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15 Apr 2024 06:41:29
Surely now we will see out the league if not the double. Let's hope we bring in 3 or 4 decent singing and keep hatate, I know I always go on but please bring in a lb. Hail, hail all and bring on the double.

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15 Apr 2024 09:33:36
I think we need more than 3/ 4 quality signings after last summers disaster mate, especially if we finally want to compete on the continent.
At least 1 winger
And a forward. (Id start with idah)
are all a must. And these must be able to walk straight into the starting 11.
If we win the league now itll be more down to them being so rubbish as to us being good, although we have improved massively in recent weeks.

15 Apr 2024 10:38:22
Even if we win the league - and we all hope we do, the unrest and frustration of the supporters (and manager) during most the this season cannot be ignored. Recruitment was shambolic leaving us unbalanced, short of real quality and severely overstaffed.
We will have several players - deemed not good enough - on long contracts and we still have half a dozen or so out on loan.
The priority changes should be at Board and recruitment level.
I think it will take two or three 'windows' to sort out the mess we are in and even then, there is the chance good players may leave.
It is going to be a huge task retaining trophies, while rebuilding and it will take maximum efficiency from Board level downwards.

15 Apr 2024 11:03:13
Can we not put this subject to bed till we see the season out. let's be positive and get behind the team. we'll have the summer to sort things out. brendan spoke th other day that the club are working hard behind the scenes to get the right guys in.

15 Apr 2024 11:33:38
Mally, I agree.
Too many think that defeat yesterday killed their challenge.
If they win their game in hand then only 1 point in it.
That's not a difficult hurdle, especially with all the obligatory point saving penalties awarded.
One slip bu US and they are back in control.

I like to think targets are already identified and being pursued.

15 Apr 2024 12:00:28
'3 or 4 decent signings' is nowhere near what is required or should be demanded by the Celtic supporters who actually want their club to move forward.

A brief overview;-

* £60M+ in the bank

* MOR will likely be sold in the summer - £25M?

* should Frimpong be sold by Leverkusan @ 30% sell on fee based on £40M release clause = £9M+?

* Magic Mikey at West Brom = 10 bob

* we need at least 6 QUALITY first team players better than we already have in the starting 11 right now

* a barrowload of inferior players to sell/ loan/ write off

* x2 GK's/ LB/ CDM/ Striker required plus

If we have any imagination or ambition to improve Celtic Football Club on the European stage then we need to get serious this summer in the transfer market or it will be more of the same I. e. horde cash and beat SEVCO, that'll keep the majority of the punters happy.

That for me is unacceptable - HH.

☘️ ? ☘️.

15 Apr 2024 12:48:56
Pedro the major problem is, trying to get quality to come to Scottish football. As big a club as Celtic are it’s the standard of our league that’s the problem in trying to get the quality of player required regardless of how much they are going to earn.

15 Apr 2024 12:54:11
TinyTim it’s far from over we are going to be facing teams with rangers minded managers who will be giving everything to prevent us winning. McInnes, Naismith, Robinson won’t be trying to hard to beat them.

15 Apr 2024 13:01:07
I'm with you Mally. ?.

15 Apr 2024 14:13:31
Agree with all of the above, they're c*** but we aren't much better. We should beat them at Paradise but expecting us to win all remaining 5 league games is a stretch. That said, it's there for us. Btw, I'm brickin it if Hatate or CCV get injured.

15 Apr 2024 14:14:29
Let us concentrate on winning the next match, Next we play Aberdeen in Cup, we want to win this game . We have 5 league games to play and to win . The last thing I want to think of is who plays where next season . Now in mid April next season is a lifetime away . Let the whole club unite together and create an invincible feeling for every game as they come.

15 Apr 2024 14:39:37
I'd love to keep O'Riley for another year but as a player you need to strike while the iron's hot.

15 Apr 2024 18:37:43
9iar. did you really just say that expecting us to win 5 games in a row is a bit of a stretch? Are we st mirren? Geez if we are offered this at start of every season to win league we'd bite yer hand off. Celtic winning 5 must wins in a row is a must. Not a hope. Best team, best manager, all on form. 5 wins is a scoosh.

{Ed007's Note - I'm looking for 7 wins in a row for The Double, Kipper!}



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