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10 Feb 2024 15:57:17
Would anyone take Steve Clarke as our next boss?

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10 Feb 2024 16:07:18
He would not take a glasgow job due to hassle.

10 Feb 2024 16:30:55
I'm pretty sure Steve Clarke has stated he wouldn't manage Celtic or Sevco because of the bitterness between the fans

10 Feb 2024 16:36:18
Clarke currently has a cosy number.
I think he’s previously mentioned he wouldn’t want the hassle the Celtic job brings, with the Glasgow fishbowl.

I can remember Celtic were always linked with Clarke when he was a fullback but it never materialised.

10 Feb 2024 16:47:30
I would he would have us competing in Europe.

10 Feb 2024 17:50:48
If you want entertaining football, Clarke is not your man.

10 Feb 2024 18:11:50
I think we're only 2 or 3 bad results away from BR being under real pressure and there's normally only one outcome when that happens. Unless performances and style of play improve, I'd be glad if he walked in the summer but as long as we've a chance of winning the league, we need to stick with him. I say this but recognise our issues run deeper than that. You'd think senior players like Calmac would converse with BR that the current playing style isn't working.

10 Feb 2024 20:33:25
No chance, also I think insulting, It’s a bit disrespectful really to the club. We dropped an 8 point lead and a debate like that certainly doesn’t help at this point in the league when togetherness and support is needed instantly by us all. While I agree we’re going through a poor performance stage to somewhat 12 games left.

10 Feb 2024 23:00:12
For a club that is in such a run of success, there is an awful negativity around the club . Some of us seem to thrive when Celtic have problem on top of problem, one negativity after another.

11 Feb 2024 02:18:08
You do have a point CC because we have all recently witnessed the most successful period in our clubs history.
I can also understand the frustration from our fans, when Celtic have £72 Million in the bank from June 30th and we still make another £10 Million profit on transfers this season.
All whilst our team has struggled for the majority of the season because The Celtic Board decided to downsize.

It’s self inflicted because Sevco currently have the same points as last season but Celtic are 9 points worse off and also a 19 goal difference worse off.

I suppose that’s expected when you downsize.

11 Feb 2024 13:09:26
The biggest problem I think we have is that there is no communication of why our recruitment team and Board seemed to have such an unproductive transfer window.
Some of us may have chosen not to believe the Board and that is their prerogative but for those of us who are prepared to give Board, benefit of the doubt we would have something to help us from having weird and awful thoughts of what happened.



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