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08 Apr 2024 17:43:44
Still no comment from the authorities about the missiles being thrown or an apology from sevco.

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08 Apr 2024 19:09:10
Seen the incident where Oriley nearly got hit with a glass bottle,
Landed in the six yard box, my quaestion would be, who picked it up and why was the 4th official or referee not informed as then it could have been noted in his match report.
One of the sevco players must have got rid on the fly.

08 Apr 2024 19:21:56
Has there ever been any comments from them or the SFA? how many times have our players and staff been targeted by missiles at Mordor?
The last game at Paradise one of there players spat at our fans and nothing was done or mentioned in the MSM.

The SFA are bottle merchants and don't want to upset there masters at Mordor.
Our board said that we turned down the 650 tickets as they couldn't guarentee there safety, now they need to grow a pair and tell the SFA that unless something is done then we will refuse to play again at Ipox due to our players and staff safety.

This will be the only way anything will get done because then EUFA might get involved and the Broadcasters won't be happy.

08 Apr 2024 20:20:39
UEFA are not going to get involved in a domestic matter.

There are only 3 bodies that can deal with this, the SFA could close their stand/ stadium, Glasgow City Council could revoke their license because of all the incidents (this happens to pubs if there is too many criminal offences committed) or the Scottish government could pass legislation to sort it it out pressure on either of the other two bodies I mentioned.

08 Apr 2024 20:46:58
I think its up to Celtic to raise it as strong as possible with Sevco and the SFA And if no satisfactory guarantee is forth coming then take it out with Scotland As what is it going to take some one gets killed or seriously hurt? IF it was a one off you could just say it was one or two idiots but its starting to be on a regular basis and this can't go on .

08 Apr 2024 21:26:57
There have been umpteen incidents over the last few years.

08 Apr 2024 21:42:54
If the SFA do nothing, Celtic can go to EUFA regarding the danger to the players and staff.
Like i also said, If Celtic refuse to play at Ibdox then the SFA would need to get involve as it would end up European/ Worldwide news.
I also don't think Sky would be happy as there deal specifys at least 4 derby games a year.

08 Apr 2024 21:56:38
tony2bhoy, don't hold your breath waiting on Celtic doing anything.

They have accepted sevco, accepted the 55, accepted them taking all the records and trophies won by the previous club.

Never challenged the decision that rangers did not gain any advantage using ebt's. (even though it allowed them to sign half the England team. )

08 Apr 2024 21:59:42
Well do and say nothing. Ad infinitum.

08 Apr 2024 22:00:39
From my understanding UEFA typically respects the autonomy of national football associations when it comes to domestic issues.

However, in certain cases where there are violations of UEFA regulations or where the issue has implications for international competitions, UEFA may intervene or provide guidance to the respective FA.

From my personal interpretation I don't think this would fall under UEFA jurisdiction as it does not meet any of that criteria.

08 Apr 2024 23:41:04
Jonbhoy71. Let's no make things up. Balogoun who you refer to spitting. It didn't happen. It was a kiss he blew. Let's not make things up to suit our narrative. To

09 Apr 2024 01:25:08
Aye sure Greentreee.



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