we could accept ccv’s failings, id address what we definitely know is poor which is Taylor and scales, ccv rightly shouldn’t get let off hook when he's has a bad game but he is head shoulders above the rest back 4, our inability to spot Kyogos runs and find him is my main issue, seems we look for that pass only when we are chasing a result towards end of games as yesterday we saw it played to idah several times but at start games we play our usual width based game which with players we have wide is just pretty rotten, no doubt on a day we can perform but I don’t see consistency or form in our wide players, meadas work rate aside I wouldn’t think teams are scared of our wide guys.

21 Apr 2024 10:15:42
Although Celtic usually dominate possession and create chances - even with wide men who flatter to deceive; we are very easy to play against with no ball-winners or any physical presence.
For a team that presses high up the pitch. I would argue that only maybe Maeda challenges and chases and too many are easily beaten or side-stepped then give up.
Yesterday again highlighted our lack or ariel power at both ends of the pitch. losing goals from crosses that were in the air long enough for a) the goalie to make an effort, and b) make a headed challenge. We also earn more than enough of corners in EVERY match, but rarely score directly from any or even come close and that - by the way - has been happening for far too long.
I also can't understand why runs of Kyogo and others are constantly ignored in favour of the 'safe' pass sideways or backwards.
Another thing that puzzles me is since we abandoned the @We Never Stop' philosophy of slick passing and direct running, why do most of our players tire after an hour or so? Because making 5-6 changes with half an hour to go often affects the balance and potency of the team, especially when our squad is short of real quality or the experience to control or change a game when required.
Apart from all that I do appreciate we are in a Cup Final and challenging for another title, but at the same time if we thought this season was difficult, next term will be one of the most challenging and pivotal for many years because of the decline and neglect that has been overseen by our notorious Board. H H.



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