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18 Feb 2024 12:28:40
Many of us were unimpressed when the return of BR was announced; however, sacking him now will not happen and would solve nothing anyway. Because we would not get anyone better at this time. Call Neil Lennon III or promote John Kennedy, or Mourinho Aye Right!
The established players are a sad shadow of their past glories but I don't really buy into them being told to play pedantic, predictable guff. Remember (and you need a good memory) back in October, we beat Hearts 4-1 at Tynecastle, Killie 3-1 at home and the way we matched Athletico for much of the 2-2 match and the slick style we played. Inconsistency has been our biggest weakness all season, due to drastic lapses in form of guys like Cal-Mac, MOR, AJ, Kyogo and Maeda. Plus several long term injuries to important players - and of course the atrocious recruitment in the last two windows. The Abada problem is also a distracting factor.
The manager must have thought he was coming back to a cushy number with a treble winning side and Sevco in disarray, but he has also been culpable. By underestimating opponents, team selections or tactical flaws - and publicly criticizing the quality of the squad was a major balls-up. However, this season plays out, there will be some major issues to resolve within the club, whatever happens come May-June. The protests and abuse, although understandable, is playing right into detractors and rivals hands and increasing the already mounting pressure on us and a team bereft of confidence and racked with fear of failure. Most of them for the first time in a Celtic strip. It's hard to suppress the anger at what has been allowed to happen at Celtic (even since the crooked 5-way deal with the devil) ; but it's adding to our disruption when there are still trophies to win. Support the team and save the wrath and fury for the proper time.

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18 Feb 2024 13:08:12
100% Celtic mad.

18 Feb 2024 13:13:47
Totally agree with everything you say. Only thing I would like to add is that while anyone connected to the secret 5 way agreement is still at the club, there will always be disharmony between fans and board.

18 Feb 2024 13:53:23
Our winter of discontent continues.
Everyone in the stadium could see that goal coming in fecking slow motion yesterday. Just like we have seen how pathetic a defence we have Just like a powder puff midfield we have and countless inept wingers. Still 13 games to go with 2 v that lot although you would think they have won the league reading the media and listening to fickle and overexcited fans. Both teams have been crap this season and both will drop points.

18 Feb 2024 14:29:48
Great post! You are missing the massive balls up by the board relating directly to banning various fan groups from the stadium and in that vain had a terrible run of form and a dip in confidence in the players.

The board are to blame.

18 Feb 2024 14:36:49
They promised him money they promised him help why would he come back to the same turmoil we got basement bargains should have signed shankland the Aberdeen boy and a good left back but his method of football is far too slow and easy for teams to sit the full backs pass the ball either back or side to side any crosses they panic we can pass 60 times and no end results players out of positions it's all there to see we needed a team that wants to fight but they aren't up for the fight never plays direct always slow the team is all over the place its a shambles surley it's not the fans fault they expect celtic to be at another level but they have dropped a level when your club goes through this again as its happened before why would a board with the money and resources weaken there team there a level where season tickets holders expect as they shouldn't have to be shouting sack the board they should be bouncing out the ground they have inflicted this damage surley if a manager needs funds to build his squad and gets dross to work with that's why the fans are unrest we should be well above all the clubs in Scotland but we're bang average through lack of help the board members must know as we have thrown points away the fight and desire in this squad is gone we back to square one from a treble team to this pure turmoil which could have been avoided with the right people in charge but us as celtic supporters have to endour there negligence and non ability to keep us where we should be they there for us for our team but it's shambolic pathetic that the manager who was promised was let down again for the second time there a level of players and some don't even come close to wear the Jersey but the manager has to try and motivate this we should have got quality to drive on we got what they wanted not the players brendan wanted but we have to keep going and keep supporting as its the second time we faced this so it's up to brendan to try and get results there still games to play we just have to keep hope in our hearts and hope the group know and fight for the title we forgot we should never stop and never give I will keep believing always as I love my club regardless always.

18 Feb 2024 15:27:14
20 million was seemingly spent what a waste man .

18 Feb 2024 16:25:43
Chalky67, we were told by the SMSM of the millions that was going to be spent Us fans, including myself were gullible enough to believe the media, this left many fans having even less confidence in Board than before . Brendan Rodgers denied he had anything to do with the nonsense and said the Board had their plan and policy.

18 Feb 2024 16:25:58
That Celtic lineup yesterday cost our club about £11M.
That’s an average of about £1M per player.

19 Feb 2024 00:51:40
A lot more than the Kilmarnock team, I would suggest.



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