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12 Feb 2024 08:54:19
The refs are shocking words can't describe what we see week in week out there well below par the standard is so bad it's crazy where do they get these refs from there dire the players must scratch there heads wondering what's this ref doing.

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12 Feb 2024 10:23:32
In answer to your question - the orange lodge. ?.

12 Feb 2024 11:03:28
Dickinson is another Celtic hating bigot from the conveyor belt and all you need to do is look at their bitter faces during our games.

12 Feb 2024 12:04:20
The one was bernebie he nutmegged one player got dragged and hugged back foul yellow card palma yellow the back legs were clipped in the penalty box but the ref said he dived watch this these refs sub standard plus it's always us!

12 Feb 2024 12:35:21
Think he only booked 2 players in the match - both Celts.

12 Feb 2024 12:47:43
He did divr3, plain and simple.

12 Feb 2024 13:18:42
Something must be done as almost every referee has the same anti Celtic pro Rangers2012 bias . Our Board is either unwilling or unable to do anything . Yet we often say it’s our club and we must step up to the mark to prevent Dickinson and his fellow cheats having the Orange Order win the SPL for Sevco.

12 Feb 2024 14:11:23
The Celtic board speak out when it is against Celtic Fans, When it comes to criticism of Referees, S. F. A. etc there silence is deafening.

12 Feb 2024 20:16:26
Glen80768 Back to covering old ground but I think rightly or wrongly the Celtic Board takes the action against certain section of fans, probably the GB to prevent our fans been punished severely by the people whose competitions are involved .
Did we see an incident recently where a Celtic fan had a large patch of hair from the crown of his head set a light by a. flare . This clearly indicated how dangerous flares are in a crowded area.



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