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02 Apr 2024 10:34:22
Disgracefully John Beaton will be the referee this Sunday.
Nick Walsh will be doing VAR.

Willie Collum has been allowed to only do 4th Official.

Celtic get Cheatin Beaton after only a few weeks but Sevco have not allowed Collum in a league match for the last few MONTHS and counting.

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02 Apr 2024 11:01:06
I told u buzz. I said that on here last week thar it was going to be Beaton and walsh. If that doesn't send a clear message to celtic nothing will.

02 Apr 2024 10:58:53
Willie Collum has only been allowed 7 Ibrox league referee appointments, in over 6 YEARS since March 2018.
( Celtic won 3-2 )

That’s a shocking statistic considering Collum has been our most experienced referee in the period.

Sunday will be John Beaton’s 6th Ibrox referee league appointment in the last 11 MONTHS.

Only In Scotland.

02 Apr 2024 11:07:27
Thats Incredible after the hearts debacle. not unexpected.

02 Apr 2024 11:09:39
I'm sure cheatin beaton will be back down the crown after the match.

02 Apr 2024 11:12:02
That’s a massive message Ter.

We’ve been saying for years,
If you upset Celtic you get rewarded.
If you upset Sevco, you will get punished.

Today’s appointments are another clear example.

02 Apr 2024 11:47:20
This is a Sevco 'dream team' and it shows resentment and contempt for Celtic and fair play, in favour of blatant bigoted bias.
Celtic have to use this pathetic predictable ploy as motivation and not intimidation. However, the club must face up to this corruption.

02 Apr 2024 12:06:08
It was obvious that Beaton was getting that game With CA getting his jotters his legacy to the club he loves Now its over to the Celtic board to see if they protest to the SPFL or just do what they always do and roll over.

02 Apr 2024 12:22:12
Yes but we get what we deserve imo. We do nothing about this time and time again because of the greed of the Absentee Landlord, Pistol Pete and the rest. History tells us Appeasement never ends well.

02 Apr 2024 12:40:33
They will do anything to beat us. Cheatin Beaton or Walsh should be nowhere near this game. We should protest and make waves just like that mob do.

02 Apr 2024 12:46:04
Written in the stars for us to win the game and Beaton awarding us a penalty for a similar handball to ours at hearts. The pain would be outstanding. Keep the faith. We are better than them and as long as we turn up we will get a positive result.

02 Apr 2024 13:17:10
Celtic FC, you had your chance when Rodgers got his 1 game ban, but you have been shown who is in charge, There is now a Sevco Fan in charge of Sundays game and l am sure he will referee the game as honestly as he can, aye so he will, he is a smug sevco loving barsteward, there was a chance to say what they had to say, regarding favourable descions for Sevco, Penalties awarded to them, selective eyesight when a sevco player handles the ball in the penalty box, the ammount of time added on when sevco are playing, and much more, Celtic will need to score one more than them, because they will be falling all over the place looking for free kicks and penalties Celtic players will need to raise there game to a level they have rarely played to this season and show them that Glasgow is Green and White.

02 Apr 2024 13:22:42
Sevco are unbeaten at Ibrox in the last 7 years that Beaton has been the referee.

In that time,
Sevco have only drawn 3 matches.
In those games when Sevco were struggling,
Beaton gave a penalty in 2 of those fixtures.

02 Apr 2024 15:03:32
Buzz, do you have a record of how many games Collum has refereed a Celtic Rangers game at Parkhead?

02 Apr 2024 16:06:28
Celtic Won 3 drawn 1 Lost 1 at Celtic Park with Collum.

Our Old Firm/ Glasgow Derby combined overall record, with Collum being the referee in 10 games is very impressive -

Lost -1 ( he gave Rangers a penalty with his back turned in his first “Old Firm” fixture in 2010 )

Drawn - 1 behind closed doors at Celtic Park ( 1-1 )

Won - 8 games.

Celtic have won our last 8 games in front of supporters that Collum has been the referee against the Ibrox clubs.

That includes winning all 3 games at Hampden and both fixtures at Ibrox.

Although Celtic have a brilliant record in those 10 Derby games,
Sevco still got more penalties and more Celtic players were Sent Off, incredibly ?.

02 Apr 2024 18:29:53
Cheers mate.



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