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04 Apr 2024 22:43:47
Hey all,

Can I ask a question of you all?

Realistically what do you want the police to do with sevco fans and their bile of songs and chants?

Wade into 48000 fans and pull the odd one or two out of a baying crowd?

Close all doors at FT Nd charge everyone over the loud speaker and obtain 48000 names one by one as the culprits walk out the stadium?

I'm all honesty the police are powerless to do anything about 48000 disgusting individuals chanting bile from the stands.

As much as you will all disagree and say they should be doing something it's simply not possible.

The only really way of dealing with this is for the SFA to issue warnings then close the stadium for future Glasgow derbies.

The and only then will the message get through.

But to blame the police for doing nothing. I can't accept that.

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05 Apr 2024 13:21:30
I agree the police can't and rightly will not do anything about it (Because of the risk of a riot or possible risk to themselves) but as you said the SFA SHOULD close the stadium for an amount of home games IF they do sing the predicted songs And if they say that before the game it might not holding my breath make them think twice about doing it.

05 Apr 2024 13:25:50
The sfa haha good one they never used to sign catholics and what did the sfa do about it and don't get meditated on the cheating years.

05 Apr 2024 13:47:35
They should do what they do to the Celtic fans. Stand at the front and video them, identify them later and then kick in their door at 5-6am and arrest them. Go in team handed and really rough them up.

05 Apr 2024 14:21:35
Uefa gave them partial ground closures for their racist songs of hate whilst our governing bodies differ from Uefa and think its acceptable even though it breaks the law. I don't know of any songs celtic fans sing that are banned and against the law but no doubt the cloven hoofed mob will be battering away at their keyboards complaining and reporting celtic fans because they support the IRA and show support for the oppressed (who they call terrorists) I would love to have the job of receiving the complaints and going through them as there will be thousands of belters sent.

05 Apr 2024 16:31:41
The buck stops with the football association and even Holyrood. However, I doubt very much that the SPFL have the integrity, neutrality or guts to take appropriate action - as per usual.

05 Apr 2024 20:01:06
Nothing will happen. Ssdd.



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